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Monday, January 28, 2008



I had an unimpressive encounter with Mr. Majerus in an elevator in Las Vegas during a basketball coaches' seminar some years ago. He then went on (about an hour later) to have probably the worst seminar presentation in history. His rambling incoherence, I suspected, was probably connected to significant problems in his life.

Majerus understands the idea of judicious silence. After a game, he can't berate the referrees for missed calls and possible corruption. If he does, he will be sanctioned by the NCAA. These sanctions can come in the form of a written warning, a suspension, et cetera. He should be aware of these possibilities.

The Church should be no less firm in its beliefs. He should get a public letter of correction or rebuke, which will become more serious if he continues in his behavior (these should include suspension and termination).

There's an unwritten code among coaches not to publically criticize other coaches. He would never publically say that the University's football coach doesn't know what he's talking about and should be ignored by his players.

Hey, Rick, how about showing some same considerations to an Institution that has been around for two thousand years!!

Where is the sense of propriety to your employer? Can you imagine a Quaker coaching at the Naval Academy continually saying that war is never the answer and that we're wasting too much money on military training and spending? The Quaker should probably take a job more in line with his personal ethic.


I liked Fr Euteneuer's take, which is linked by Matt A. It was harsh, but true.


Burke is close to being the Westboro Baptist of the pro-life movement.

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