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Thursday, January 31, 2008


The Catholic Knight

Sorry, but I'm not going to settle for Mitt Romney, because he is NOT a Pro-Life candidate, in spite of what he says (read more on that here). I look at it the other way around. A vote for Mitt Romney is a sellout on the most core position of any Catholic voter -- the issue of life. It's a sellout made in FEAR -- fear of Hillary Clinton -- rather than using this opportunity in the primaries to stand on your core values.

I will not be voting for Mitt Romney in this primary, and I probably won't vote for him in the general election, should he win the nomination. Romney is not Pro-Life, and I'm getting tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils." Whenever you do that, all you get is "evil."


Huckabee is stealing far more votes from Romney than Paul is...he's remaining in the race until Super Tuesday at least so McCain will benefit from that and then he'll pledge his support for McCain.
I decided last night I will not vote for Romney. I've just heard the guy talk too many times and come off as a jerk. He talks about all the elderly the government needs to take care of, and then when a man of 73 years disagrees with him on some things, he laughs at him.
This is what Romney thinks of people who hold views that are not his: they're worth laughing at. He talks about it in a radio interview that was done last week in Florida as well. If he doesn't have enough class to avoid ripping on people like that, why would I think he would be a decent man in the white house?
Politically, I agree, it would be suicidal for him to flip flop again on abortion. But he's going to hurt pro-lifers in other ways, supporting the Dept of Education, increasing government, etc etc.

T. Shaw

I will not vote for McCain. Read Ms. Coulter's article, especially the debunking of the urban legend (yeah, the one deceitful McC keeps afloat) about how Bush slandered him in 2000.

McC is far more a flipper than Romney. He has reversed course on every issue we care about. He will not nominate strict constructionist judges: 1. he is pro-abortion; 2. such a judge could rule his campaign finance restrictions on free speech unconstitutional.

McC is the embodiment of the worst aspects of politics: coersion and deceit.

McC takes the abortion issue "off the table." Hillary or Obama will bring our troops home from Iraq - which has devolved into a highly inappropriate mission for the world's finest infantry.

Kelly Smith

I feel the same way that you do about McCain--he is quite dangerous. However, Romney is totally pro-gay rights. He is a log cabin Republican. Parents in MA who don't want their children to learn about homosexual sex in sex-ed have to completely remove them from public school, thanks to Romney. The AFA just came out with information on all of the candidates, and Romney is the only Republican who supports adding information on homosexual sex in public school sex-ed curriculas. There is a ton of valid information that can be found on his record as governor of MA on the Americans for Truth web site and The only true conservative candidate that I can vote for with a clean conscience is Ron Paul.


I refuse to vote for McAmnesty under any circumstances. This election is shaping up to be the worst case scenario--McAmnesty vs. Hillary or Obama. That is no choice at all.


Well, well, well, Thomistic: better late than never. Sounds like you've been re-reading a lot of my old posts and come to my conclusion...albeit a few months later than I did. Forgive my gloating. Duncan Hunter was also my first choice after the first debate; alas, he didn't stumble out of the gate, he never got out. He may not have even had a horse, but one of those Romper Room brooms with a horse head on one end.

I guess this means we won't be seeing the South Park clip on Mormonism anymore...or comments about Romney as the "proud baby killer". My post, by the way, was not meant to be acerbic, but hyperbolic. My apologies if it came out any other way.

I do, however, have to say that I don't think McPlain would be as bad as you write. He is decently conservative, and has been so for over two decades of public life. He has received a respectable 82% rating by the (I believe) Conservative Union. He has said he supports nominating strict Constructionalist judges like Roberts and Alito, although he has reportedly fudged on endorsing the likes of Samuel Alito because he "wears his conservatism too much on his sleeve" (and we may know what that means: religious conservative).

McBane is a maddening sort of candidate. While he seems to take an unnatural pleasure in annoying others (those pesky religious folks and Rush Limbaugh types) and presenting himself as the lone Maverick of the Senate a bit too much for my tastes, I don't think he's ever been accused of being an outright liar or fraud by the voters of Arizona. I don't doubt he'd abide by what he said about judges, abortion, taxes, etc...even if there may be some clouds of doubt swirling about.

He may be who we get in a matter of months; if so, I can handle it. Worse would be Huckstabee, who I have a feeling is sticking around in this race to prevent Romney from getting any momentum and intentionally splitting the conservative vote...all in exchange for a shot at VP with McCain, who he is full of postive comments.


He has received a respectable 82% rating by the (I believe) Conservative Union.

I think the same group gave him a 65% rating for the last year or so. And, the head of that organization has come out against McAmnesty.

