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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


T. Shaw


When I was a child, my widowed Grandmother (RIP) worked in midtown NYC. We lived near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. On one occassion, Grandmother took my Mother (RIP) and my three brothers and I to an evening showing of (I think) 'Snow White' at Radio City. Afterwards, we made a visit to St. Patrick's Cathedral.

My youngest brother, John, being very young and active, got away and was running among the pews. My mother had to call for him to stop, "John!" At that moment, Bishop Sheen, also in the Cathedral, came to the two women and the children and introduced himself. He was not angry. Bishop Sheen told my Mother and Grandmother that his own Mother called him John, and he blessed us all. You can imagine how much that meant to my Mother and Grandmother.

Many years later, I was working in an office building at Park Ave. and 51st Street. It was at the time Bishop Sheen went to his reward. I was able to pray at his coffin two days while he lay in state in St. Patrick's.

Your post, as always, is an outstanding presentation. Sadly, too few listen to the truth.

american aquarium drinker

Thanks for the great post. So true. I love Archbishop Sheen. The man was not only holy, but a genius too. He will be canonized some day. The most amazing thing is that many of his talks are even more timely today than they were when he originally gave them. You can hear him daily on Relevant Radio, a Catholic radio station out of Green Bay, WI.

listen online here:


hi, can you please check all the biblical quotations again?

e.g. there is no Psalm 118:120...


The quote cited came from St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica:

Summa Theologica; First Part of the Second Part; Question 68; Article 4. Whether the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost are suitably enumerated?

Here is the text source: Psalm 118:120



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