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Wednesday, October 31, 2007



I watched that discussion last night and Colmes intimated that Coulter was an Anti-Semite for her "Christian beliefs" which was a ridiculous attempt to take her off subject...she's WAY too bright for him...she shot him down beautifully and you could see he was VERY uncomfortable in her retort to him...he looked like a fool trying to corner her and she knocked him out with a left hook!


I couldn't stand to listen to her for thirty seconds. What she said or didn't say was almost irrelevant. Her tone was enough. Ick. NO, thank you.


Dennis Prager had Ann Coulter on yesterday, and this issue was addressed as clearly as possible: All religions think theirs is the only real religion, or at least the most complete one. Why would anyone be offended at that?

It's all faux anger, on the part of Colmes and others. After all, who gets upset when a dietician or physical trainer thinks his routine is the best around? No one.

It's idiotic to think people are going to believe in something strongly and think it is basically as good as the other belief that may believe the exact opposite thing.

Thomistic has spoken periodically about the trouble with's a classic example of the trouble: there's no truth or belief more important than another. I wonder why they don't keep this standard when it comes to beliefs about Global Warming, racism, or tolerance of diverse ethnicities or sexual orientation. Does Allan Colmes think that those who are tolerant of gays/lesbians have a more enlightened, better view than those who don't?

He's an intellectual lightweight.

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