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Tuesday, November 27, 2007



It just goes to show that mind-altering drugs are available to members of the clergy as equally as laymen. Isn't this the same character who was spotted in a European airport dressed as a Nazi?

Stick to religion and let the conspiracy theorists do their disturbing things separately.


This guy is clearly a loon.

Jet fuel from the airliners that crashed into the twin towers burns at up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. While that isn’t hot enough to melt steel, it is hot enough to make steel support columns lose their structural integrity. The design of the WTC towers depended on the central core, which included numerous elevator shafts. These cores served as conduits for burning jet fuel to transfer the heat and weaken a large portion of each building’s internal spine, beginning the unstoppable pancake effects that brought down the entire towers. There's a good reason why the terrorists chose transcontinental airliners fully loaded with fuel, as opposed to planes nearing the end of their flights, when fuel would be depleted. These were well-built structures that they had failed to destroy in an earlier attempt using a truck bomb in the underground parking garage. They no doubt knew that all they needed to do was create a fire hot enough to cause the steel columns high in the towers to buckle under their loads. I’m not a structural engineer, but I can understand the principles involved.

Guys like Bishop Williamson make it easy for opponents to tar all traditional Catholics as crazies, and that accomplishes Satan’s work.



I agree, but if one were to take what is coming from the so called "New Order"Bishops let alone their actions (or inactions) when it comes to everything from pedophila and refusal to deny communion to baby killers I think I would take Williamson any day as at least he is willing to protect his flock as shepherd as well as protect our Lord from being defamed and abused


Also, if the 9/11 attacks were really inside jobs designed to create support for invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, wouldn't you think that the same forces would stage another attack or two to buttress flagging support for the wars that they supposedly engineered?


Msgr. Lefebvre made one grave mistake ..........!


Rosie O'Donnell says the same thing. Those crazy extremists, huh? LOL!


I'm also wondering why, if 9/11 was an inside job designed "to get the American public to accept the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq", the Bush Administration blamed fifteen men from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt, and one from Lebanon, for the terrorist acts on September 11, 2001, but none from Afghanistan or Iraq?




The government is evil enough to kill its own innocent citizens, but unwilling to simply plant weapons of mass destruction in the deserts of Iraq. Please.

Not "finding" any WMDs proves the integrity of this administration and military.

This "bishop" is willing to libel the US government in a most atrocious manner. His comments reveal a very distorted mind. He makes claims with no evidence and reads no material that refutes his nonsense.


...reminds me of the most imbecilic homile I ever heard. I priest recounted how the vote to declare war on Japan (and the Axis powers) was unanimous except for one lone dissenter. The priest asked, "What if more people had the courage to vote along with this congressman/woman?" I was pretty sure he was asking this rhetorically, so I had to grit my teeth.

...I wanted to speak up and say, "Well, father, millions of Chinese would have been tortured and murdered in the most atrocious manner imaginable; we'd have no Jews in the world; the Phillipines would have been destroyed; and your homile would be in German or Japan--if they decided to keep you alive, unlike blessed Maximillian Kolb.

By the way, the priest had a penchant for singing his homiles while demonstrating the most pathetic, unaccomplished guitar skills imaginable.

Hmm, I wonder what he thinks about Benedict's edict about music during Mass. Anyone venture to guess?


Terry -- Crazed extremists, like storms, are equally dangerous when they come from the starboard side or the port side.


I met him almost twenty years ago while visiting the SSPX Seminary in Connecticut. While their liturgy was inspiring, I was horrified to find the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" on sale in their bookstore!

There seems to be some latent "conspiratorial" lunacy in these "ultra-trads."


Fellay's comments have been reasonable (at least those of which I am aware). But, Williamson is in need of psychiatric care. If the SSPX wants to be taken seriously they need to retire this guy.

Neil McKenty

What exactly is the point of giving publicity, let alone credence, to the ravings and rantings of this ecclesiastical nut case. Ssurely there is enough blame to go around on the origins of the Iraq war without creating shadow enemies.


Likely too early to prognosticate, but...

Anyone else get the impression that with the SP freeing up the TLM the SSPX gang can't justify their schism and willfull disobedience as easily?

Gone are the days of "I'm just a country lawyer" type schtick where innocently enough all they are wanting is the old rite. Where reconciliation and detante should be the order of the day, in the past few months we get more of the same wierd outbursts...

I am always at a loss to explain the purpose of these guys "granting interviews" to SSPX magazines and newsletters... Why not just type up a tract or compose an essay? I digress...

I would like to see a reconciliation of sorts... but as time goes by, more of this sort of nonsense is probably going to be headed our way.


Gee....lets label "Traditionalists" as extremists because a Bishop feels 9/11 was a conspiracy

If "Traditionalists" are so extreme I guess then Catholicism was "extreme" before Vatican II and the Catholic church changed while Traditionalists only worship as the church had done for centuries

As the saying goes:

If we are wrong now, then you were wrong then...and can the True Catholic church ever be incorrect?



