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Tuesday, February 05, 2008



Well... I could say or write a lot of things... But I believe that perhaps the anti-McCain voters have burned their personal bridges completely and thoroughly.

Just do not ask the rest of us to go meet you when you desire to establish a "common front" against President Clinton (or Obama), the Democratic Congress, and the Liberal Judiciary.

T. Shaw

That's right, Oy. For its sins, the GOP may wander 40 years in the desert.

This election will prove the maxim that a liberal repub cannot win an election against a liberal dem. Bob Dole was a million times better: a lot of good his war hero status did him, despite the fact that WE WON THAT WAR.

The GOP has treated pro-lifers and fiscal conservatives same same as the Dems treated blacks. A lot of talk at election time and nothing accomplished.

Re: McC: there were at least 170 other POW's at Hanoi. I believe any one would be a better candidate. I was in that war, too. Vote for me! ER, WE LOST THAT WAR.

McC turned his back on conservatives and the GOP when he pushed campaign finance law (penance for the Keating Five?? - Begala/Carville will teach you-all about that in the general election campaign); voted against 'tax cuts for the rich' - his stated reason - he made up a new reason now for you; voted against energy independence; amnesty for illegals (I'll vote for him if he promises amnesty for all tax evaders!); totally dishonest (they all are - scratch that!); social security credit for illegal invaders; jury trials for terrorists; end foreign wire taps; end torture; ergo prefers more terror attacks on US soil so he can start another war somewhere; stem-cell research on human embryos; crackpot global warming legislation; opposed marriage amendment; lied and slandered Swift Boat veterans; his surge called for 400,000 troops deployed in Iraq until the Second Coming - I thought that was actually anti-war because it's impossible; ETC.

And, every word in his TV commercial (I've been seeing) is demonstrably false.

I do not need you moderates for anything. I am acting to survive the coming socialist onslaught.


I can't stand McCain, but I think his one good idea is stopping torture. Is anybody really naive enough to think that the torture will only happen to evil terrorists and not to innocent people, as well as set a precedent that torture is once again ok?
Gimme a break.

T. Shaw

"Dulce bellum inexpertis" - apologies to Erasmus.

Jeffrey, I think you are exaggerating, distorting and mythologizing your "torture narrative."

Do you believe that, let's say 3,000 mass murdered civilians as on 9/11, would be 'small cost' to preserve our sanctimoniousness?

I do not judge the brave men that daily fight and die to keep me safe, I pray for them.


Again, the degree of invective, seen at this site by Thomistic and other conservative writers/commentators elsewhere, is going to be a significant problem to overcome in November. How in the world do you call one candidate a proud baby killer one day and support him 7-9 days later? That's crazy, and tells us something really strange is happening here.

And the amazing thing is that these people will help push Hilary Obama to the presidency, and they'll take NO responsibility for it. Maybe that's what they want, since perhaps they really prefer purity to results: grandiose sanctimony on parade. We're in a complicated, grown-up world, where--as the Stones say--we don't always get what we want. Many of you have actually sounded like Ron Paul you know how they feel.

If Dobson sits out this election and McCain wins anyway, then it weakens his hand in the future. Why would anyone care about his endorsement or opinion in the future? It's not only unwise, it is just bad strategy. Better to be quiet and thought irrelevant than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Bad, bad strategy, Mr. Dobson.

I really never understood why on Earth Romney was considered the one true conservative. Amazing: RomneyCare, tax raises, pro-abortion campaigning and contributions, liberal judges (I'll bet), and the ridiculous, hilarious pandering about gun ownership and hunting. Now, if he said it was "wabbit season", then I might have believed him. Why were Rush, Ann, Ingraham, and Hannity so willing to forgive Romney's troubling past and so unwilling to forgive McCain's? Can you say double standard? One things for certain: something about McCain rubs people in a very wrong way, and he definitely does not help himself there--he exacerbates it. There's going to have to be another word coined: McCain Derangement Syndrome.



I'm growing weary of your complaints and insults.

I made it very, very clear that my support for Romney was reluctant. I never claimed he was the "one, conservative candidate". Nobody has. Not even Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. Rush hasn't even endorsed anyone. Ann endorsed Mitt, but admitted in her endorsement that he has flaws and also admitted that she had criticized him prior to endorsing him.

It required all the compromising I could muster to support him and vote for him, and I bent as far as I could. The only reason I went with Romney was because he was all that was left for me in terms of candidates who were at least saying the right things.

I don't know nearly as much about Romney as McCain in terms of negatives (though I do know some, and did a fair job of citing his serious flaws).

I will never vote for any of the Democrats, but I won't vote for John McCain and I'm not interested in listening to the arguments of the minority of Republicans who have thrust him on the rest of us and are now insisting that the rest of us have to get in line and support him.

I don't trust John McCain to be anything other than what he's shown himself to be for the past 10 or 15 years.

