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Monday, October 15, 2007


Atlanta Catholic


I hope that every Catholic who blushes at the idea of correcting bad church leadership, reads Msgr. Stenico's excuse. This Monsignor, like many others, was in charge of the hen house. No wonder complaints to Vatican have been ignored. The Monsignor might even have been building up his own little International dating black book... based on the faithful's steady complaints of gay priests destroying the faith.

Catholics need to comprehend the level of underhanded evil and cleverness that exists within the Church. What a doozey of an excuse. This takes an incredibly creative, Hollywood loving imagination, to come up with this gem.

Terrible as it sounds, Monsignor Stenico has something in common with a few priests in the Diocese of Orange. They also love to give inappropriate homilies on shallow movies and bad television shows. The problem is that these bad movies seem to blind them from any depth of spirituality and leads them into problems. The results are countless homilies devoid of spiritual depth.

I will apologize to Monsignor Stenico if Pope Benedict announces that the sting operation was initiated by the Holy Father himself, to catch gay priests. Until then, Monsignor Stenico looks very foolish! The Monsignor does not have to worry about people being jealous of him any more. That terrible stress has definitely been removed.


When Father Joe “Foot in the Mouth” Fenton was spokesman for the Diocese of Orange, he famously said something very revealing and candid. When a woman asked Fenton if the diocese planned to remove homosexual priests from active ministry, he responded, “If we did that, there would be so few priests left we'd have to turn it [the Church] over to lay people to run it.”

That’s probably not as much of an exaggeration as it initially seemed to be. The American Church and even the highest echelons of the Vatican are shot through with members of the Lavender Mafia. The members of this homosexual network look out for one another, help to see that fellow travelers are promoted and tip off fellow members when the hounds are on their trail.

When people are asking too many questions, a key person can be abruptly whisked off to a Canadian sanatorium, or questioners can be stonewalled. Sincere Catholics like Michael and Susan Teissere, pressing for answers in the outrageous case of Rod Stephens, find themselves and their questions ignored.

So maybe Fr. Fenton’s idea is worth consideration, at least in part. Why not give oversight of the investigations of bad priests to lay commissions appointed by the pope or his direct representatives. Turn some functions of the Congregation for Clergy over to lay people and let them run it, or at least let them guarantee that filth and rot aren’t swept under the rug. That way, the Lavender Mafia wouldn’t be in the driver’s seat any longer.

Thomas A.

There is an easy first step to eradicating the nest of homosexuals within the catholic clergy. The holy father should issue an immediate Papal decree: that every bishop and every pastor in every diocese/parish must himself give, and direct the priests under him to give at least 4 times
a year a homily which should be based upon full support of 1)the teaching authored in 2003 by [then] Cardinal Ratzinger and signed by John Paul II - "Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition To Civil Unions Between Homosexual Persons", and 2)the teachings of the catechism of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. The pastors/priests/bishops who cannot or will not abide by this ruling during the designated twelve month period can, and will be reported to the Congregation for the Clergy by any group of twelve or more parishioners/members of that diocese or parish [How's that for greater participation in parochial affairs per your 'Covenant With the Faithful', Bishop Brown?!]. Said bishop/pastor/priests must maintain a copy of the text of the 4 homilies, including the date and time of the Sunday [NOT a weekday] Mass in which it was given, and make them available for any layperson to review or obtain a copy thereof upon written request. Any bishop or priest who "passively" refuses or fails to abide by this rule, will have his faculties suspended without pay for six months, or in the case of a refusal, he should be asked to resign.

While there will be many, if not a majority of "gay" priests who will continue to hide within the systemic church and give hypocritical, feigned obedience to this decree,I believe that literally hundreds and hundreds [if not thousands] of actively homosexual priests will step down from clerical life rather than condemn themselves four times per year from the pulpit.

This may not be the ultimate answer to this plague, but it's a start.

james rich

No Catholic Crusader. Overseeing priests is the job of bishops (if the problem is religious)and government (if there are criminal issues). Lay leaders would just mess everything up, as progressives would fill the postions of lay leaders of a parish or diocese.

There are plenty of good rules in place, criminally and canonically. These laws just need to be enforced.


Why not? In the 1970s, young priests who dealt drugs to high schoolers would say "I was trying to identify who needed my help." That noble purpose was combined with the less noble purpose of making a few extra bucks on the side. Now, 35 years later, why are we surprised that certain individuals are using similar tactics to hide their questionable proclivities? The more things change, the more they stay the same. With regard to Satanists ... is the pot calling the kettle black?

Michael and Susan Teissere

OH! Yeah! we believe it! NOT!!! This is getting very intresting. We always thought the letter we received from the Congregation for the clergy was a cover up for Bishop Brown and secretly keeping Fr. Rod Stephens on the payroll! Fr. Douglas Cook ,he works for Bishop Brown at the marriage tribunal being a canon lawyer and such. Fr. Douglas Cook told us "if you went to the "Vatican" they would just kick it back to us here at the diocese of Orange!" I guess Fr. Cook was right , he must have had some "inside" help oh! I mean inside information.


paul said in christ we are to be led by and serve the spirit. in that regard, what is the spirit of the essence of homosexuality that it would come against the spirit of christ, the fruit of the spirit, and love of neighbor and self?


James Rich:

That was just an off-the-cuff idea, not a serious proposal. I was playing on Fenton's idea of turning the Church over to the laity to run. It's hard to imagine the laity screwing things up much more than our bad bishops have. Who would have thought that we would have such a filthy network of priests and bishops covering up and enabling molesters? Jesus knew, of course, during His Agony in the Garden, that His Church would be up against this evil one day.

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