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Monday, March 31, 2008



"punished with a baby" this pretty much says it all doesn't it?

I suppose this means he can't be one of those people who claim that while they are personally opposed to abortion its not his place to tell others what to do witht heir body.

it sounds to me like he believes abortion is a good thing. heck, he would probably be the one to take his own child to the clinic to get his grandchild killed.

I pray to the Lord to grant me the desire to even pray for these people, because my first reaction is to hope they meet an untimely end with a truck while crossing the street.


I guess we can see that if babies are viewed as "punishment"--and punishments should be avoided at all costs--then this will eventually lead to the most horrendous evils. You can't view human life as "punishment" and have no consequences for it.

Democrats are laying the foundation for society valuing some life over others. How can such a life-hating organization flourish over the long haul?

Yeah, Democrats love people and humanity alright.


And, really, which reveals a sicker mind: to say that 9-11 was punishment for our sins (Pat Robertson) or to say that babies are a punishment to mothers?

Yet Pat Robertson, whom I don't support, can be universally mocked and condemned, and Barak can be elected President.



Babies AND V.D. both equated as punishments!! That's pretty vile for someone with the purported oratory skills of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

As the golden haze finally burns off Obama's image and candidacy, I think we'll be getting a much clearer picture of who he really is...and why he has so consistently prevented that picture from becoming public knowledge.

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