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Monday, December 10, 2007



This is huge. When a Catholic tells a protestant (charitably) that the Catholic Church is the One True Church, there will be restated authoritative backing. Many Catholics are even going to be taken aback by this document, sadly. Praise God!


My first thought, upon reading this, was that it may be useful for the purpose of saving Europe from civilizational collapse. Instead of thinking of how it will effect our relations with Protestants, I thought of the need for Europe to convert some of those Mohammedans. Europe is destined to have BIG problems in coming years if some of the Mohammedans are not converted.

Many Mohammedans can be won over. I personally know an Iranian, living in the U.S., who is now a Baptist. Maybe someday he will become a Catholic. Over at, there is a Dec. 9th story about a young gal, in England, who converted to Christianity and now her family wants to kill her. There is also a story about an imam's daughter who converted and she is in hiding.

Mohammedism has been making huge advances on the West through a high birth rate, migration, and Saudi oil dollars. I think the pope sees a need to reverse this trend.



One dumb question, are these documents binding (infallilble) as compared to for what is stated for example in some of the Vatican II documents such as Freedom of Religion, Decree on Ecumenism, etc etc-as this seems to contradict much of what is said or at least pulled out of these 16 documents which I understand Vatican II contained more written words than all of the other 20 or so councils combined!!

Because we all know what the modernists will try and do, they will discredit such

And lets all be honest, unless what is being taught by Rome is pushed down and makes it way into the pulpit at your local church each sunday, the average Joe does not know what document is coming out, only what their local priest along with Bishop is pushing at their local parish, that is what their brand of catholicism is



A couple things...

1) I've noticed you always write my screen name as Thomastic. It's actually Thomistic, as in Thomistic philosophy.

2) Your question isn't dumb at all. The document will apparently (so far as I can see) not be a formally defined dogma, however, it will still be infallible. The ordinary Magisterium is infallible when repeating the constant doctrine of the Church. These truths have been more or less defined at various times throughout Church history. That fact as been obscured by modernist theologians and progressive Catholics, but this document appears to be an effort to bring the true Catholic doctrine, already defined, to light.




I loved JP II, but where he seemed to evangelize one way, this Pope is evangelizing in another way.

He seems almost to be the corrective to the tendency to view the previous pope as overly accomodating to other faiths. The counter-point of these two popes has been an amazing thing to see and live through. I'm sure this must strike papal-church historians.


Part of my vast misunderstanding and confusion in dealing with this blog was the question in my mind of whether or not, Frank had been "banned" during an exchange of the most civil nature, but which generated adverse visceral reaction.

Consequently, I've logged on here from time to time since then just to see if Frank would reappeared. And in answer to my concern I see his comment (on target as always) above.

So, I guess that I can resume reading and comment too.

It is interesting, per Jimbo's observation above, that for the post Vatican II popes, Truth is seemingly a plural noun (evidently to Jimbo's fascination).

Atlanta Catholic


This must be very disappointing news to Bishop Tod Brown who allows Jewish Services to take place inside St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church, in his Diocese. I wonder if Bishop Tod Brown will continue to disapprove of this document even though the Church had defined this.

A priest from St. Simon and Jude told Catholics that they cover all the statues and the Cross while the Jewish Services take place "inside the Catholic Church". They do this so they won't offend any of the Jewish people holding their Services "inside Sts.Simon and Jude Catholic Church".

How spiritually tragic to cover up and hide the stellar examples of the Catholic Faith which potentially could have led some Jewish people to inquire about Saints such as Edith Stein.

I guess this hide the Saints ritual leads the Jewish people to a deeper understanding of just how unimportant those Saints must be to Catholics. Teaching such a cavalier attitude of dishonor. I wonder if this priest visits the Synagogues with the parishioners and asks the Rabbi to cover up the Torah or other examples, sacred to Jewish Law, because they offend the Catholics? It would be interesting to learn if the Rabbi had extended the same discourtesy of disrespect to their own belief? Even if the Rabbi did, the Catholic priest should know better.

Last, but certainly not least is the complete disregard for the understanding or appreciation of the sacrificial cost of the Redemptive Cross. Let's hide Jesus so we don't offend anyone. How about the fact that this offends Almighty God, His Father and the Holy Spirit for intentionally misrepresenting and denying the fullness of the Truth.

The parish has learned many facts and shares customs regarding the Jewish Faith. The down and tragic side of all of this is the Catholics think that everything is equal and many don't seem to understand what the Catholic Church's Teachings or Customs are. There is no need to spread Catholicism....The Diocese of Orange is the Rodney King, "Can't We Just All Get Along"...."We're All The Same As Long As We're Diverse", prototype Evangelization. I wonder if Pope Benedict will address these serious violations of Church Canon Law?

I am so sorry, St. Simon and St. Jude. You both taught and defended the Catholic Faith, while you lived on this earth. You would have never approved of hiding or covering up the Cross, so as not to offend anyone. Your lives were the true examples of Evangelization. Something to inspire all!


...Simply put, Well stated Atlanta!!!


Above, I mentioned I should be



Thank you for your response and all you do here, and I will make note of your name as
English as many many here may have realized was not my strong point (I am an Engineer and strayed towards the sciences in school)

God bless you all


Also a not-so-subtle reminder as the Jesuits prepare to elect their next general in January; perhaps we can expect further papal nudging for them to recover their original mission of (according to their founding constitutions) "the defense and propagation of the faith and the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine." The younger Jebbies are already on this path; would be nice to see it re-institutionalized over the current "service of faith and promotion of justice" mantra.


Ann Coulter (and any other political analyst for that matter) is not qualified to make that statement; the Magestrium of the Church, on the otherhand, in her good wisdom and grace has the authority to make such a proclaimation.

The Christianity often spoken in the media is the secular brand not to be confused with the theological Christianity. That what is considered Christianity in America may differ from that in Europe or Asia or South America or even the Vatican points to this secular version that interprets spiritual truths in the context of local sensibilities. I add here that since the Vatican is a theocracy, the nature of its secular Christianity is absolutely consistent with its theological Christianity and therefore it's not secular in the sense of 'separation of church and state'


Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Christian doctrine is qualified make not only that statement, but any other statement of authentic Christian doctrine. One need not be a Catholic lay person, priest, bishop, or pope to repeat Christian doctrine.

What is important is whether or not what is repeated is an accurate representation of authentic Christian doctrine.

The way to check that is by weighing what is repeated against the official teaching of the Catholic Church found in the catechisms approved by the Universal Church and in the dogmatic and doctrinal pronouncements of popes and councils throughout Church history.




It's this same sort of Christian with a rosary hung from their rear view mirror and cuts off someone in traffic that i'm talking about here. All too often, we have the hypocrites that make such a procative statement. true? yes, but it's like a getting a knockout blow by someone and then having them come back and say "can't we all be friends".

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