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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Mona Alona


I cringe when I think of what would happen if the longtime gay activist dressed in a bishop’s mitre got rid of Meriwether and brought in good orthodox priests. Here's what I predict will happen: The gays (Catholics and non-Catholics)in the Castro district would unleash their Vengeance on any new priest or priests unless they were just as gay friendly as Meriwether. There would be ultra profane and vulgar actions against the parish, descrations of the Mass and the Eucharist (probably pornographic),etc.

The other thing I predict if the gay activist bishop were to close the parish or try and gid rid MHR of Meriwether. There would be a whole bunch of gay priests in the SF diocese and probably other dioceses who would be outed.

This is bad either way for Niederauer


I am very confused on this subject, first the appointment of Levada by the Holy father for what is in effect the 3rd most powerful position in the Vatican (Has anyone heard of him doing anything to date??)and the installment of Niederhaurer

Is the Pope that blind to what is going on, just does not care, or willing to sacrifice a few lambs in order to keep the entire church from crumbling or going over to other faiths on the extreme left that he would do such acts as this?

Dont quite know what to make of it except that the Church is becoming the butt of jokes


B. Neiderauer needs to publicly excommunicate the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their members for publicly condemning the teachings of the Church. It's that simple.

It is AB Neiderauer's job to protect the Blessed Sacrament and the laity from sacrilege, especially within the Church.

He stated that he should NOT have given them communion. Then he must send them a letter that states that they must repent publicly for almost everything their order stands for. If they do not, he must publicly excommunicate them,(because they are sinning publicly and promoting sin publicly) so that all the priests and EMHC's will withhold the sacrament from the dissenters. The ushers can handle this at the door and, if necessary, refuse entrance to them (it IS private property and it IS against the law to disturb a religious ceremony) and priests and deacons and ushers need to be trained in this, so that they can properly handle these situations.

Then, if Fr. Steve continues to pander to these people, he needs to send Fr. Steve on a mission to help the Sisters of Charity in India.

And if AB Neiderauer needs some help with the wording of the excommunication document, he can call B Bruskewitz.

He obviously knows what he's doing.


I have a reader of this blog for several years. Could not this wonderful website be put to better use than to expose scandal in the church at every corner? The Holy Father is the one you should be dealing with these issues. Why not highlight the positive work done by thousands of faithful holy priests?


I have a reader of this blog for several years. Could not this wonderful website be put to better use than to expose scandal in the church at every corner? The Holy Father is the one you should be dealing with these issues. Why not highlight the positive work done by thousands of faithful holy priests?



Lets see, should we not talk about how wonderful it is that homosexuality is running rampant, morality among Catholics is at an all time low, Catholics have as high of a divorce rate as non catholics, barely 15% of Catholics even go to mass anymore, the priesthood has become a homosexual profession, reverence such as kneeling and the traditional latin mass is frowned upon by Bishops who consider such as "archaic" and "midevil", and to date I think we have had 5 diocese claim bankruptcy with others such as NY, Boston, LA and others selling off assets left and right to pay for the abuse of these same priests they shuffled around

Now for the good news.......

Mona Alona


I think our heads have been buried in the sand long enough. The only way this stuff is going to end if it is exposed.

I'm sure the Vatican has been contacted about this issue by email and snail mail over the past few years and nothing has happened. These activities were going on when Levada was in SF so why would anything be different now?


Let's hear from the other side!
Here's a news item from CNS.

San Francisco Archbishop giving Communion to 'nuns' overblown
By Rick DelVecchio and Dan Morris-Young
Catholic News Service (

SAN FRANCISCO (CNS) -- Reaction to San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederauer giving Communion to two men in mock nuns' garb during an Oct. 7 Mass has been overblown, said the pastor of the church where the Mass was celebrated.

"It is most unfortunate this incident has clouded the fact the archbishop came to meet with his people and celebrate a beautiful and reverent Mass together -- and that is what really happened," said Father Stephen Meriwether, pastor of Most Holy Redeemer Parish.

"This incident has been blown way out of proportion," he told Catholic San Francisco, the archdiocesan newspaper.

Reaction has run the gamut from some who insist the "sisters" had set out to embarrass the church and the archbishop to others who felt the unannounced visitors who videotaped the Mass were more of an intrusion than the costumed men.

In a column written for the Oct. 19 issue of the archdiocesan newspaper but made public Oct. 11, Archbishop Niederauer apologized for giving Communion to "two strangely dressed persons," but said he did not realize they were members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group that has "long made a practice of mocking the Catholic Church."

He said he had never met members of the group that describes itself as "a leading-edge order of queer nuns" and "did not recognize who these people were when they approached me."

"I did not recognize either of them as wearing mock religious garb," he added.

Among those in the media who reacted to the situation was Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, who said on his Oct. 14 broadcast that the men were "gay militants in bizarre dress" whose intent was to mock the Mass and Archbishop Niederauer.

Editor Phil Lawler of Catholic World News, an Internet news site, aimed his criticism at the archbishop. "They were not celebrants but demonstrators, and the archbishop should have known better when he visited Most Holy Redeemer," he wrote.

"Their attendance was intended to shock regular Massgoers and call attention to themselves," wrote Deacon Keith A. Fournier, editor-in-chief for Catholic Online, another Internet news portal.

