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Thursday, December 06, 2007



I like how Allen acts like the folks exposing these acts are pornographers. You really MUST hand it to him, that is shear genius! "Shoot the messenger" NEVER gets old. And it precluded the guest from speaking.

Public sex in a public park during "pride week" in my home city - which is as large as SF - is common. Men have anal sex right in the parking log between cars.

My friends on the Police force know about it... but vice squads are directed to ignore it during this weekend. Ditto for public drug sale and consumption of Chrystal Methamphetimine, cocaine, amyl nitrates and ecstacy. It would be bad publicity for the PD to not let the "boys be boys" and could put a damper on attendence and the money the weekend brings in for the city!

Softball games scheduled at this park (with 8-10 baseball diamonds) are now just canceled during that weekend or played elsewhere.

Everyone should attend such an event and see what goes on. It will disabuse anyone whose sole image of the "Gay scene" are santitized images of Will & Grace or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

For a man to behave in such a fashion - to cavort in the ways depicted and in ways that could NOT be shown on this blog... It is an illness.

Mona Alona

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality did a great job of getting the word out about the Perverted Folsom Street Fair. For more info on the Folsom Street and what Mr. LaBarbera's organization is doing to try and stop the Fair go here


Allen keeps asking him, why are you showing this? It's a good question and I wish the man had known to say, "because a lot of people wouldn't believed it other wise." I know if someone just described this to me I wouldn't have believed it. What they did at their event was so disgusting I wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't there - and the two inch version on my computer was too much for me. Why oh why on earth would anyone take a child there?!

Atlanta Catholic

Peter Labarbera did such a "great job" tackling the absolutely irritating and nonsensical remarks of Allen Colmes. Colmes was just not going to let any reason be heard.

I hope that Sean Hannity will take the time to view the entire video. He needs to be informed on the progressive destruction of morals and family values, that have sunk so low that parents bring their little babies and children to witness this evil. Some parents had bondage costumes on their babies. Where are the Children's Protective Services for this perverted form of child abuse? Allen Colmes should be ashamed to not defend the innocence of children....No matter what his political beliefs are! Thank you, Peter Labarbera. You did your job!

Mona Alona

Here's another anti-Catholic/Christian event that took place at the Folsom Street Fair using St. Joseph's Catholic Church as a stage/backdrop for the perversion

Blasphemous Cage-Dancing Christ in San Francisco

Mona Alona

Here's a You Tube video of the cage dancing. 30 seconds into the video

Atlanta Catholic

Mona Alona,

After viewing this blasphemous video, I am positive that everyone involved in this evil will be in Hell, Alona. Together they will Groana and Mona forever. They should repent for such hatred towards God. The alternative is to Burna Eterna!


Yup, seems like a normal and happy group of people...just like everyone else--or so everyone tries to convince us.

The level of self-loathing is unbelievable: women/men walking around in leather animal masks, women allowing themselves to be led around on leashes, men allowing themselves to be degraded in all sorts of poses and treatment.

Honestly, how exactly did parading around like that become "fun" and suited for public approval?

I never understood how cities and companies can refuse to hire people because they smoke, but they'll give the permits and approval for this. How many people got AIDS this weekend, got any of the various hepatitis strains or some other STD, or overdosed this weekend?

If we can't pluck up the moral courage to deny the permits for this this crap based on inappropriate actions, can't we at least deny the permits based on "health concerns"?

And just like Muslims must be heard condemning Muslim atrocities (and Christians, Christian ones), where are gay leaders condemning this self-hatred fest?


Abraham rose up early in the morning and went to the place where he had talked with the Lord. He looked towards Sodom and Gomorrah, and the whole plain. The smoke from the fire and brimstone that the Lord had rained on the cities, and all of the plain could be seen from a long distance. How sad Abraham must have been. The Lord had promised that if he could find just ten good people in Sodom it would not be destroyed. Abraham knew that the Lord had not found ten good people, as he looked down upon the burning plain.

Jesus Christ tells us that the people living on this earth when He comes a second time will be like those who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. That time is coming soon, and I wonder how many truely good people Jesus Christ will find when He returns?


"The level of self-loathing is unbelievable: women/men walking around in leather animal masks, women allowing themselves to be led around on leashes, men allowing themselves to be degraded in all sorts of poses and treatment."


Self-loathing is a huge part of the problem. The sexual fetishizing of abuse, being dominated or dominating another person in the way shown and ways that should NOT be shown here...

These folks need our prayers. A lot of them. Blinded by passions, lusts, guilts, they cannot even remove themself to see. It is very sad.

Mona Alona

Here's another perverted act in front with St. Joseph's in the back ground

Mona Alona

I wonder what all the parishioners of St. Joseph's who put their blood sweat and tears into their church would do if they saw what kind of activities are taking place there now.,141&oid=3ecbbf1933eb0d84&fusr=Once+Again+Seeing&tit=Folsom_Street_Fair_-96&

A. J. West

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The only reason San Francisco is as depraved and perverted as it has become is because the so call "Catholic" leaders of the diocese have long ago forsaken the Catholic Faith and have instead embraced the WORLD. Do you really think this perversion would have infected everything in that city if the last three Archbishops had wielded the Moral Authority of the Church as they are supposed to do?
The Puppet Masters obviously have something on each prelate that compromises them or they, themselves are just as depraved as the Sodomites that control the city.
In the end this is a matter of the lack of Roman Catholic leadership just as is abortion and all the other ills of our society.
"As the Church goes, so goes the world." San Francisco is the primary proof of this old maxim.

Mona Alona

Click the following video link to watch Americans for Truth president Peter LaBarbera, at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. December 5, discuss the homosexual and heterosexual sadomasochistic depravities at the Folsom Street Fair

On his national radio show tonight, Michael Savage interviewed Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media, who praised Pete for exposing what goes on at FSF and for calling onHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi to condemn the event, which occurs annually in her district. Kincaid also talked about the children who attended FSF, and about how San Francisco police officers stood around doing nothing -- yet had a recruiting booth there!

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