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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



Unfortunately I have heard no evidence to counter the crimes he is purported to have committed. Also if he is not an outright homosexual then it is obvious, to me, that he does engage in the act, I believe the police officers not him.

I pray that he ceases this self destructive act immediately and forms a genuine repentant relationship with God.


Most likely, Larry Craig is guilty of the "crime" he previously admitted to. This is, of course, unfortunate.

What is also unfortunate, however, is that what he did is actually a crime. In reality, it is a thoughtcrime. Craig has aggressed against no person and committed no real offense. This isn't to say what he did is moral, for it definitely is not. Craig may have intended to have gay sex in the restroom, but he didn't, and the state cannot prove that he did. Even if they could somehow discern his thoughts, it troubles me that intention is enough to render someone guilty. Another in a long series of steps toward Ingsoc.

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