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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Mona Alona

I'm pretty sure this event took place in Most Holy Redeemer's parish hall aka Ellard Hall. If you go to the parish website and view their photos it's the same room


Hmm, permit me, please, to offer a few more ideas for "fun-raising" that perhaps some churches/parishes consider, since it only seems to matter that raising money is the only thing that matters--not also how it is raised:

- slave auctions, with funds raised going to fund scholarships at traditional black colleges.

- replace donuts after mass with crack, with the funds raised going to addiction treatment facilities.

- Run over the most pedestrians contest, with the funds going to pediatric accident victims at St. Joseph's Hospital.

- and the famous Binge Drinking-Chug 'a Lug, with funds going to profit A-A.

At what point does the outright disgrace these people propose outweigh their "good" intentions?

As much as I want to laud the diocese for stopping the "bingo", I have to wonder what the hell they were thinking to allow it in the first place? I wonder how long it went on? If the person making the decision to allow this garbage was a bishop, priest, monk or nun, he or she should be shut away in the farthest removed place they can be sent--hopefully some trappist monastery. If it was a lay leader/worker, that person should be fired immediately. But there are never any consequences for people with "good intentions"--who were only trying to help those suffering with AIDS.

Honestly, can anyone imagine this happening at a mosque? We're losing people to Islam because we lack moral clarity and purpose.

Here again, we have completely witless, gutless leaders who seem more interested in appeasing constituency groups than be a pastor and teacher and religious leader.

Nice job, SF. Way to use the Lord's Name in vain.

Atlanta Catholic


This was taking place for years, right under the nose of Cardinal Levada, while he was in charge of San Francisco and after he left. The only reason it was stopped was Internet exposure.

He did get shut away to the farthest, removed place. Now he is right under the nose of the Holy Father. The Vatican uses different measures for discipline. This is a mystery that requires great faith and trust.

I won't find it unreasonable if this disgrace makes you mad. This has angered many.


I remember when Cardinal Levada got "promoted" last year or year before, many were scratching their heads. I remember Father Fessio on the Hugh Hewitt Show talking about it. He had nothing disparaging to say, although he did say the move was an interesting choice.

Can you imagine the Apostles allowing bacchanalian fundraisers such as this (to assist the widows and orphans of confessors, to be sure) in the catacombs or their meeting places?

Have these priests and bishops bothered to read Paul's letter to the Romans at all? That any Catholics were there for such blasphemous mockery is quite something; that it was allowed by priests, deacons, and bishops is disgraceful.

We see, however, the consequences for placing pearls before swine. These lecherous hedonists reveal their inner minds: their mockery and contempt of serious religious faith, their degraded sense of sexuality that has greatly assisted the spread of AIDS in America (the reason for their fundraising that night), and their crapping on things holy.

Hmm, I wonder if this would have been treated with such indifference if they were dressed like Mohammed?

Such bravery. We see again that utter decadence is all that some have to offer us.




How revealing is their commonality? Let your inner child come out to play. This phrase was used by Father Fred Bailey, a pastor, in a parish in the Diocese of Orange. October 2006 Parish bulletin

Listen to the video again - this phrase is also used by Sister Barbie, a homosexual drag queen, in a parish in the Diocese of San Francisco. October 2006 Bingo Game.

How insulting to Almighty God and degrading to His innocent children.

If the laity continues to remain silent, what can we expect? This quote, posted in the cemetery of the Church of the Immaculate, Rome, should cause us to consider. “What you are now, we once were, what we are now you will be.”

A profound thought for the people in the Diocese of Orange


Does ANY bishop instruct his priests in the recent documents of the Church? It's like they don't even READ them:

From the Magisterium October 1986
Article 17
...All support should be withdrawn from any organizations which seek to undermine the teaching of the Church, which are ambiguous about it, or which neglect it entirely. Such support, or even the semblance of such support, can be gravely misinterpreted. Special attention should be given to the practice of scheduling religious services and to the use of Church buildings by these groups, including the facilities of Catholic schools and colleges. To some, such permission to use Church property may seem only just and charitable; but in reality it is contradictory to the purpose for which these institutions were founded, it is misleading and often scandalous.

In assessing proposed legislation, the Bishops should keep as their uppermost concern the responsibility to defend and promote family life.


