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Monday, February 18, 2008



Bill had a REAL meltdown...he also attacked, with the finger wag, a pro Obama pundit at another rally...Bill's showing his colors and Hillary can't turn off othe faucet...he's AGAIN her worst nightmare...sadly, the Republicans do not have a counter punch. A sad day for America...

Atlanta Catholic

I think it is very interesting how President Clinton yelled out."You Want To Criminalize Every *Mother* and Doctor"!

Bill is admitting that they are *already* mothers before they kill their own babies in the womb.

One of the definitions of the word mother in the Webster's New World Dictionary is to *care* for someone as in mothering. How caring is it to kill an innocent, helpless unborn little boy or little girl? Even the word fetus is Latin for "little one".

Jennifer Flowers, who committed adultery with President Clinton, claimed publicly that she aborted President Bill Clinton's baby. President Clinton knows the *real* underlying importance of expediency when promoting the killing of unborn children.

Do not be fooled by his appearance of nobility for the treatment of women's rights or doctor's rights. President Clinton wants insurance of his selfish right to cheat on his wife and if a baby is created in the process, the absolute insurance that he and others will be able to rid themselves of any responsibility.

Many aborted children are the result of adultery. These innocent children were killed for convenience, nothing else.


Well, if abortion were to become illegal again, then I would support the punishing of women who obtained abortions. Absolutely. How can you punish only the abotion practitioners and not the person who obtains and pays for one?

We don't have to punish them equally, but they should both suffer some consequences.

You're right about that one, Bill. I would have also thrown slave traders and people who bought slaves into jail after it was made illegal. Is that such an odd comparison? No; but for those who really believe in abortion-as-right it is.


Bill Clinton exhorting pro-lifers to "tell the truth"? Hmmm...
That he IMPOSES his lies on us and calls them truth is ridiculous. Nothing like being told what we believe. How many YouTube recordings are out there criticizing pro-lifers for stating that they are not asking for the punishment of the mothers, but for an end to legalized abortion and penalties against abortionists who defy the law after abortion is understood to be criminal? Clinton accuses us of the very convictions for which we are ridiculed for having rejected! (awful sentence, I know.) I can't write right when I'm mad.



Robert Dornan used to talk about an interesting transformation in-coming congressmen would have.

They'd come in opposed to abortion, some quite strongly so; but as they were seen about town with other women (as they'd strike up affairs), their postion on abortion would invariably change. It matches what you've said.



Robert Dornan used to talk about an interesting transformation in-coming congressmen would have.

They'd come in opposed to abortion, some quite strongly so; but as they were seen about town with other women (as they'd strike up affairs), their postion on abortion would invariably change. It matches what you've said.


If you haven't prayed in front of an abortion facility lately, some of the reasons why pro-lifers generally don't cry out for the mothers to be punished might be understood after reading testimonials posted at:

Post-abortive mothers and fathers suffer terribly from abortion. they need mercy, healing, forgiveness, our prayers and our support. Abortion brings its own punishment.

Also, you may want to check out the 2nd nationwide 40 Days For Life campaign at

Nowhere in the daily devotionals of what has to be the biggest, most committed pro-life campaign ever do the participants pray AGAINST mothers and fathers. They pray for God's mercy on us all, and of course, for an end to abortion. If you haven't joined a local 40 Days For Life campaign, please pray for the Lenten campaign. By this effort, God has blessed us with conversions of heart, saved lives, dedicated defenders of life, unity among Christians, and REAL hope.


I'm not saying the punishments have to be harsh, but some punishment might actually be good for women having abortion. And justice requires it. Again, my compassion goes to the baby aborted much more than to the woman who made such a "difficult decision". Back to the false compassion motiff.

There's a very complex psychological guilt that goes on with doing something like this without any sanction and an implicit approval that she actually "did the right thing" for herself. They know in their heart what they did was horribly wrong. A consistent message of this might do them better.

