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Friday, October 12, 2007



If only we had a strong man at the helm! Maybe a father-figure! Maybe a "pope!"

Oh yeah....


If she's a Catholic my cat is a bishop!

'Scuse me, gotta go empty his Excellency's litter box.

james rich

Disgraceful at every turn. Ok, maybe the bishop didn't realize that the two guys in make-up and nun attaire shouldn't be given communion; but how can the bishop not know Nancy Pelosi's -- I assume one of his parishioners there in SF -- position on abortion?! That's not possible with a bishop who takes his position and responsibility seriously.

Thïs constant resorting to ""ignorance"" is unreal.

Uh, Bishop, maybe you should spend some time learning about your diocese and its parishioners...especially your parishioners who are two spots removed from the presidency.

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