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Monday, March 10, 2008


Atlanta Catholic


Archbishop George Niederauer had the opportunity to speak out when he visited Most Holy Redeemer a few months ago. Instead, he chose to ignore the depravity that has been taking place in the church basement for years. He even chose to give Holy Communion to pornography pushing drag queens. How does Archbishop Niederauer get selected for this?

Archbishop Niederauer ignores the fact that David Differding, is leading the parade in depravity contests, while he serves with the Archbishop at Mass. Now the Archbishop is giving a talk on the evils of pornography at St. John's Seminary. Unbelievable!!!! This Archbishop is assaulting every Catholic's common sense.

Archbishop Niederauer, how can you pretend to care about this issue when you have done nothing to stop it in your own backyard?

I wonder if St. John's Seminary is going to ask Bill Clinton to come and give a talk on "Assaulting the Dignity of Women through Adultery"? Maybe the seminary should ask Ted Bundy's mother to come and give a talk on raising good young men. Asking Archbishop Niederaurer to speak about pornography, does not look good!


Archbishop Niederauer is a phony, pure and simple. His gay-friendly attitudes toward a community that in San Francisco holds and participates in the Folsom Street Parade make this so. How can he speak against pornography and keep a straight face? I hope there are some seminarians at the talk who ask some tough questions, but this is probably just wishful thinking. St. John's in Camarillo has been the breeding ground for so much of the shameful scandal and malfeasance.

Niederauer speaking about the evils of pornography?! What a hoot! Once again, you just can't make up more unbelievable stuff!


It's open to the public

The symposium begins at 7 p.m. at the seminary, 5012 Seminary Rd., Camarillo, and will include a question and answer session after Archbishop Niederauer's presentation. The symposium is free and open to the public. Seating is limited; for information, call (805) 482-2755.


My working hypothesis holds that heterosexual men will not associate with homosexual males, uncoerced, on a continuing basis. My admittedly small sample size (a finite time period on this earth and association with probably fewer than 100,000 people) of data indicates there is in fact nowhere an example of a heterosexual man associating willingly with a homosexual male or males.

I've not met Bishop Niederauer, perhaps someone attending the upcoming lecture can provide additional data regarding this "gay friendly" Churchman.

Based on my Theory (which I have named for convenience, The Correct Theory) the pope should immediately dismiss all homosexuals from Roman Catholic clergy and all other positions of administrative or leadership or representational authority in the Church, and thus rid the Church of the continuing source of anti-man, anti-family, anti-child, anti-Catholic, Homosexual-Feminist-Materialistic-Atheist corruption.


Lisa. The real problem is not that heterosexual males won’t associate with homosexuals; the real problem is how can you have a continuing relationship with them when they want you to embrace their lifestyle?

I can’t in good conscious tell them its wonderful that they have a boyfriend and this is what they want. They want to sit and share their lifestyle with me and have me nod in approval that its okay for them to perpetuate their lifestyle when its not. Eventually both sides drift apart, because the homosexuals don’t feel comfortable around people that don’t embrace their lifestyle. I’ve known wonderful homosexual men; they’ve been kind, generous, and loving, but I won’t agree that their lifestyle is “okay”, so we just part ways. The don’t take kindly to love the sinner not the sin.


D'Arcy -

The Correct Theory postulates that MEN will not associate with homosexual males.

Everyone with eyes in their head knows that women absolutely fawn over and gush and coo and admire homosexuals (pretty-boy priests especially) and the absolutely mindless anti-MAN philosophy which attacks the paternalistic natural human family and by extension the "dogmatic" (i.e. constant teachings) traditional pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic Church.

Women brainlessly embrace the homosexual males as "super-girls" who tell them what to "think" in fashions and other absolutely critical-essential aspects of life (as well as the unimportant stuff like having an abortion to spite that brut husband, etc.).


Two big fiascos today: this story and Notre Dame's decision to give the go-ahead for the Vagina Monologues to come on campus.

One step forward, two steps back.


Someone posted this weblink on California Catholic Daily.

More homosexual stuff in the Diocese of San Francisco


thanks for blog God Bless You


Excomunicate The SPIs and defrock the archbishop


Excomunicate The SPIs and defrock the archbishop


From the San Fran Catholic website

"Most Holy Redeemer parish has been "inclusive and welcoming" to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community for over 25 years. It is now the only Catholic parish in history that has photographs of parish hall events posted on a website that requires an obscenity disclaimer."

Mona Alona

Is the Archbishop totally oblivious to what is happening in his own pasture? The manure is piled so high in his own diocese with the bulk of the stink at Most Holy Redeemer parish that I'm surprised he has the nerve to be preaching about the evils of pornography to a bunch of seminarians.

Most Holy Redeemer needs to be shut down, plain and simple. Even with the most orthodox pastor MHR would still have all the openly, active gay ministry and council heads running the show

If there are truly faithful Catholics with SSA orientation at MHR they will find another church to attend if MHR closes down.


This says much more about the "leadership" of St. John's than it does about Archbishop Niederauer.

They're the ones who should be called.

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