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Saturday, December 08, 2007



I sincerely hope that this movie fails miserably on all levels. I'm convinced that there are enough religious people in our great country to render films like this insignificant at best. It has been useful, though, in giving vigilant parents, and maybe not so vigilant ones a heads up on the author.


Wouldn't it be nice if Hollywood learned a lesson and didn't make films like this and made more films geared more toward families with Christian values?


Please stop imbedding so many video on the blog. I have a TV. I don't need you to watch it for me. Try actually blogging for a change.



You may have a television, but you don't seem to have good manners or common sense.

Nobody is forcing you to watch any video clips. They don't start automatically. You have to turn them on.

I usually include an image or a video with my posts. Sometimes I feel like the video is all that's needed.

I don't always have time to write posts, and it seems to me that something is better than nothing.

If you don't like that, you might consider the fact that you're not the summit and center of the universe and the world doesn't have to cater itself to your personal preferences. It's much better to realize that and act accordingly than to exhibiting a sense of entitlement not unlike the kind seen in alcoholics by acting as though anything and everything exists solely for your own benefit.

Why not start your own blog and do as you please instead of leaving snide comments to criticize others who aren't interested in your opinions on those matters and won't be changing to suit you?

I'm just trying to save you from wasting your time and energy.





Thanks for the videos - Who needs to watch the other _____ on TV news when you get all the secular news that has anything to do with our Church (and the teachings thereof) right here?

God bless you



I agree with Anne. Thanks for the videos. Unlike Aaron, I don't have a TV. Got rid of it 3 years ago and never regretted it. I appreciate your posting the videos. They help me keep up with what's going on in the media and the elites without having to sit and slog through hours of television myself. It's also good for reminding me why I originally made the decision to quit television!

It's a great blog. I find it an invaluable source for learning what's happening in the Church and in the culture. Thanks for all your work in keeping it going.


Vids are very much a part of the blogging phenom. I embed often in the same fashion that I liberally link to other works, and attempt to tie things together in a coherent fashion... You will have to ask my 5 readers how well I am doing at the "coherent" part!

Frankly I appreciate your videos and article links... They are frequently ordered in a fashion that allows for looking at some interesting and different perspective.

My only "complaint" about RCBlog is that I wish you would throw us some more positive news from time to time. Some really phenomenal things are happening in some different diocese and orders that are growing and solidly orthodox. Just for grins and giggles, throw that in the mix a little more maybe?

15 years ago I was convinced that within my lifetime most of the diocese in America would become titular sees for Vatican functionaries... There was no good news, no growing diocese I ever heard about, and everywhere we were told Catholicism is dying out, vocations don't exist, and Catholics are leaving for sects and cults... 15 years on, I can name dozens of diocese with great and growing seminary formation programs, deaconal formation programs, religious orders with (gasp!) young new members that are growing, a list of notable converts longer than your arm, and a growing and diverse community of younger Catholic intellectuals - cradle, convert & revert burning up the blogosphere...

Maybe highlight some of that a little more often? Even in SoCal (The Norbertines of OC!) there is some good news...

I do try to highlight some of this on our group blog (made up of converts & reverts) for the simple reason that people need to know there are some GREAT things going on. If I thought it was all Bp. Brown, I woulda crawled in a cave already.

Just a thought. Its your blog, you do it well and I am a faithful reader. But just a gentle suggestion, would be nice to see a few highlights that give hope more often.

Counting Blessings


I love the videos, excellent blog.


The videos are great. They are the reason I visist your blog every day. I am glad when there is a new video posted. I send many video links on to people in my email list.


"Why don't you blog for a CHANGE?" How ridiculous!
Thomistic, when you write, you write. And you often provide supporting links. Sometimes you put so much thought into your posts that I don't have time to appreciate all of it! Even then I appreciate your having done it. And the videos are a good feature! Thank you.

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