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Monday, February 11, 2008


Mona Alona


Don't kid yourselves, these vulgar sodomite activities were going on under LEVADA's watch and he was promoted to lead a Congregation in the Vatican. LEVADA's good buddy George filled his old spot. Nothing will happen as a result of this video, it will be business as usual in the Diocese of SF.

Thanks for posting the video Thomistic. It's sad that no other blogs except one other has posted it.

Dan Hunter

The Church teaches that one of the sins crying to Heaven for vengeance is the Sin of Sodom.
The Holy Father MUST respond to this horrible video and remove Bishop Niederauer or else the Gates of Hell have prevailed in Saint Francis City.
Ktrie Eleison




Yikes! But the homosexual lifestyle is just as normal a choice as a heterosexual they keep trying to convince us.

My heart goes to the adopted boy being led around by his "fathers". Did you see his face? I have to believe obvious child abuse was on display, and no one did anything. Where are the police? They won't let children into R-rated movies, but this is ok? Aren't fathers supposed to protect their children from this kind of damage?

Wow. Nice job destroying your city, San Francisco.

Mona Alona

Did anyone happen to notice the San Francisco Police Department's Recruiting Booth at The FOLSOM STREET FAIR? Unbelieveable, Every year the SFPD tries to recruit perverted sodomites the same degenerates they should be arresting for public nudity and lude and lascivious acts.

I wonder how many of these perverts have been recruited into the police force? Can you imagine if a police officer who was recruited at the Folsom Street Fair was called out to investigate a sex crime, how would you know the officer wasn't being aroused. Sick, sick, sick.

A. J. West


Your review of the Homosexual perversion and all the aspects of the homosexual agenda is one of the most comprehensive and well stated articles on the subject of homosexuality from a Roman Catholic perspective I have ever read. Thank you. I would like to post this as an article on the Saint Joseph's Men website:
Please contact me ASAP so that I may do so.


This is the beauty of blogging. We get news and info here that we'd never get anywhere else. This is Thomistic at his finest.


...and that altar server in the video has a lot of questions to answer. I wonder if the bishop cares to "know" about him and his dual life? Apparently, people are a bit too comfortable being "ignorant" about certain things up there (debauchery bingo, altar servers, faux nuns, etc.).

They probably don't ask any questions because they don't want to be accountable for any of the answers--easier and less messy to just let sleeping dogs lie. Classic signs of a decadent, imploding bureaucracy and culture.

Can you imagine the irrate social condemnation if a costumed Martin Luther King or Muhammed was performing a cage-stiptease dance like the one in the video in front of a traditionally all-black college like Grambling or in front of a Mosque?

But these horrific antics are not only tolerated, but blessed with holy water by the authorities there! I can say this: if this is the Catholic response, then there will be more mosques. People will seek organizational-social resistance to this kind of degeneracy, and if the Church won't provide it, then they'll seek other sources of resistance.

Midwest St. Michael

Thomistic, you say:

"Catholic bishops, like retired Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, have engaged in homosexual activism. Bishops Kenneth Utener (Saginaw, Michigan), Walter Sullivan (Richmond, Virginia), Joseph Imesch (Springfield, Illinois), Matthew Clark (Rochester, New York), Howard Hubbard (Albany, New York), and John Cummins (Oakland, California), have all promoted and enabled the homosexual agenda."

Imesch was bishop of the Joliet (Il.) diocese - but, according to Paul Likoudis' "AmChurch Comes Out," did as you say the above mentioned bishops did.

Daniel Ryan - former bishop of Springfield - was exposed and drummed out of his office for - ahem! - having an appetite for male teens. (See Roman Catholic Faithful for all the sad details) Bp. Ryan was a former chancellor and auxiliary bishop under Imesch.


yawn... only a 6 month old news story.

Atlanta Catholic

yawn...apathetic attitudes spawn apathy.


Thank you for the reminder that people who yawn at evil are legion. Recently, the same parish advertised the hosting of a gay bridge club. This took place after the scandal by Bishop Niederhauer. The Bishop cannot say that this is old news. This ongoing scandal needs to be exposed.


This is a tremendously "inclusive" compilation of most of the atrocities that are on film and have occurred in the San Francisco diocese for years.

Linked here are many more of the random puzzle pieces that have been found and reported on by Thomistic every few months.

We still don't know what the "big picture" looks like - but we're connecting a lot more "dots" thanks to Thomistic.

Thomistic: God bless you for your time and effort in exposing the "continuing saga" of the anti-Catholic agenda in the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Eric - what are you doing to defend the One True Church?