I don't trust Sam Brownback's endorsement of McCain and assurance that he won't lift the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. I am very disappointed in Brownback. I've been told Brownback supports abortion when the mother's health is at risk, just this morning. I will have to look into that. I did read how he talked about what a fine man John McCain is and how wonderful he and his wife Cindy (with whom McCain had a affair and for whom McCain left his first wife and three kids) are for adopting a child from Mother Teresa.


I'm tired of listening to you berate and mock people, particularly me, for having standards and principles and accusing them of being inflexible purists, despite the fact that I've already shown all the flexibility I can by voting for a Mormon who was, in fact, a proud advocate of baby-killing for decades, but who now says he's changed his views on abortion because of his realization that embryonic stem cell research is further evidence that all human life has been cheapened by legal, elective abortion. Which is more than McCain says.

I went with Romney because Huckabee, the Christian socialist, whose pro-life and pro-traditional family views were the only things I found to be admirable about him, but was willing to compromise for because those issues are non-negotiable for Catholics, was clearly not going to have a serious chance at the nomination.

Given what McCain says about homosexual unions and firmly maintaining his support for embryonic stem cell research, as well as McCain's propensity for siding with the Democrats, even on the issue of Supreme Court justices as evidenced by his voting to approve the appointments of Stephen Breyer & Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and his Gang of 14 stunt, I felt McCain was not a safe option and that my Catholic faith required that I go with the safer and still presumably electable candidate, which was Romney by default.

Jimbo, you're a bit of a know-it-all. It's fine that you have strong opinions. So do I, but you condemn in others behaviors you, yourself, exhibit.

As for willingness to "forgive" Romney, you clearly haven't noticed that Romney apologized and amended his position. Romney has flat out said he was wrong on some issues.

McCain has not only refused to change or apologize, he's continued to lie about and/or defend his positions and said during the campaign that he is going to take positions which hurt conservatism and the pro-life movement. Given that and McCain's history of insulting conservatives and religious people as extremists (much like you have, come to think of it), thumbing his nose at the GOP, and siding with liberal Democrats on issues which are defining differences between liberals and conservatives, it's more than understandable that people who actually believe conservatism means more than having an "R" after your name and recognize that liberalism in the Democratic party is moving the nation toward socialism and the culture of death, which includes supporting homosexual unions.

John McCain has said overturning Roe vs. Wade would hurt women. He may have changed his tune there, but continues to support embryonic stem cell research. He's waffling and clearly ambivalent about support for homosexual unions.

I don't see McCain as a Catholic option so long as there is a more pro-life candidate, and I don't see a moral obligation to vote for someone with his views just because his opponent is worse.

My hope is that something will change with McCain so I can vote for him as the nominee, but if he doesn't change, I can't support him.

I'm not morally obligated to support someone who will likely damage the pro-life cause and the pro-traditional family cause.

Do you really think a man with his marital history can defend traditional marriage against those who want homosexual unions?

The one thing Romney always had going for him was that he's had the same wife throughout his married life.

I'm sorry that you find steadfast fidelity to one's principles so offensive, Jimbo, and I'm sorry you don't like blunt honesty about the flaws of men who may damage people's deeply held convictions, but for someone who claims to be so sensitive, you seem to be able to dish out invective with the best of us.




I voted for Allen Keyes yesterday, in exactly the same manner as I voted for him (and sent him a "huge" campaign contribution) during the Republican Primaries back when George W. Bush was first being pushed as our "Republican" "Conservative" nominee.

Back then I ended up voting FOR the nominee (Bush twice) because he was of course better than Gore and Kerry, and I had no reason to believe he would violate his Oath of Office regarding enforcement of our EXISTING laws regarding illegal aliens.

But I believe that my vote for Allen Keyes then (and now) was a worthy decision, because I think Allen Keyes persisted in injecting the PRO-LIFE issue into the Republican debate in the first Bush election (primary season), when without Mr. Keyes, I think G.W. Bush would have even let go of that issue.

Now, there is still a chance to defeat McCain (my State's primary is over, but hopefully others can kill McCain off).

If not, at least Allen Keyes will get ahold of the stage (probably at 2:00AM) at the Republican Convention and he can speak to the Party for the actual Conservative philosophy, which really begins and ends with the SANCTITY of innocent human life, WITHOUT ANY exceptions (i.e. NOT what Bush or Huckabee or any PHONY Protestant "Pro-Lifer" spews out as some sort of real commitment, when it is just a bunch of phony words that you can walk right around and claim you are "saving the life of the mother" - which is NEVER the actual fact).

If McCain becomes the Republican nominee, I'll NOT vote for him, in just the same manner that I did NOT vote for ANY Republican candidate in the 2006 election, and as I will not vote for any Republican again. The Party has become Democrat-Socialist-Feminist-Atheist-Communist-lite and unworthy of my support AT ALL.

Also we can pray for understanding of God's Will in all of this. The very slim consolation that provides me just shows how pathetically weak my life long Roman Catholic Faith actually is.

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