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Friday, October 12, 2007



Ms. Coulter could have used more tact, but Donny Douche's limp-wristed "I'm offended" was a bunch of BS. As if he didn't know that the aim of Christians is to convert the world, and that stating as much equates it with Islam.


Ann was displaying more of her wicked sense of humor actually. It was her response to the Muslim terrorist who demanded we all become Muslim. There was no reaction to that whatsoever in Liberal land. Ann puts her "spin" on it and it's a major "outrage". Before condemning Ann, people need to understand what she is all about and how she uses her humor to get the message across.

Ann Coulter says things like this to get people mad and her fans excited. As a former Catholic, former Atheist and now Lutheran I think it's silly for religious people to get so angry at people who mock their faith. That is THEIR problem. Why sit around and worry about what other people think? God knows what's in your heart. People who are hateful should be pitied, they carry a great burden of self loathing with that hatred.

Dan Hunter

Former Catholic,
Please come back to the Church.
Why did you leave the Body of Christ?
If you have any questions about the Catholic faith, please feel free to ask me.
God bless you.


that guy is a politically correct wank whose goal is to appear to have called out the much smarter ann coulter. pathetic

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