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Tuesday, March 25, 2008



How appalling. If anyone would like to see a preview of Hell, simply watch the video. Blasphemies go on unabated in those flames, just as went on in this charade in San Francisco.

Yes, pray for these lost souls that God touches their hearts. I'd write more, but I'm too sick to my stomach.


Absolutely nauseating! Unfortunately, this sort of thing is common in The Castro, and San Francisco's Archbishop George Niederauer knows it full well. So why would the archbishop give Holy Communion to one of these twisted sisters? Didn't the master (mistress?) of ceremonies look like one of the so-called nuns who presented himself for Communion in the video from Most Holy Redeemer?

Lisa T.

This website reportson the penetration of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco by homosexual activists.

Archbishop Niederauer should have excommunicated the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence months ago.

Mona Alona

Can this be legal? This is a public event at a public park. If the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were to mock the Islam or Judaism would they be able to get away with it would it be legal?

Niederauer needs to fight this but seeing how he hasn't lifted a finger to clean out the raw sewage in his one of his own churches (Most Holy Redeemer) Hunky Jesus 2009 will probably be a lot more Hell like.

Mona Alona

Dear Thomistic,

Thank you for posting this when many other Catholic blogs won't out of fear that they might scandalize the faithful. I say bring the scandal out into the open. Catholics need to wake up from their ignorance is bliss slumber and take some action.

PLEASE CALL THE BISHOP OF San Francisco and urge him to excomunicate the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and petition the city to stop this annual sacrilage.


Well, bacchanalia is alive and well...and all on clear public display at our tax-funded parks!! I suppose next year's "contest" will be allowed to be held in the local public library. Was the Church Hall where the bingo occurred not available?

What would possess anyone to put on, attend, or participate in something like this? Can you imagine the amount of outrage if a Hunky Martin Luther King Contest were held on MLK Day in a public park?

The level of public degradation should be condemned by all people of good will.

At least these people can't reproduce.

Mona Alona

Yes Jimbo but these people can adopt.

Jay W.

Is it wrong to look back with fondness on the days when freaks like these would never have even made it through the doors of the church in the first place? Days when the men of the church--and 60 years ago when I was a boy, REAL men still went to church--would have excused themselves from the pews, rolled up their sleeves and beaten these pathetic clowns until they ran off while their feet could still carry them?

Why does any bishop, priest, or lay person give these fools any importance whatsoever?! Get a pair, your excellency, and throw them out onto the street! Seriously, what in God's name has happened to the Church?!

Jay W.

I hope the link below works. Follow it to read excerpts from the book "Notre Dame Vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan". It shows just what can happen when real Catholic men stand up together to meet those who have named us their enemies and go toe-to-toe without fear. At least the Klan tried to substantiate some sort of political arguments to support their anti-Catholicism. Freaks like the SPI are just plain sick, and they enjoy being sick. Let's teach them a lesson the same way those Catholic students and faculty members taught the Klan a lesson in Indiana some 80 years ago! Let's make them think twice before they organize these "displays" in public parks or walk into our churches with their stupid costumes and face paint.,M1


Do you all realize when you say this wouldn't fly with Islam, it's considered an insult to make fun of any of the Prophets, and to them it includes Jesus. So yes they are attacking Muslims as well. However if your faith is as strong as you claim it is, why does this bother you? Why not do what your Lord told you and turn the other cheek?

Jay W.


If our faith is as strong as we claim it is, why does this bother us?! Are you kidding???

Well, I guess it bothers us BECAUSE of our faith, and it doesn't bother the sickos in the SPI BECAUSE they lack Christian faith. If you deeply love, respect, and honor your father, what would you do if one of your brothers started mocking his beliefs, his way of life, his very appearance, coming to family gatherings dressed as a clown to embarrass and provoke him? How about if he starts suggesting your dad enjoys gay sex at dinner? Would you just "turn the other cheek" sit next to him and pass the butter with a smile?

If you were a real son, and a real brother to him, you'd kick his immature little [email protected]* out the door and invite him to return when he had grown up. Enabling his stupidity, and allowing his abuse of your father and by extension the entire family that honors your father, would be a disservice to your brother.

