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Thursday, October 11, 2007



As disturbing as it can be to see images like this, each of us needs to understand the urgency of the situation and we need to understand that each of us has a responsibility in regards to abortion.

Many, many women will choose life for their child if given the practical means to do so! As pro-life people we need to help make that happen in any way we can!

Each of us can do our part to help these women by helping the agencies that support these women in choosing life! I would like to suggest three here in Orange County: Birth Choice and Toby’s House for adult women and Mary’s shelter for minors. The most urgent needs women who face an unplanned pregnancy have are 1) housing and 2) prenatal care. Birth Choice helps women with the prenatal care and Toby’s House and Mary’s shelter can provide housing. These things are necessary whether the woman chooses to parent or chooses adoption.

They don’t just need or want money either (although that always helps). If you’re ever at the drug store and see a package of diapers (any size) or baby wipes or wash marked down dirt cheap consider picking it up and providing it to one of these places that can put it to good use. Or consider buying baby food, cereal or if you know anyone who is giving away baby items, see if you can help get it in the hands of one of these mothers in need. Sometimes just a simple gesture of being able to provide one of these items can lift the spirit of the mother in need and let her know she is not alone.
Birth Choice also needs office supplies and other items to help their clinics run. These are medical clinics that can provide pre-natal vitamins and ultrasounds for abortion minded women now and I’ve seen these machines change hearts and save lives.

Find one of these places in your community and support them – I can tell you from personal experience, it makes a huge difference.

Here are the ones for Orange County that I know of:
Birth Choice:
Toby’s House:
Mary’s Shelter:

p.s. Mary’s shelter is one of the few places, if not the only place in California that will take pregnant minors. There is such need and not enough places to help!

Sanctus Belle

Everyone who is pro-abortion should be made to see this. The blood of these innocent ones must cry to Heaven. Lord have mercy+


I think the PETA people should watch this film as Michael Vick was forced to view one of their films against animal cruelty. I have often found that very pro-animal "rights" activists are also pro-abortion.


Everyone who is pro-abortion should be made to see this. The blood of these innocent ones must cry to Heaven. Lord have mercy+

I have to agree!

Hold on, Rita. As someone who is both pro-unborn baby and pro-animals, I take issue with the suggestion that animal rights activists are lock-step in favor of abortion. Lots are not. Do your research before you start making blanket statements. Many people active in the fight against animal cruelty are ardent Christians.

Here is a quote from His Holiness Benedict XVI -- "Animals, too are God's creatures, and even if they do not have this same direct relation to God that man has, they are creatures of his will, creatures we must respect as companions in creation." By the way, I found this on the PETA website.

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