Well, I guess most of the priests/bishops/deacons, RCIA instructors and Parish Life Leaders in the Diocese of Orange wouldn't be able to use the Church property.

Marywood would have to be completely abandoned.


It is over, turn out the lights, turn in the keys organized religion is finished. Words do not do justice to my profound sadness. God help us all.


What a freak show!

Here's a photo of MHR parishioners preparing to get on the Trolley car for the Gay Pride Parade. There are two men leaning in to kiss each other on the lips and if you look in the background directly behind the two men it seems that two other men are about to kiss, oh wait is that a priest preparing to kiss?

I believe the video shot of the drag queen NUN and man walking on the sidewalk to the Bingo is the the same location as in the above linked photo.

wow. all archbishops, bishops, and priests that allowed this crap should be excommunicated immediately.

Jimmy Jackson

The Archdiocese of Portland, OR allows the parishioners of St. Andrew's Parish to march in the annual gay pride parade with the likes of the sisters of perpetual indulgence radical faeries and dykes on bikes. He is aware of their participation and his seminary's rector even allows seminarians from other dioceses to be assigned to that parish for pastoral training. Somebody tell somebody.


St. Andrew's parish promotes Voice of the Faithful on their website and their mission statement mentions "we welcome ...persons of every...sexual orientation". That's not in the catechism. Someone - call AB. Vlazny, he's going to be there on Oct 14 for Mass.
As usual - there is NO prolife rep or activities for this coming Sunday, Respect Life Sunday. and their mission? peace and love REALLY!!

They also have a school - and guess which religious order - The Jesuits.


"It is over, turn out the lights, turn in the keys organized religion is finished. Words do not do justice to my profound sadness. God help us all. "

If you truly believe that, score for the Enemy.

If you need a little hope in your life:

The FSSP website

Counting Blessings

This is not the end. A revival is occuring.

To be VERY clear, a lot of parishes are still going to die, a lot of diocese will continue to decline... Rome was not rebuilt in a day.

But as these folks become geriatric, retire, die off... Well they are not self-replacing.

Where the church is growing, is where there is orthodoxy. The Norbetines, the FSSP, Institue of Christ the King, Miles Jesu, Heralds of the Gospel, Intercessors of the Lamb, Franciscans of the Renewal, Franciscans of Atonement, Missionaries of the Poor, Missionaries of Charity, Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. These are just a small few - just a handfull of the folks that are out there.

If you despair so easily at the sight of some gay-bay foolishness, you must not have been watching TV for the last 25 years.

The SOPIs have been around offending us who take our faith seriously for a good long time, and they have been in the media regularly the whole time. Why just now they are getting so much press I cannot say.

We need go be giving much more press to the great places that are having a revival in vocations.


Yeah, no way is organized religion over. People don't change, although times do.

There is a yearning for something eternal, never changing, challenging, good, and above ourselves. There's no vitality in what we saw in the video; there's no vitality in secularism; and there's no vitality in agnosticism or atheism. Just look at the birth rates in Europe and big urban centers like New York, Boston, and San Francisco. They're the ones that are going to be history.

For every temptation there is for us to invent our own religion -- or spirituality -- there is a similar, deeper call to orthodoxy, depth, and truth. One has a will/desire to live; the other has a death wish. Life and grace wins over nihilism every time.

Joe Richmond

Bingo has been on for seven years, and only two months at MHR. If you are going to be bigot and preach hate towards people you make no attempt to understand, then get your facts straight.

At least the SF Community reaches out to all rather than exclude people. One more reason not to be a Catholic.


I swear to God, this is disturbing, not simply due to the fact that men dressed as women are cavorting about, but that this is happening in the Church, the place of God! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us

Jeremy Silva

This is a attack on Christianity and the Catholic Church. I do not know the extent of how tolerance the Catholic Church has been in the SF Bay Area but now is a time to make a stand. Shouldn't this issue be talked about among the people of this congregation. I think the church should make a statement that sodomites are not welcome to receive holy communion. I mean, regular catholics that have jobs and families cannot receive communion if they miss mass with going to confession. What makes it alright for them to make a mockery of tradition that is over a thousand years old and mock our faith above all things. Remember, we must stand up and testify without violence or attacks that match their level of immaturity. Why is it so hard for the Church to come out and say that cross-dressing gays are not allowed to partake in mass until they change their sinful lifestyle. The only thing we can do is hold our clergy accountable. Silence is the game we have been playing with Abortion. We are all often too silent when it comes to serious issues that we should stand up to like the early martyrs of the church. Where the master is the servant shall be. Remember that we are all servants of the lord Jesus. He wasn't too happy with some of the practices going on in his time on the Sabbath Day was he.


