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Thursday, April 17, 2008



If only kissing the papal ring actually symbolized submission to the authority of Peter. I think their remark that they are being criticized for a matter "that is essentially one of personal morality" is telling--no discussion of how one's personal morality should be shaped and guided by the Church, and how in any difference of opinion, one must seek to understand the Church's teaching and conform oneself to it. Really,'s not "every Catholic for himself" here. ::Ahem:: that's what makes us Catholic.

Perhaps denying people communion would be the first step toward making them take stock of their position. Or perhaps not. It seems that they are not truly aware of what the Eucharist is, and of what receiving Him means while in a state of grave sin.

Maybe discouraging similarly-minded people from entering politics wouldn't be a bad thing...

Bill Meyer

Politicians generally respond to word from their constituents. It would be an excellent idea for Catholic constituents of the 48 legislators involved to send them letters and e-mails, protesting their flaunting of papal authority.

These pols may have no shame, but even a modest deluge of faxes, calls, and e-mails can have a big impact.


About 35% Democrats are pro-life. I would assume about the same number of Republicans are pro-choice. It seems like whether your one or the other isn't a matter of party affiliation.


I was fortunate enough to be present at the Papal Mass in Washington D.C. and my seminary's seats were right next to the politicians (above the dugout where the Holy Father emerged). I watched Sen. Chris Dodd (pro-abort) walk up the steps to receive communion (although I cannot confirm that he did receive). Pray for the souls of these "Catholic" politicians that imperil their souls by bringing public scandal to the Church and to the Eucharist.

Bill Meyer

According to published reports, both Pelosi and Kerry took communion. I suspect that the priests serving were cautioned not to make an issue of it. But oh, I wish they had. It would indeed have received coverage, even on the liberal media, albeit with a different slant.


My thoughts are basic. Like little, immature children, these politicians think they can do whatever they want with no consequences coming upon them. They are their own authority.

They seem shocked and in disbelief that any discipline or authority could be exercised over them. And you know what, I can sort of understand it. If you're never really held accountable, you start to think that it's no big deal.

It will take collective-unified action from all the bishops to get anyone's attention. Then they'll either change or they should.

Bill Meyer


I agree they're like immature children, but at heart, I think they're just cafeteria Catholics. That means they're accustomed to convincing themselves they have the right to pick and choose the doctrines in which they will believe.


I can think of two more suitable titles than "cafeteria Catholic". How about "Protestant" and "Heretic".

Robin Conroy

Who are we to judge - I have found the pope's presence to be one of understanding. Instead of venting here - take time to pray for those you feel unfortunate and then for yourself for being so judgmental. It must be so hard for many of you to accept that this POPE is no longer "Ratzinger the enforcer" but instead a man of faith accepting his humanity and sharing his belief and calling - a pope I was skeptical of but have begun to appreciate. Take a breath - - breathe and praise God for the gift of Benedict!


Beware of those that speak too much. Bishops, don't make me laugh.


A "Catholic" that doesn't believe in the Church's core teachings is a protestant/heretic (not the p.c. term but still correct), by definition. There is nothing judgmental to it. That's fact. And I'm not speculating as their beliefs - they've pronounced them publicly and unabashedly.

Absolutely, they should be in our prayers. It is not our place to judge or condemn them. But the loving response should not be to just gloss over the issue and pretend that it isn't important. It is. They are undermining our faith and are materially cooperating in a heinous sin. These politicians must not be led to believe that what they currently believe and promote bears any resemblance to the truth. It is a lie and it is disobedient. And let's face it, all protestantism/heresy/dissent from Church teaching always comes back to simple disobedience. Like willful children, they complain that they don't "like dad's answer", so they do what they think is best. So dangerous, but such a pervasive attitude. Why do you think 90% of Catholics contracept? Get out of my bedroom and get out of my womb Peter!!!!

Mary Ann

My goodness, this stream of blog nonesense is so full of "bitter", "judgemental" chit chat about who is righteous enough to recieve the Blessed Sacrament and who is not. Did anyone actually listen to Holy Father's message? "Pray, read the Gospels, purify your heart and turn away from tearing apart those who are different, but rather, look for hope and love one another".... Speaking truth in love is important but speaking with hate, bitterness and anger is something else. I dare ask is this kind of talk Core Catholic Teaching. Peace!


Mary Ann...while some of the comments may be less than friendly, it is not hateful to expect those who claim to be Catholics to adhere to Catholic teaching regarding the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. This is a serious issue for Catholics so it is very understandable that people get upset when they see sacrelige.


There’s that familiar old misrepresentation: labeling the admonition of a sinner as “judgmental.” To admonish sinners is not only not judgmental, it is one of the Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy.

It is clear from the above post that receiving Holy Communion when one is in a state of grave sin is utterly wrong, according to Church teaching. And it is not only an act of charity to correct the sinner for her or his own good, it is wrong not to do so.

The Church teaches that there are nine ways of assisting in another’s sins. Among them are consent, concealment, silence and defense of the ill done.

Mary Ann, please consider that before any further name-calling.


Does anyone remember the admonition God gave to Jeremiah to be "judgmental": failing to alert people of their evil deeds will result in Jeremiah being held responsible for their actions. How many bishops have forgotten, or feel uncomfortable with, that command. Do you non-judgemental people even know that's in the Bible? What about the biblical exhortations for pastors to reprove the sinner and sin?

Mary and Robin, you simply don't know what judgmental means. It's not your fault, so we won't judge you too harshly.

Simple soul

Jesus knew Judas would betray him yet He allowed him to be present at the Last Supper. When we are wracked by awful wounds like molester Catholics lay or religious or pro choice "Catholic politicians" we should gain comfort from knowing this is not new and Jesus understands our disappointment and sorrow and at times even our anger. The early disciples must have suffered in this way. Perhaps some were impressed by Judas' learning and sophistication or his connections with the High Priests or his business skills and were in sympathy with his impatience for a more assertive more political Christ only to discover later to their horror that he betrayed their Master.
Jesus simply taught His Father's Truth.We are greatly blessed to have great Popes in recent times who do not give in to the modern craving for novelty and accomodation to wordly desires but who loyally and capably explain His Truth.If there are Judas' amomgst us a merciful but just God will judge them in the end.

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