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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Mort Tishan

If the pope saw there was a threat to world security or that Europe were in danger from a Muslim nation, I'm sure he would advocate war as a last resort under the just war theory. It wouldn't be the first time Europe has had to defend herself from a Muslim threat. But I am certain he also has the lives of the millions of Christians living in the Muslim countries of the middle East in mind as well.

Bottom line: it is ALWAYS a good idea to follow the Pope in matters of world matters. ALWAYS. He has our best interest in mind.


The Chairman of General Motors should issue a major pronouncement regarding whether or not women's winter coats should have padded shoulders.

Just another brilliantly successful guy who has nothing left to fix in his own operation.

And just think if the press coverage. Like, like, like a Rock Star!


In Vatican-speak, does this refer at all to Iran? What about terrorist-sponsoring countires like Iran?

It would be helpful, I think, that he speak clearly and actually use names; otherwise, we're not really clear what he means. No one denies that terrorists shouldn't have nukes, just like we all agree criminals shouldn't have guns.

What lengths should we go, Pope, to prevent this? Speaking of prevention in such general terms does not clarify things for me.

Vickie Goss

I'm writing about this latest priest supporting the two "ministers of the gospel". I don't see or hear any 'good news', just trash talk with hatred agendas. "Everybody wants to be God, nobody wants to be Jesus. He preached LOVE. GOD is LOVE," I say. Why are politics in the pulpit anyway? How are we going to win the lost if everybody is saying and doing anything and everything? Even the lost know hatred is wrong. The people that claim to represent GOD are going to answer for the 'bad news' they are allowing in their churches and organizations. Dear GOD have mercy on our souls!

James M. Essig

Hi Folks;

I have come to believe very strongly at all costs that terrorists must never get their hands on nuclear weapons.

Part of my thinking which is described below has come about after I viewed an online video clip in which some PhD national security expert discussed the effects of the detonation of two low yield nuclear weapons at two different locations within the U.S.

My thinking with some concepts borrowed from this brilliant scientist are described in the following lines of reasoning in the account I will give below.

If terrorists, say those backed by Iran, were to detonate two 10 kiloton yeild nuclear devices (10 kilotons was roughly the yeild of the device that demolished Hiroshima and which killed over 140,000 all tolled), at first the American people are going to be in utter shock as they take in the million deaths that would result immeadiately and from the firestorms and horrible third degree burns produced by the thermal pulse in those persons not lucky enough to have outdoors and within 1/2 to 2/3 of a kilometer from the device, a range which results in instant vaporization of those unfortunate proximate persons. (In all honesty, we as Catholics talk or speculate about the effects of Hell Fire on the Human Soul. It is anyones guess as to what happens to the human soul when the body it is infused with is suddenly ablissimated in the time period as short as a fraction of the millionth part of a second in those unfortunate instances where the human persons are very close to ground zero of a surface burst).

After the initial shock and panic has somewhat abated, there are going to be millions upon millions of families who have be displaced and who are fleeing in an uncontrollable manner from the radioactive fallout, and a great many of these citizens will be armed even those who legally have no right to bear arms.

Then the hordes of the displaced, having been brutalized are going to develope a tremendous sense of rage and anger that will be heart felt thoughout their entire affective and emotional life as well as in an attitudinal sense to the core of their intellects and spiritual hearts. These angry displaced brutalized hordes are going to demand retaliation and believe me from a statistical stand point, there will be lots of former military personal, well trained active duty personal, and sadly, many current or former nuclear weapons research and development scientists who will feel humiliatied to the point of taking justice into their own hands if the government does not respond immeadiately and harshly to any plauable terrorists threats or perpetrators.

Every government leader in all branches of the government will instantly loose face. I say this to all of you who think that the government has some mysterious controlling powers or even a shadow government such as has been the subject of UFO space alien coverup conspiracies. Even if such were somehow the case, the absolutely furious American public will demand retaliation.

The government will have no option, even if it was not its initial choice to respond with horribly lethal force. But how will the government know where to attack. It will not likely know who planted the bombs and so every nation on Earth that has any possible link to terrorism will be annihilated completely in a U.S nuclear strike of global reach.

It is likely that even the level headed government leadership will become brutally angry as they see the uncontrollable social chaos developing in the brutalized hordes of the American people.

Do you realize that just one U.S. Ohio class submarine has enough nuclear warheads to take out every capital in the Middle East and North Korea as well. I make the comment that one such submarine carries about 200 nuclear warheads which are each of typically 475 kiloton yeild, just about 50 times greater then the 10 kiloton device that destroyed Hiroshima. Just one of these horrible devices mankind has constructed just might and I say just might have the power to cause the extinction of all animal and human life on the planet. You want to know how, well think of the 200 largest metropolitan areas on Earth simultaneouly burning emmitting billions perhaps many tens of billions of tons of horribly poisinous smoke, not from tree forests, but from caustic plastic, petrochemicals, rubber, and other ubiquitous construction materials whose smoke is far more toxic than forest fire smoke. Add to this smoke, the effects of radioactive fallout. Believe me, today nuclear bombs are dirtier than ever because of their design wherein a large part of the yield is from nuclear fission processes that produce a plethora of different radioactive isotopes of many different elements. Forget about pills that flush radioactive iodine out the the human body. They will be completely ineffective. Then add the climatic catastrophy caused by the sun blocking effect of the burning cities smoke which is pound per pound far more effective at blocking out sunlight than volcanic ask or forest fire smoke. Add the partial or perhaps complete destruction of the ozone layer from the effects of radioactive fallout and all of the noxious smoke produced within the burning cities, and you wonder why the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed in at least one of His allegded yet to be approved apparitions that one Nuclear Submarine has the power to destroy the entire human race.

The U.S. has twelve such Ohio Class submarines and numerous fast attack nuclear submarines which can deploy cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. In addition, the Airforce has nuclear bombers ready to fly and thousands of nuclear warheads which could be lauched within days of a nuclear attach onboard the hundreds of nuclear missiles contained within the U.S. land based ICBM missle fields.

Russia has a simmilar number of stategic nuclear warheads. All told, between Russia and the U.S. their are about 15,000 deployed nuclear warheads which have an average yield of about 1/2 of a megaton. Each of these warheads has about 50 times the yield of the punny bomb that destroyed Hiroshima and killed well over 100,000 citizens. Their are an additional many thousands of warheads in reserve.

Folks, this is very serious. This is no matter to take lightly. If terrorist sucessfully detonate two low yeild nuclear devices in two U.S. cities, the armed global nuclear armed conflict that will most probably result will wreak total destruction, and I mean total.

You cannot reasonably expect anything else as a result of the unholy anger that would be caused by the millions upon millions of humiliated, brutalized, and vengeful American citizens.


Jim Essig,

A concerned U.S. citizen

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