My first reaction was shock, then disbeleif. I think then there was anger followed by deep pity.
I know Gods loves all mankind and His desire is that none should perish.
Who is there to call them to repentence? Who is there to tell them the Good News? They are the sadest of the sad and the poorest of the poor. I pray for a such a person built up by Jesus to call them home. Please pray with me.


The chruch tried to ban all of gay peoples' rights, now it wants to ban the Sisters.
I find that highly offensive.

Mike in Baltimore

I think what the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has done is a wonderful thing! Not only do they raise funds for worthy charities, not only do they bring diverse communities together, but perhaps they challenege people to think about their own beliefs and find creative ways to celebrate the Spirit of God within themselves.

Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate draconian beliefs such as rejecting people for who they are.

I'd think the Catholic Church would be pleased to bring people to their church that they believe are "sinners," "freaks," and those not of their religion. Um, didn't Jesus Christ welcome "sinners"? Maybe it's time for the Catholic Church to start following the teachings of Jesus Christ. What a concept!

Instead of kicking out the charity out of the church basement, the diocese could have instead given church bulletins to the patrons and invited them to join them at Mass on Sunday.


You have a great idea Mike! Maybe we should invite Larry Flynt to attend Mass, and receive Communion, while waving a copy of Hustler Magazine in the air. Or, better yet, we should invite Charles Manson to Mass and let him bring a big knife.

Um, Jesus welcomed REPENTANT sinners. He admonished sinners to "sin no more."

Concerning the charity work, the SPI donates money to homosexual causes. Isn't that a bit self-serving? When they start donating money for the retirement needs of women religious (real sisters), then I will take notice of their charity work.


They should be banned If the come to mock the church and the Eucharist.

James Zlata' Husa

I've nothing but compassion for the Sisters of Indulgence. Gayism of today is a bit different than Sodom of yesteryear. It's a SYMPTOM of the problem: straight society is a shambles. 50% divorce. Those staying married,many fight and argue years on end. Child abuse and neglect,thousands of cases. Spousal abuse. Abortion. I read a nasty greeting card a couple days ago: I got a bottle of wine for my husband". "Good trade." Come on! Straight society needs to clean it's own house. Then we can complain about gays. Comprende?

Atlanta Catholic

Society as a whole needs God. They will be unable to clean up their act without Him.

Abortion is a very grave sin.

Many of the things that are mentioned by James are very offensive to God.

Homosexual acts are a sin against nature itself. There is an old saying that God forgives always, mankind sometimes, but nature never forgives!

Some have claimed that the legion of fallen angels who will even assist in the seducing and temptation of homosexual acts, are so repulsed by the vileness of the act and unable to view the result. They have to turn away. These angels were once pure and they still have the infused knowledge of how God views this. Even though they now hate God forever, part of their punishment is to be aware of how defiling and an abomination this act is against God. They are tortured by the infused knowledge and the result, even though they tempted someone to achieve this.

There are other sins that cry out for vengeance from God. Why not pray for the grace to not be in these categories? Love the sinner...hate the sin. God sends no one to hell. They choose it. Why not choose Eternal Life? What a risky gamble for all of us no matter what our weaknesses and flaws may be. Our temptations are not sins. Placing ourselves in the near occasion and acting on them are.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are offending God. Their title says it all. They will regret offending God when they face Him. It is never too late to stop sinning and reflect on the truth. Many people say that it is very difficult if not impossible if you have been embedded in the homosexual lifestyle. With God, all things are possible. None of us should risk our eternity for a sinful temporary gain.

Mona Alona

For all you SPI supporters out there. If the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence mocked Islam the way they do Christianity we wouldn't be having this discussion on this blog right now because militant Muslims would have taken care of the sisters and the ones they didn't take care of would dare never put on a mock nun habit ever again. I'd like to see the SPI try do their little stunts in front of a Mosque, that would make for an international story.

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