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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Leticia Velasquez

Thanks for the information, I was under the impression that Mormons were good on abortion, Orin Hatch, a Mormon has been solidly pro-life,at least until embryonic stem cells.
I am uneasy about the Mormon faith and practice, I spent some time in Salt Lake City at a Convention which was received by the Governor who showed us a film in which the mantra was repeated, "Mormons do NOT run this state" a bit too often. I was shocked by being told that the Mormon Temple was off-limits to unbelievers. I saw many brides in the airport dressed in their wedding gowns, as it is their belief that if you are married in the Salt Lake City Temple, you and your spouse are married in Heaven. It sounds like their Church and business ventures are a bit intertwined. . .


Voting for or against someone because of their religion is pure stupidity. And sorry, it is a blurry line between that and being a religious bigot. If someone said, "I'm not voting for Lieberman because... " there would be an outcry. If someone said "I'm not voting for Giuliani because Catholics have all those crazy saints and pray to Mary," there would be an outcry. There are hundreds of thousands of LDS in the United States. Go to a community that is mainly LDS and chances are you will find a good community. Romney is a good man as well. He has an amazing track record in public and private life. Also, read a bit about his abortion change. He changed after doing a lot of research on it while governor. Don't we want to change people's minds? Or should we change people's minds but then just leave them out of the loop? I am Roman Catholic and I believe that I am a member of a great religion that brings me closer to God. I also believe that it is decidedly unChristian to slander other people's belief systems. Believing your religion is the true religion is fine, slandering is not.


Romney still supports research on embryos. So much for his research.




It's not slander to say Mormonism allows abortion and that Mitt Romney has been pro-abortion until he ran for President.

Both are facts.




Well, calling it a cult is slander. Yes, Roman Catholic Blog didn't say it, but you linked it. Also, why don't you describe him as a Republican Candidate? Why does the word Mormon always come into play? That's why it's a blurry line.


It is a cult. Sorry you don't like that, but it's true.

It speaks to a person's judgment when they remain in a religion with bizarre beliefs.

Would you elect a president from the Moonies?

If you reply by comparing authentic Christian doctrine with goofy man-made doctrines from various religions, I'll know you've bought into the sort of religious indifferentism the multi-culture progressives want you to have.




"If someone said "I'm not voting for Giuliani because Catholics have all those crazy saints and pray to Mary," there would be an outcry."
I doubt that would cause an outcry that anyone would listen to. And people certainly have the right to not vote for a candidate because of his religion, personal life, etc. That's not slander. As to discrimination, how can a person vote without discriminating? :)
I think a popular outcry would happen if people announced that they WOULD vote for Guiliani because of his Catholicism if he were authentically Catholic.
Anyway, it is fair to consider how a candidate's religion would impact the country if he were elected. If a candidate is of a religion that is taught to hate your religion, that needs to be taken into account! One question the voter should ask is "Would this candidate, out of religious conviction, discriminate against members of our Church and, if so, in what way?"


Thomistic, you are correct in calling into question the change in Romney's views on abortion. The timing is, arguably, suspect. Notwithstanding this fact, I find his conversion on the subject believable. When, as a chief executive, one is faced with the decision to allow Harvard to skirt Massachusetts law and use taxpayer funds to destroy human life, one may go through a period of serious introspection.

Your comment about a person's judgment with respect to remaining in a religion with "bizarre beliefs" is also a point. Romney was born into a Mormon family and raised a Mormon. I would argue that any sort of moral culpability he has for his lack of clarity with respect to God and Christ is surely tempered by the very fact of his upbringing. After all, those born and raised in a Baptist household are not as morally culpable as Luther and Calvin; the Baptist church is all they've known their entire lives.

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