Midwest St. Michael


"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke

Eric, Thomistic is getting a GREAT DEAL of info out there to defend the Truth - you are doing - what exactly?


"Eric" posted the following comment: "yawn... only a 6 month old news story."

"Eric" gave this as his e-mail address: [email protected]

Do you think St. Dominic Savio, whose motto was "death rather than sin", would have an e-mail address like that?

Maybe "Eric" sympathizes with the leather bar altar server in the movie, or maybe he knows him, or maybe he is him.

Whatever the case, I think "Eric" is counting on apathy and wants to encourage it.




thank you, Thomistic, for this great service--i've disagreed with you in the past (usually about matters political), but on matters of the Faith you are, as usual, spot-on. you alone are posting about the kind of 'filth' that the Holy Father spoke of as being in the Church; because of the video by 'StJosephsMen', my wife and i have nearly doubled (!!) our lenten penances and prayers: if ever i feel 'burned out', i think of this video. God bless you and keep you--and the men from 'StJosephs'!

(no lie: the images of the 'toys' used in the video nearly threw me on my knees clutching my rosary, and i confess that i don't scare easily...)


I am not even certain where a bishop could even begin there... I suspect a good portion of the clergy are already fairly "comprimised" and in bed (no quotes needed) with the gay community... Short of dumping half the clergy bringing in new clergy from far away... Actually, that soulds pretty wise to me!

In the mean time the faithful remnant should be exhorted to get out their rosaries and do their part to pray for the conversion of the city.

It is going to be a long uphill battle. Homosexuals have been re-invented as the loveable gays of "Queer Eye" who will make your life fabulous or the sanitized made for prime time "Will & Grace"... If this were the side more frequently shown, things would be very, very different.

Thomistic I admire you for putting this out there when so few will. I had tossed around the idea of embedding this on our group blog... Honestly the stuff in the last 5 minutes of this video I just can't put up there. The asses of naked men engaged in S&M is just not something I can contaminate my site with...


The graphic depiction of perversion shocks the conscience. What kind of scoiety would tolerate such evil?

We wait for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


I love how you all are willing to cast stones at the gay community for the same sins as the straight community, but for some reason you feel compelled to blame the ills of the world on gays and make little mention of the sins of straight people. Straight people, and many straight catholics, have done more to break the traditional view of family and marriage than any group of gay people could. It is far more easy to fight against an already marginalized group than to actually fight the real cause of the breakdown of the family.

You all are a bunch of hypocritical Catholics...and not to mention



you're on the losing end of this battle, as the arc of history will eventually show. repent: He is at the door, His winnowing staff in hand...


Ummmmm ok. He may be at the door, but when he opens the door I will be ready.

I'm just saying that I think it strange that we rarely, if ever, hear these types of Catholics really go after straight people who degrade the sanctity of marriage with the same furor as they do for gay people. It is hypocrisy to condemn a group of people for breaking down the sanctity of marriage without even mentioning who broke it in the first place and who continues to weaken the family structure. It is convenient to blame the people who actually have nothing to do with marriage for this, but I am always floored by the ignorance who do.

You want to argue that homosexuality is a sin, fine, argue the point. Quote the scripture, point out what God believes and teaches. However, you want to discuss the impact of homosexual unions on marriage without addressing the impact of straight marriage on marriage, I most certainly say your hypocrisy is overwhelming.

And quite frankly I would welcome an intelligent response to that other than someone telling me to repent. And also, I am on the losing side of this battle? Really to ask people to examine the impact of both gay and straight people on the sanctity of marriage is on the wrong side? To ask that responsibility of the current state of marriage be placed in the hands of those who are joined in the eyes of God is me being on the wrong side? Marriage is a wonderful thing and gay people have not desicrated it since God does not recognize it, it is the straight people who have made a promise to God then broke it who are responsible. How are those beliefs on the losing side of the battle?


I hear what you're saying V.

However, we're really not talking about marriage right now, are we? We're talking about the bishop and Church failing to respond appropriately to such disgraces; so I'm not entirely sure why you brought up the marriage issue. You are, if I may say so, changing the subject. People usually change the subject of a conversation when, one, they have nothing meaningful to add to it, or, two, they are trying to dictate the terms of a new conversation--one, presumably, more favorable to their views. You're not doing this, are you?

What we're talking about, and the video demonstrates, is very simple--one which is intelligle and succinct (something you say you wanted): the Bishop's and Church's failure to properly respond to gay outrages in the Frisco area--outrages clearly aimed at alienating and ostracizing the church and Christians there. A disgraceful person dressed up as Jesus doing a cage striptease dance should NOT be addressed within a "broader" discussion of heterosexual marriage. It should be categorically condemned by Catholics and all decent, honorable people. I would hope you'd join in on that. You do, don't you, V?