"They intentionally came forward and placed themselves in the Communion line in order to receive the most holy Eucharist, the sacrament of the body and blood of Jesus Christ," he wrote.

"When a Catholic receives this sacrament, he or she attests to being in the full Communion of the Catholic Church," Deacon Fournier added.

In an interview, retired Father John Malloy, former pastor at SS. Peter and Paul Parish in San Francisco, asked what the church is going to do about allowing members of the group to take part in Communion.

"You can't keep people out of church but you can keep people away from the Eucharist and you can advise them and talk to them," he said.

The two members of the group who received Communion from the archbishop did not respond to e-mail requests from Catholic San Francisco to be interviewed.

But in a commentary posted on the group's Web site, "Sister Edith Myflesh," described as the "current abbess of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, said: "We are dismayed that a moment of genuine Communion during sacred worship is being twisted for political gain by the forces of hatred and dissension."

"The service was an opportunity to welcome the new archbishop of San Francisco," the commentary said. "While at Mass the sisters joined other parishioners in respectful and sincere worship."

Father Meriwether told Catholic San Francisco that parishioners have told him it did not appear the two "sisters" "were trying to grandstand at all." Parishioners were, however, "upset by the people roaming around filming and taking pictures," he said.

Members of the Most Holy Redeemer community stressed that the Oct. 7 Mass was prayerful and that the two "sisters" were respectful. People who were there said the "sisters" knelt in a back pew after receiving Communion.

To David Differding, co-chair of the parish liturgy council and master of ceremonies at the Oct. 7 liturgy, the critics "can't get over the fact that God created gay people. That's my impression. They want to put up every roadblock they can."

Jesuit Father Donal Godfrey, one of the Mass concelebrants, said the way the two men were dressed was "disrespectful to religious sisters," but he said he felt "it probably wasn't their intention (to offend.) They knelt in all the right places. They stood in all the right places. Except for the way they were dressed, they weren't doing anything disrespectful."

"I thought it was disrespectful for somebody to go to another church with the intention of filming it," he added, "without asking the pastor permission to do that and, second, with the intention of using that in a hostile way, without having a conversation first with the pastor. On the face of it, they were out to get the archbishop."

Asked about reaction he had received, Archbishop Niederauer expressed concern about the impact of Web logs, or blogs.

"The blogosphere is a kind of dangerous, endless recess in a global schoolyard," he said, "where the bullies with the biggest bullhorns can shout whatever they want."


what's really sad to me is that this man is 71 years old, a bishop of the Church and very soon will be before God having to make an account of his life.

I like that this blog talks about revelent issues. It's helpful to me to know I'm not the only one shaking my head in sadness and there are others equally concerned about these things.

David Anthony Domet

The importance of digital cameras, YouTube and blogs cannot be discounted in fighting this corruption in the Church. Snail mail did little, this medium used properly can hold these corrupt priests, bishops and laity to account. Yes, we have all sinned! But before going to Holy Communion we must repent and receive forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Did these two? I don't know, but I think it is fair to say that by their dress and their public statements they committed scandal, at the very least. All of us must keep up the fight to rebuild the Church.

Atlanta Catholic

David Anthony Domet,

You are absolutely right. This comment from Archbishop Niederauer expressing his concern over the impact of blogs, is very important. Archbishop Niederauer lets Catholics know that the new power of the video lens is a formidable opponent.

The power of the video and Catholic blogs communicating the disrespect and damage done by dissenters within the Church are powerful tools. The Internet has exposed offenders to an immediate audience. The camera does not lie. I wonder if it will make the dissenters think twice about showcasing their disloyalty? The dissenters have gone unchallenged for so many years. These new tools seems to have caught them by surprise. There is a solution. Just "obey" the Teachings of the Church in all matters....then the Archbishop won't have to be concerned with getting "caught" on video.

Taylor Marshall

The USCCB should issue an excommunication against anyone who is a member of this mockery. It is an insult to our true mothers and sisters who have taken seriously their call to live a consecrated life to our Lord Jesus Christ.

If being a member of the freemasons is a sin - how much more for those members of this so-called "order"!


The USCCB still cant get enough guts except for the great Bishop of St Louis Raymond Burke (wonder why he was not elevated to Cardinal when others who are less deserving have been) who I saw on EWTN being interviewed by Raymond Arroyo some months ago as he was shouted down by his fellow Bishops for beliving that our Lord should not be given to those in mortal sin or worse yet proponets of death of the unborn

The church had better get back to its roots as there are many who are searching, have gone through the wilderness and it is the true faithful small in numbers who are the traditionals who will stand by the church in her worst time but are getting fed up as she keeps pandering to the left wing


Rather than arguing amongst ourselves over what to do with the explosion of homosexuality in the church, much less Archbishop Niederauer, could we try turning to the Blessed Mother for help with this problem? Who will offer at least two decades of the rosary for this intention?

Shoshiru Honda

The bishop should be reprimanded by the Vatican and gently but firmly told to take an early retirement and resign.


What the problem here? The bishop of SF is GAY.....surprised?


As I've said, let's get some of the priests from EWTN and send them out here to be our Bishops

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