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Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Lifeteen and disobedience, they kind of go hand in hand. Whether indirectly or directly in this case.

Lisa Noonan

I wonder if Bp Olmsted is just allowing Fushek to hang himself?

There was an op-ed piece at the end of last week by one of his supporters, and the writer said something about how Fushek and his buddy Dippre didn't want to play the "game" anymore (IIRC). "Game"?! The priesthood is not a "game"!!

His little flock is following the wrong man. How sad. They need to remember that it's the Man on the Cross they need to pay attention to, not to the ego of a wayward priest.

I'll scan it in if you'd like, as it's not on the azcentral site. Let me know.


Patricia Gonzalez

I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but this man looks like a thug. I can't understand how people can be drawn to someone who is so obviously "Off". Eew.

Jim C.

"Rev." Fushek should be considered a dangerous pedofile, which he likely is, until proven innocent, not innocent till proven guilty. What are people thinking, exposing their children and themselves to this potential monster. 98% of priests charged with sexual abuse are ultimatley proven guilty. Why take a chance with "Rev." Fushek? My two sons were sexually abused by "Rev." Donald J. McGuire, S.J. of Chicago. McGuire had eerily similar personality traits of Fushek. Don't let Fushek's charismatic style fool you, as McGuire's did us.


I have seen the amazing fruits of the Life Teen program. I know so many young adults and teens who have come to know Christ in a deeper way through its offerings. The crux is the Mass, of course and LT was endorsed by JPII.

However, this is incredibly sad. Yes, Rev. Dale is a wonderful public speaker but at what cost are people willing to hear him? He is in blatant opposition to the Bishop and is awaiting trial. How can people be so willing to be led astray?

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