We're also saying that this refusal to confront this crap did not happen by chance. Why in the world would the church up there remain so silent to "Cage-Jesus" when the whole community would be up in arms if a mock burning of a homosexual male occurred in front of the church. I'd condemn that; wouldn't you, V?

As to the Altar Server, Priest, and Mock Nuns we've pointed out, I think you'd agree that they need to make a decision about their greater loyalties. I, for example, can't run for Grand Dragon of the local chapter of the KKK AND remain happily married to my black wife and keep my board membership of the local NAACP office. I would be deemed a hypocrit and liar; that wouldn't be good for me, would it? In the same way, he can't be an altar server and be a bonafide herald-organizer of gay lifestyle and debauchery. You do agree that what he was pictured doing is not appropriate from a Catholic worldview, don't you?

So, if, as you say, you want an intelligent conversation here, you may want to start with making a point that addresses what we're actually talking about.

Mona Alona


I can't speak for anyone on this blog except for myself. You are right, straight people are partly to blame for degrading the sanctity of marriage but sinful straight people haven't organized themselves in militant advocacy groups trying to convince everyone (including children)how wonderful and normal divorce, adultery or any other sin against marriage is like the homosexuals are doing. I believe many if not most of the problems in the church stem from large numbers of homosexual clergy covering up for another, black mailing and making sure fellow homosexuals move up the ranks.

I think homosexual groups and their slow but steady brain washing of America through the media, our public schools, etc has numbed, and brainwashed people into thinking the lifestyle is just another lifestyle that should be accepted. It's because of this brainwashing and forcing everyone to accept the perverted lifestyle which has silenced everyone, even when we see something as evil and perverted as the activities taking place at the Folsom Street Fair. Americans are numb to perversion especially on the West and East Coast, in the Metropolitan cities.


The brainwashing job has been completed -
check out this CNN "news" story

absolutely Godless



you sounded too much like an apologist for the demonic activity going on in the video, so i mistook you for one. my mistake, apparently.

about marriage: your point--"It is convenient to blame the people who actually have NOTHING to do with marriage for [the breakdown of the same]" (emphasis given)--is a complete canard and a red herring to lure the discussion away from the point at hand, making you sound like a concern troll.* unless you can point out to us where straight couples have, in yearly street parades, engaged in public acts of fellatio, wanton nudity, etc., while getting off on S&M filth and peddling their vile and blasphemous 'toys', i don't think you really have a dog in this fight.



Firstly, the beginning of this blog post addressed the issue of gay marriage. So I was actually addressing the blog post directly but can understand how it could be perceived that I was changing the subject.

Yes, I see that we are talking about the Bishop and the church's inability to respond to these disgraces. However, I think it strange that, and this goes beyond the scope of this post, I rarely hear of the church really talking about all disgraces but are overly concerned with the disgraces of gay people. Yes this post is about the San Francisco area, but wanted to sort of branch out and talk about the church in America as a whole...again off topic a bit, but someting that still concerns me.

I was using the gay marriage issue to make a point about how often the church selectively singles out the gay community for disgraces that all orientations commit, and personally I think it important to really ask the question: what is the difference? I think there should be none, a disgrace is a disgrace and equally offensive to the church.

Now, yes I most certainly can give examples of straight people engaging in this kind of behavior in other similar festivals. Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Fantasy Fest in Key West are two such festivals that happen yearly where straight people are "engaged in public acts of fellatio, wanton nudity, etc., while getting off on S&M filth and peddling their vile and blasphemous 'toys'"

But how often on a national level do we hear about the church condemning this behavior, and when they do to do it with the same furor? I can say rarely at best. And considering no one mentioned these clearly shows that there is not a lot of publicity from the church on these types of events.

I completely agree that it is an oxymoron to have gay Catholic clergymen. And don't see how there is a place for gay and lesbians in the Catholic Church. That is something I personally do not believe should change either. I think the Church does need to remove these people from their positions and continue to speak out against the things in society that are an attack on the church.

Now, that said, I think it very important to also point out that the Church is out there attacking things that are outside it's realm of jurisdiction. Legal rights are one of those things. In this country there is a separation of church and state. The Church receives a lot of scorn because it is trying to force its beliefs on legal issues. This is not acceptable from any church.

Is it acceptable for an individual to have more religous rights than another...yes. Is it acceptable for an individual to have more legal right than another in America...absolutely not. And maybe I am reading this post incorrectly but it seems to me that members of the Catholic Church are looking not only to remove gay influence from the church but for society as well. That is very troubling to me...

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