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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Daniel Coon

Thanks for posting those You Tube videos. I came away from that more convinced that Obama is made up of populist fluff, and a now deep respect for Alan Keyes.


Wow, Alan keyes was a horrible candidate in that race but the clarity and succinctness of his statement in that first video is amazing. How can you argue with that? Obama can't which is why he ignores the truth of the question. We need more political leaders like Mr. Keyes.


My how I wish Keyes had won instead of Obama, Then perhaps we might have a real Republican running for President instead of RINO like John McCain.

Dan Hunter

I have told all, repeatedly that Alan Keyes is the candidate that Catholics must vote for.
John McCain will kill this country just as surely as Clinton or Obama.
Vote for Ambassador Keyes.
God bless you.


Maybe I'm too young to remember, but this fascination with Obama, along with Gore and Kerry before him, strikes me as absolute, striking immaturity.

Dennis Prager had a segment on his show a couple of weeks back where he counted how many times in a 15-minute speech Obama said the word "change". I stopped listening and the total had already passed 22! Not ONE time did he define what exactly he meant by change or what specifically he wanted to change..other than getting the troops out of Iraq within 2-4 months after swearing in, that is.

What the heck does that say for so many idiots who are willing to go along with this crap? Not one time have I heard the fawning media ask what the guy is specifically saying or wanting to do. It's embarrassing. How can half the country be mesmerized by this smoke and mirrors? At least when great, great granny bought the snake oil, the other townspeople rolled their eyes at her.

How can a country survive when one party is grown up and mature and the other is so infantile?

If it wouldn't affect so many of us and the world, I almost wish they'd get what they wanted: "free" health care, less/no military, all the greenhouse laws they could come up with, all the anti-business measures they could concoct, higher taxes, and the like. What would happen when the idiot teenager got what he/she actually wanted?

Has there ever been a time where people were so tied to self-preoccupation and narcisism and stupidity than now?


Mr. Obama doesn't want Keyes to preach at him or the citizens of Illinoise, but then he can preach at us endlessly about the nonsense he believes in.

He's so proud of his "Church Community", is he? Is this the same church which recently gave an award for achievement to Nation of Islam founder Luis Farrakhan? Nice one there.

He wants to empower and entrust women with the legal authority to make their own decision about abortion...with the understanding of what, Obama, since they have so often failed miserably.

Your goal, our goal, should be to minimize and reduce the frequency of abortion? We can "all" agree to that, can we, Obama?

How about this: we've tried your strategy for reducing abortion by making it legal for women to abort their children for thirty years. Your way has failed miserably at "reducing" abortion. Let's now try my way: all woman who get abortions are tried for manslaughter, and all physicians are tried for murder (I'll accept 2nd degree murder, though the circumstances seem to warrant first degree murder charges) and permanently lose their licenses to practice medicine. We'll see which methods actually succeeds at reducing abortion. That is your stated goal, right: making something less frequent by making it legal? Has that worked anywhere ever before?

I have a feeling my strategy would actually work. But that's not really what you want, is it?

And Keyes was using reason and logic that, though the crowd laughed, you and they were clearly ill-at-ease to follow. Keyes is brilliant; but Keyes was a ridiculous candidate. Stay in the classroom, doctor. Make your difference that way.


A great website to look into:
Its the best site I have found discussing catholic and "not so catholic" politics and social issues. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to keep up to date on everything important to cathoics.


I would take it as a great compliment if someone called me a "ridiculuous" or "horrible" candidate for any public office. Politicians are liars, to be considered a bad politician is to be considered a bad liar. It seems too many have complained about "all those liars in washington," and then have the nerve to insult a man who refuses to talk or walk like a liar.

I have voted my conscience in the last two elections and I will do so again and it won't be for McCain, Obama, or Clinton. And I know that it probably won't matter much who I vote for, but then again I know it doesn't matter which "major" party canididate anyone else votes for, they are all the same.


Holy Crap!

How did Obama win this election? He sounds like a total boob compared to Keyes!

It is so nice to hear a politician who participates in a Thomistic argument process! Obama can't even keep up with his reasoning.

The only problem that Keyes has is that he can't provide the vapid 30 sec sound bites that all the other boobs successfully running for office can.

I will be voting for Alan Keyes come November via write-in if necessary. I recommend you do the same.


Anthony, Cameron:

You can vote for whomever you want. And I'm sure you'll feel some self-righteous satisfaction that you've taken the higher road and not sullied your conscience. You're demonstrating that silly, child-like ignorance that is so frustrating in an adult. (No, this isn't the same as the biblical mandate to be child-like.) You and your kind can never appreciate the distinction between better and best.

You're not going to get Keyes. You're going to get Clinton, Barak, or McCain. Voting for Keyes is a vote you could have given McCain. By voting this way, although you'd never agree, you're actually supporting Obama or Clinton.

McCain is decently pro-life. You claim, I take it, that this is important for you. It clearly isn't. It's more important for you to maintain your self-righteousness than vote for the better candidate.

You want Roe v. Wade overturned? A vote for McCain who supports Supremem Court nominees like Alito and Roberts is the best thing you could do to bring that about. Voting for Keyes will only ensure that another Ruth Bader Ginsberg comes in.

But, what the heck, you'll feel proud and happy with yourself because you didn't "settle" for anyone. I hope you're at least honest with this reasoning and that it can penetrate your sanctimony.

This is a grown up world. Time to grow up and make the adult decision.


Jimbo is spouting nonsense. voters should vote for who they think will be the best president. if need be then write-in tht person. i plan on writing in keyes as well . there is nothing "childish" about that


I am deeply distressed as a lifelong Catholic to see all of the hatred coming from my fellow Catholics in the media and on blogs. Jesus said, "Love one another."

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