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Wednesday, December 05, 2007



I'll start on the public scandal: I'd be excommunicating that Church St. Francis Cabrini for its heretical teachings of the Catholic Faith, that's my only real comment on that.

Cardinal Mahony should know better than to walk out in public. I could have told him this was going to happen. As much as I despise him though, he doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. (Desk Job in Rome, perfectly viable)

As far as voting goes, I'm voting myself for canidacy, since well, no one else seems to be quite up to sunff when it comes to the issues.

The USCCB needs to be dismanded for letting those 2 films get by, (I have other issues to), but Golden Compass and Brokeback Mountian are obviously contrary to the teaching of the Church. But the USCCB does not have the gifts of infalibility, and the athourity to teach, so I basically pay them no attention

larry hippler

It really is a huge back-handed compliment when pseudo-intellectual, trash like Pullman attempt to deny God by attacking the Catholic Church. They know where to direct their hate. And they come at us with everything they've got.

Chuck Foley

It's awful that Mahony was flattened on a street in LA, simply because he's been failing his job as a bishop. We need to get him out of town for his own protection. A Vatican post would be an occasion of sin for him, and a(nother) scandal for the rest of us. But global warming is here. soon more of Antartica will be ice free, Let's petition Rome to establish a diocese there, and make him the bishop, with orders to report to his assigned spot ASAP


Well Chuck that is just silly and a waste of +Mahoney's time and talent. A far better assignment would be Diocese of Kabul. He is a peace and justice man - what better place to start than Afganistan?

"The poor" are "his thing" and with a per cap income of $1450 and a GDP of $32B for 31M, there would be plenty of them... Since calling people to convert to the Truth of the Catholic Faith has never been part of his "schtick" clearly a 99.1% Muslim population would not be a prob.

Antarctica? That is just ridiculous. Afganistan? Now we are talking, brother!

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