In other words, you'd be doing your brother a favor by throwing him out into the night. Does that sound mean? Then Jesus was REALLY being mean when he warned about those who will be locked outside crying and gnashing their teeth.


Should we force people to beleive the same way we do?

Did that work in the inquision? does that work today in the middle east? are we not allowed to express things the way we want?


I suspect they do this to get a rise out of Christians. They don't do this to the Muslim religion because they fear an earthly death.

I suspect that the wrath they are bringing on themselves will be much worse than any Muslim could deliver. Eternal damnation is much worse than an earthly demise.

Jay W.

Eric- "Should we force people to beleive the same way we do?"

Jay- What exactly is your point with this question? Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ? Do you believe that He established one, catholic, and apostolic church on Earth, which he identifies with his very own body? Once you've accepted these truths, everything changes, and you can't go back. Your life has to change, otherwise you are like tree that yields no fruit--dead, dried up, and needing to be cut down and burned up in the fire.

So, if we want all people to love the Truth, which is Christ, then the answer to your question has to be YES!!!!!

Eric- "Did that work in the inquision? does that work today in the middle east? are we not allowed to express things the way we want?"

Jay- First, read a book or two about the Inquisition, then compare that to the expectations and responsibilities the Church--Jesus Christ himself--places on its people who are to be the vanguard of a New Evangelization.

As for the Middle East, I don't know if you're referring to U.S. foreign policy or the violence and persecution we've seen inflicted upon Catholic lay people and clergy in Islamic countries. I don't want to see the SPI killed. I want to see them put in their place, and I suspect it won't take much of a slap in the face to wake them up.

Are we supposed to tolerate blatant public depravity? That's not freedom. True freedom means you are free to live in the light of truth, not in the darkness of lies.

Mona Alona

World Net Daily reported the story too.

Warren Anderson

God help us, God forgive us. If we had been more involved in sanctifying the world instead of being conformed to the world, we might have prevented the plague of blasphemous behavior. The Church needs to purge itself of the "pink mafia" that tolerates sin and does nothing to resist the gay agenda. Good people, young people, have been preyed on too long by gay pedophiles in the priesthood. We can be sure that God will sift the wheat from the tares. But, let us not be caught avoiding our responsibility to protect the innocent, seek justice and remain steadfast in faithfulness to the Lord Jesus and His Church. Will the Lord find faith when he returns? May He return soon.



You're so tolerant and sophisticated and saintly. Do you think Christians during slavery should have turned their cheek to the abusive institution of slavery? Your social and religious sensibilities don't agree with that, do they? Should blacks and sympathetic whites have turned the other cheek to Jim Crow laws? Blasphemy of Jesus is infinitely worse than either Jim Crow or slavery, though you may not think so.

Lots of condemnation for the people angered, and no anger mentioned for those doing the outrageousness that brings about the anger. Why is that, Eric? I guess "freedom of speech" should never, ever have any consequences for those doing the speaking!

Mona Alona

Here is a whole gallery of professional photos depicting what went on at the Hunky Jesus


Warren: I agree, but WHAT do we do? I've begged cardinals (including Arinze) to their faces to PLEASE help us. I get speeches about how the Church moves slowly.

WHAT can we do?


Warren: I agree, but WHAT do we do? I've begged cardinals (including Arinze) to their faces to PLEASE help us. I get speeches about how the Church moves slowly.

WHAT can we do?

Atlanta Catholic


Pray and persevere in faith and trust. Be a light in the darkness!


That is the most obscene thing I've ever seen. And as a kid, I saw way too much. I couldn't get beyond 2 mins of the footage and even that was because the video wouldn't respond to my "stop" right away.
I can't believe that a priest or bishop could know this level of detail and not show up and RAGE against this contest. Do you think that they've SEEN and HEARD what exactly is going on here? This video defines "abomination" as clearly as it can be defined.
Lord, have mercy!!Never has humanity merited it less!!
"If anyone would like to see a preview of Hell, simply watch the video."
I think that is Hell, Anthony. You're right.

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