I just re-read what you have posted and what is so different than all of the so called Pearl Harbor conspiracy seekers who said FDR knew very well that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor but did nothing because he wanted to get America into the way to help the British and liberate the concentration camps? History has now proved this to be correct with radio intercepts gone ignored!

I see him saying exactly the same thing and not that Americans did this to themselves as Rosie did!

You are distorting the facts and really should not slander a Holy man and an entire organization of Traditionalists, and you are taking this out of context


It is important for traditionalists to rein-in the nuts among their ranks. If we are unwilling criticize our own, when they are wrong, it tarnishes all of us.

Pius V


You just joined the ranks of the insane. History has not proved conspiracy theorists correct about FDR. First of all, the U.S. had cracked the Japanese diplomatic code, not its military code, by the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. While in hindsight one can pick out clues of coming Japanese malfeasance from diplomatic intercepts, exactly what, when and where it would be could hardly be deduced from the available information. Moreover, Roosevelt had no particular desire to be drawn into the war, having done nothing to even attempt to pull congress out of its isolationism to that point. At worst Roosevelt was culpable of a lack of vigilance, and not of trying to draw the U.S. into war.

Moreover, your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired. His Excellency most definitely blames the U.S. for attacking itself on 9/11 in asserting that it was a U.S. missile that hit the Pentagon.

It is because Catholic Tradition is worth preserving that this bad apple should be thrown out of the barrel along with all the other conspiracy kooks infesting the Traditionalist movement.


This fool embarrasses not only members of the SSPX, he embarrasses ALL Catholics. I am sick and tired of sissy priests, priests who slander America, and priests who slander Israel. Eco-loon priests are coming next. It is all very tiring.


Pretty good doctoring of the multiple footages of the planes colliding with the world trade center (both buildings) and a very good coverup of the hundreds of people who watched the planes go into the first building, and the millions who watched live as a plane went into the second.

Excellent coordination.

This one surpasses the 'Gallileo was wrong' and the claims of the flat earth society.

Predicatable from a far-out (man) liberal. But still odd (but not really, considering I have seen them go so far recently) coming from a conservative schismatic.

The nuthatch has again opened.


I agree what he said was nutty and makes all look bad, as the US would never on purpose cause the tower to fall, but lets not compare what he is saying not his worth as a Bishop with Bishops such as Mahoney and Cardinal Law and the rest of the pedophile communion giving to baby killers that the Vatican seems to condone

Maybe it is that Traditionalists have a much higher standard for what they expect to hear from their Bishops?

And with respect to history, the last I checked the Germans had nothing to do with attacking the US at Pearl Harbor but somehow we spent millions and lost many in fighting the war in Europe. Their declaration of war to this day on the US was predicated on signals out of Washington to get us into the war much like Iraq


Ah, Frank.

You really shouldn't defend lunatic statements from people of whom you may be favorably disposed. When someone says something this distorted and whacko, he needs to be corrected.

I suspect that anyone with the kind of distorted mind to say this shows this distortion in many, many other ways. I suspect that a casual reading of his homilies and written articles will reveal many more incidents of befuddled, conspiratorial thinking.

Consipiracy thinking--with no supporting evidence--is NOT an indication of a sound mind. Seriously, it isn't.

Dan Hunter

I will pray Sext, today for Bishop Williamson.
God bless the Church.



Lets compare lunacies

Pedopile Cardinals who condone and protect those priests who harm the youth whom our Lord said "better a millstone be tied around their neck" like Cardinal Law and and rushed off to Rome by JPII, and the same for Novada of San Francisco whome Pope B16 had to hide as well for fear of him having to testify (does he even say anything anymore, never even hear about him!!) and Mahoney in LA , Bishop George in Chicago who protects gay priests, and Niederauer who hands over our Lord to transvestites, Tod Brown of course and then compare that to a crazy Bishop who has conspiracy theories

I am not saying that he is of sound mind and body, but to come down on this man when the crimes of the shepherds being condoned in the church of modernism today you make me laugh!

But at least Thomastic calls all the crazies out unlike the other blogs like Jimmy Akin and Shea who are in the business of collecting money from these men's diocese and it may ruin one of their speaking engagements


Perhaps, he is just taking Donald Rumsfeld at his word when he had answered Parade Magazine reporter Lyric Wallwork Winik in a Pentagon Press Conference on Oct.12, 2001

"It is a truth that a terrorist can attack any time, any place, using any technique and it's physically impossible to defend at every time and every place against every conceivable technique. Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filed with our citizens, and the MISSILE to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center. The only way to deal with this problem is by taking the battle to the terrorists, wherever they are, and dealing with them."

I believe the bishop to be of good will.

Psalm 84, 11. "Mercy and truth have met: justice and peace have kissed each other."

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