Plus, there will be numerous women who will avoid getting an abortion out of shear fear of going to jail--thus avoiding this whole problem in the first place...a factor that should not be minimized. This is of course an important reason law and jails exist.

Is anyone old enough to know what would happen before abortions were legalized? What happened in the 1930s and 1940s when someone got an illegal abortion? It seemed pretty effective...I'd be willing to return to those legal remedies.


It seems to take a decade or so for a post-abortive woman to acknowledge that she has killed her child. Once she understands, she wants to do everything to make reparation, although she knows nothing she does can undo the death of her child.
I do think she would come to a realization sooner if abortion were illegal and punishable, but maybe not much sooner. For every one abortion client who changes her mind via graphic evidence of abortion, for instance, locally about 99 become three times as hardened as soon as they see the pictures. Looks like a tough self-defense mechanism at work.
As for the abortionists, I haven't grown enough in mercy to keep from cursing when any complain about being "used too soon" by the pro-life movement. The idea that a former abortionist should recover privately rather than put his/her past directly into stopping the slaughter is too much for me.
Still, it was ignorant of Bill Clinton to insist that the GOAL of pro-life is to divide the country and put everyone involved in abortion behind bars. The goals of the pro-life movement are well-published.


Yes. Mothers who murder their child should go to jail. All sin has temporal consequences. If I solicit someone to murder someone else on my behalf, we can both go to jail. Of course there is legal precedence for this.


Jailing women who request illegal abortions might be necessary in our times, although getting it passed as a law would take a miracle. I agree with those above-justice demands it, and it is better for those women to be punished temporarily on earth rather than permanently in hell.
Prudence demands that women are treated on a case by case basis. There's a difference between a fourteen year old girl abused by her parents and a repeat customer who is on her third abortion. That doesn't mean the first is justified, rather, the circumstances require a different approach to justice.
Drunk drivers are treated very harshly by our laws, on the basis that they MIGHT kill somebody through their actions. Those repeat offenders who DO kill through repeated actions should be punished more severely.


The abortive woman is most often in a state of denial. The doctor knows what he/she is doing. And we know what is happening. I can see a case-by-case ruling, but when it comes to a general consequence, all I can see is that, for the most part, those of us who KNOW that the unborn child is indeed a human person are guiltier for having allowed the slaughter of 48 million than are the individual mothers. In which case, it is utterly ridiculous to criticize the "heckler" at the Steubenville rally.

Warren Anderson

Matthew 5:11; Luke 6:22. Bill Clinton's actions show that he is no moral exemplar. Furthermore, his "how-dare-you-challenge-me" attitude and lack of repentance for past public bad acts (pro-abortion legislation, lying under oath, standing idly-by during the Rwandan genocide of 1994) proves that he is not in a position to be lecturing people on what is right and wrong. Only filth, guile and death can come from a heart that is exclusively "me-centered" and ignores God's Law. By contrast, the pro-life students are blessed for their faithfulness. "Blessed are you when people insult you... because of me." - says the Lord Jesus.


Read about Margaret Sanger; the founder of the multi-billion dollar Planned Parenthood. Bill and Hilliary are followers of this "MAD" woman.


Sorry, let's try it again..

Atlanta Catholic


Isn't is unbelievable how people of color support Margaret Sanger's desire to rid them off of the face of the planet? Not only is ignorance bliss, in their case it is elimination of their own race by consent.


Christ doesn't want our sacrifices, he wants our mercy. Please pray for women who have had abortions. They are already living their hell on earth. Abortion hurts women and until we are willing to show them compassion and mercy, we will not stop them from aborting their way out of what seems at the time to be a no-win situation. Peace.



I know you're not unaffected or apathetic to the unborns themselves, but you failed to mention them in your post. They are the innocent victims...the moms are the perpetrators. No one in America gets an abortion against their will. My compassion goes first to the babies...then to the repentant mothers...finally, my prayers go to the unrepentant mothers who feel nothing for what they've done.

How did we get in this predicament: we have all compassion for those doing wrong but little for the victims? We've got it backwards.

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