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Sunday, November 25, 2007



Your comments are generous.


would love to go!

does the parish provide missals for newbies to follow along?

are veils required or optional?



Interesting that in the second paragraph of his letter, the bishop refers to Father Martin Tran as "the Administrator." We were told that he had named Father Tran pastor, but then he revoked that designation when Father Tran was sent to Hanoi. I thought the title of pastor had now been restored. Father Tran is shown as pastor on the cover of the bulletin, and he writes a "pastor's corner" column. Should we try to read anything into this, or just ascribe it to the odd, mercurial nature of this bishop?


The pastor admonished his people that announcements are part of Mass.

*snicker* How long are the announcements in this parish, anyway? Are we talking the kind where you might as well sit down again, or the kind where there's a mini-sermon? 'Cause you know, even my dad who loves hour-long sermons doesn't want to stick around through that kinda stuff. As a continual practice, it's a great way to drive people away permanently, too.


The attached letter ( included in Sunday's bulletin) still screams of the bishop's ulterior motives...that, to close St. Mary's. And, as articulated by Thomistic's reader, leaving well enough alone at St. Mary's upon Fr. Johnson's retirement would mean a thriving, pious congregation...however, a liberal agenda crept in that made the flock scatter. All anyone needs to fully understand is exemplified in the attendance at Fr. Johnson's Tridentine Funeral Mass that was a veritable fire hazard it was so overwhelming received and attended. In attendance was the bishop himself. Fr. Tran STILL has an uphill climb with this bishop. Pray for them both!


Our Bishop is something of a politician --he must have realized the possibility of trouble from Rome. This letter makes him sound like the benevolent shepherd "allowing" the TLM.
However, the local Norbertines can handle the TLM in Fr. Tran's absence.

Atlanta Catholic

I guess if the parishioners at St. Mary's by the Sea, would have wanted a Barney and the red wigged devil, distributing Holy Communion type of Tridentine Mass, it would have continued after Father Johnson's retirement. Now the Bishop threatens the parish with a declining parish numbers report while the population in the neighborhood increases. Bishop Brown tells the parish to renew their efforts to reach out to them or else? Never mind that Bishop Brown singlehandedly caused the sheep to scatter and many to leave the Catholic Church completely out of disgust. Bishop Brown seems to experience a memory loss regarding those numbers. Yet his brain is sharp enough to wisk another priest who knows the complete details of sex abuse cover-ups out of the country in a moments notice.

The parishioners of St. Mary's by the Sea are just not "diverse" enough for the likes of Bishop Tod Brown. They need to follow the example of the local and very diverse Father Barney the Dinosaur who has reached out to the wealthy expanding community nearby. These unsuspecting sheep have been fed dinosaur dribble that has them dazed and confused. The sheep can't be blamed. Having no rules appeals to that fun side of God that Father Barney preaches about. You don't have to follow anything but a fun God that loves us to laugh. No wonder their numbers are soaring! Their motto is "If we just feed the poor, all of the other rules, go out the door"! This seems to be Bishop Tod Brown's Social Justice Scam on souls. As long as those parishioners are Mastercarding their tithing to the Diocese... who cares about sin! Bishop Tod Brown's motto is "Journey with me" till you reach bankruptcy...Spiritually and Financially!

A parish that actually cares about the authentic Teachings of the Church, including all of the not so fun rules
and that darn Tridentine Mass that inspires some of you....who is going to want to join you? These are the hopes of Bishop Tod Brown in his letter to St. Mary's by the Sea. I don't think Satan could have come up with a more clever plan.


Well I'm a parishoner there and I wasn't able to go this week, but I'm glad they got something settled! It's taken forever to do this and frankly I don't care to much about the Latin Mass. And to answer some of your questions, they have a missal for everyone, you don't have to wear a veil if you want too, they have some; it was in the bulletin and was not an announcement!


It's about time something was done.


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