He has said he supports nominating strict Constructionalist judges like Roberts and Alito, although he has reportedly fudged on endorsing the likes of Samuel Alito because he "wears his conservatism too much on his sleeve" (and we may know what that means: religious conservative).

I don't think you can trust him to appoint Supreme Court judges. I heard that he doesn't like Alito, because Alito ruled against certain provisions of his awful campaign finance reform law.

This is one Arizona voter who will never vote for McAmnesty. I believe that Thomistic's characterization of McAmnesty as a "rino" is accurate.

Dan Hunter

McCain, Romney and Huckabee will do nothing to overturn Roe vs Wade.
Voting for Dr. Alan Keyes is not voting for the lesser of two evils.
It is a vote for sanity and a real bid to overturn the worst mistake the Supreme Court ever made.
With the grace of Almighty God and the co-operation of Catholic voters, Dr Keyes will be elected as the only conservative pro-life candidate out there.
God bless you.

The Catholic Knight

Huckabee is the only viable candidate in the running who supports the Human Life Amendment (HLA) and has pledged to draw upon all the resources of the presidency to get it through Congress. Nobody else in the running has come even close to that. The ONLY viable PRO-LIFE candidate in the running now is Mike Huckabee. He's been endorsed by Duncan Hunter, and nearly every major Pro-Life organization in America.

John McCain is NOT Pro-Life, even though he says he is. McCain has a mixed record on abortion, and favors embryonic stem-cell research. Mitt Romney is NOT Pro-Life, even though he says he is. I have written about that extensively here. He is a "Pro-Choice" candidate who likes to fancy himself "Pro-Life," at least for this election anyway.


Dan, your passion is compelling and your faith steadfast...but, with all of Alan Keyes strengths...he's not on the radar screen and you'll be throwing your vote down the drain...I'm sorry for the candor.

Bev C

When talking about "pro-life" please include being pro-life for those of us who work in metropolitan areas and may go "boom" thanks to the jihadis who walk into our country or worse, fly in; accepted in a wave of "immigrants" from the Muslim world. Be "prolife" for Americans of all ages when faced with an enemy who is not only in the Muslim ummah but already here in our major cities and coming in nightly with the coyotes happy to take their money to get them through our pourous joke of a border. Their intentions are decidedly anti-life for us proud infidels (see Quran, Hadiths and the juridicial rulings of the 4 major islamic branches). McCain cannot fool me that he is strong on security with his penchant to confuse illegal trespass with immigration. Weak on the border and on migration is weak on the first line of defense.

T. Shaw

Be sure to clip contemporaneous NYT lying articles on McC, and then compare them with the slanders the NYT prints during the general election campaign.

Bev C you hit the nail . . .

McC is weak on the global terror war against us. It is not for nothing that we have not had a terrorist 'incident' (his liberal ilk calls it that) in almost seven years. We will suffer if he gets in the WH. He would give terrorists jury trials, wherein defense attys would have access to classified intel; he would end the foreign wire-tap program; he would allow jihadi sympathizers to sue citizens who "say something if they see something" during mass murder "walk-throughs"; and he would allow thousands of Americans be murdered in order not for 30 seconds to pour water over the face of a filthy pagan terrorist who has info about the next mass murder. But, he'd have 300,000 Americans in Iraq until the Second Coming of Christ.

This is for all the presbyterians-calling-themselves-catholics, self-anointed Popes/Ex Cathedra laity, et al who think 'America' will be punished for attempting to save the lives of innocent civilians. How much do you pay for your DSL line to the Holy Spirit? And, to what place in hell do you consign anyone that disagrees with YOU?

american aquarium drinker

We have the unelectable Alan Keyes - and the corrupt IL GOP - to thank for the election of Barak Obama to the senate.


Amer. Aquarium Stinker,

Keyes had NOTHING to do with Obama winning his Senate seat. He carpet bagged his run against Obama after Ryan (who was projected to easily defeat Obama) dropped out after his divorce tanscripts were leaked out to the press portraying him as a serial adulterer and swinger.

Alan Keyes is bizarre, his attempt to defeat Obama was a disgrace (this after he criticized Hillary's senate run in NY), but you can't hang Obama's victory on him.

Come on. We have to be fair, don't we?

Zita Bennett

Results of the Texas primary show that McCain's total votes are 34,337 votes more than all of the other candidates incuding "other" votes put together. So no other candidate was prevented from winning because voters voted for someone else. It is time for pro-life conservatives to wake up and realize that our republic is colapsing. Please listen to Alan Keyes's speech at the GOP Lincoln Reagan Day in Denton County, Texas. It can be found on my blog.


Many pro-life people did wake up, but far too late to help the only true conservative in the party: Mike Huckabee.

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