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Wednesday, March 26, 2008



It was actually nice to see young people unaffected by Bill Clinton's bullying tactics ("Let me ask you!" comment). She repeated her question three times and demonstrated that he had no desire to set the record straight. And Bill stayed on the defensive.

I'm sure no democrats supported amendments against gay-lebian marriage when many of them got 70-80% support.

It's so good to see Bill finally getting his. And you're so right, it all smacks of political posturing and gaming--no core values to speak of...which is why he and she are losing now.


"Any thoughts?"
Yeah. They're successful politicians.

James M. Essig

Hi Folks;

I am a fully heterosexual middle aged adult male, however, I absolutely despise the insults, mockery, humiliation, and stigma that homosexual folks endure day in and day out. Face it, their sexual orientation is no more their choice than my admiration of the beautiful female figure and personality is my choice.

As a Catholic, I am mindful that sacred scripture states that active homosexual behavior is wrong, but so also is heterosexual fornication, adultery, passionate necking and petting out side of marraige, artificial contraception, and the sin of masturbation, oral sex and the like. We as professional Catholics, and I have seen it happen time and time again, often allow homosexual persons to be very wrongly derided as queers, homos, and other cruel labels with callous disregard.

Another sad reality is the insults that the mentally ill face from just about every social economic class and even by members of the Roman Catholic Priesthood. Mental illness is far, far too often viewed as a sign of a previous personally sinful lifestyle, demonic posession or demonic obsession as well as the common buzz word demonic oppression.

Worse yet, I have known persons with well treated and controlled mental disorders that are functioning at a very high level who were turned away from the candidacy for the prisethood and religious life because of the current Vatican Rules regarding so called impedements to the Priesthood, Deaconate, and Religious life.

These persons with treated psychiatric disorders seem to be told that they should consider the married life presumably because of some perverted outmoded Fruedian spiritual existententialism that wants to view all of human psychic life in terms of sexuality.

I have personally worked with Catholic Folks with mental disorders who have had to deal with the humiliating comments made by mental health workers wherein, when upon bringing up their desire to remain single or celebate, they are derided as being not whole, not fully human, out of touch,etc. behind their backs. Well excuse me, is some mentally ill person who wants to make some good come of his or her life by desiring to live beyond the call of duty as a celebate person and who has stuggled in the past with very prolonged and dehumanizing psychotic eposodes that often make the suffering of those who have been the victims of allegded government hallucinagenic drug experiments seem like a walk in the park on a sunny day, also not fully human. I would have to say that these persons exibit more humanity in their life's cross than some pompous vocation directors who upon interveiw them, often seem to just want the mentally ill person go away. In short, they seem to really not even care.

Folks, modern brain science has essentially proven the no-fault physiological basis of major mental disorders. For existential, Fruedian, psychologicalist mental health care workers to demean these persons as not being sexually integrated or to say that they are ill because they do not except their sexuality when if fact the great majority of these persons do so, is both insulting and humiliating to the mental health services consumers who experience these insults.

Believe me, schizophrenia is not caused by past sinful behavior, guilt, or repressed sexuality and neither is bipolar disorder, clinical depression, OCD and the like. These disorders are caused by very major disruptions within the neural transmitter systems within their brains. In fact, for schizophrenia, the levels of the brain chemical dopamine can be much, much higher than that of those who chronically abuse dopamine enhancing drugs like methylamphetamine and yet many of these consumers work as scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. You just do not here about the millions of sucess stories because these consumers are well aware of the intolerable insults and stigma they would recieve if they braodcast their conditions. And this fear is not a result of some socalled excessive social sensitivity that these persons have as an alledged causative psychodynamic element inherent in their psychological makeup any more than say an African American would not want to deal with daily ennuendos and labeling with the n----- word.

My fear is that as the stigma toward the mentally ill continues, there are going to be many more cases of mentally ill persons going on shooting rampages like the one that occured at Virginia Tech and for which there were 32 shooting fatalities at the hands of an individual which a deeply disturbed and angry psyche, an individual who was probably furious and humiliated by the insults and ennuendos he most probably received by those who coldly and cruelly labeled him as looney.

Mental illness is a brain based reality. It is not a spiritual adjustment condition, it is not a moral state, and it is not a spiritual defect. However, when people with mental illnesses are abused, insulted, oppressed by stigma and the glass ceiling, then the hurt and sadness and humiliation can turn to anger, hate, and violence.

The history of the last two centuries is repleat with misfits who, I am sure were at some point in their youth subjected to harsh cold and cruel insults and who then have taken an exacting toll on society. Some of these are Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Saddaam Huesien.

We must reach out to those who we would naturally view as misfits and somehow below the worthyness of our attention, and prayers.

In a world still armed with tens of thousands of stategic nuclear weapons, wherein the average yields of these weapons is 50 to 100 times greater than the device detonated over Hiroshima, we must come to a deeper respect of all human life as being sacred before God and of fundamental moral equality before God in all instances. If we fail to do so, then the next concentration camps will probably not be operated by highly credentialed professionals, but rather by previously oppressed homosexuals, mentally ill persons, and others that have been denegrated by us professionals as low- lifes. When the hords of the millions who feel humiliated are denegrated by those who these poor misfits would normally look up to as role models, than very, very bad things can happen with unspeackable furiosity of anger. The message of Our Lady of Fatima is a message of hope. However, let us not fail to remind ourselves that the Miracle of the Sun somehow seems to warn us of the horrific intensity of the nuclear fireballs of the airbusts of multimegaton nuclear warheads, a source of heat so intense that the human body, even of those of us who feel previledged and some how above the oppressed masses, can be reduces to a fully ionized plasma with a temperature of many millions of degrees C in under the millionth part of a second.

The choice is ultimately ours. The survival of the human race depends not just on the prevention of abortion, but also on how we treat the homeless mentally ill woman or the prostitute who recieves the abortion. It depends on not just how well we send food aid to the starving in religious missions in Africa, but also on how we treat our institutionalized and incarcerated with dignity or lack thereof. It depend on not just how we attempt to promote political peaceful dialogue between the United States and the Middle East, but on how we treat the grunt working hispanic males who now build America's infrastructure as they walk past us into the convienience stores we frequent. If we die as a human race, it will not be by God's hand, but by our own self disrespect and the loss of the sense of the sacredness of all human life. Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could feel free to denegrate those among us who we feel lack; psychological prowess, purity, holiness, or some sort of holier than thou elevated state. The next time you see a homeless person begging for money, instead of telling them to get lost, get an f------ job, and the like, personal safety of course being a consideration, try giving this person a hug and tell them that if Jesus were walking the Earth today, He would do the same. When we experience the urge to utter an insult, try a little civility instead.



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