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Monday, March 17, 2008



This so called pastor is a racist American hater. My wife is Black but, she calls herself an Roman Catholic first and an American second. She is proud to be an American and We should not use words like black ,white or hispanic american. We are American Like we are Roman Catholic not Black Catholic or Irish American.

Sweating Through Fog

Fulton J. Sheen he isn't.


On interviews, Barack's been on damage control watch...and his answers are a little non-committal and guarded when pressed...seems to be reaching for the words...his advisors are also failing him which is an indication of his judgement to surround himself (like the Pastor) with good people...wake up America...not all "Change" is good...also, his wife's comments of "...for the first time in my life, I'm proud to be an American"... (when people supported her husband thru winning primaries)...their is a significant divide between black and white America...some of it due to legitimate racism; from both sides, white and black...the chasm is deep.

But, that aside, there HAVE to be ways in this electronic age that over the past 20 years it can be validated Obama and family WERE indeed in the congregation for some of these hatefuldevidive sermons.

Atlanta Catholic

We know who Obama is. Obama is a man who is so lost that he passed legislation to kill babies who miraculously survived abortion attempts.

Watching the throngs of supporters who are entranced in the "change" of Obamaism should terrify anyone with a functioning conscience or scintilla of intellect.

People need to realize that the changes that Obama embraces, will one day turn on them if it is deemed politically beneficial.

The only "change" that Obama needs is similar to the needs of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. "If he only had a heart"!Promoting bills that finish off the killing of babies, that didn't work the first time means that Obama has no heart!

A President with no conscience and no heart is a very dangerous prospect for any country.

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