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Monday, April 14, 2008



People of genuinely good will and good conscience cannot vote for either of the likely Democratic candidates. Sen. Barack Obama's seeming confusion about when life begins is merely a tactic to obfuscate -- a tactic designed to portray himself as sincere, sensitive and searching for the truth. Hillary Clinton makes less effort to cloak her choice in the fog of uncertainty. Until a woman gives birth to a rabbit, we know it is a human life in the womb, and taking that life is murder. Period.


All I can say is the post articulated it excellently.


This will definitely confuse some Catholics and seem to justify others:

Just what the pro-life movement doesn't need right now: betrayal.

It makes me wonder how firmly pro-life our other pro-life politicians are.
I'm still considering writing in Huckabee in November. It's McCain's desire to de-fund PP that prompts (tempts?) me to vote for him. I don't think he'll backpedal on the necessary distrust and unmasking of Planned Parenthood. Whereas, Obama, Clinton, and most US citizens are still deceived by PP's media-driven image as helpful to the needy and minorities.


Hillary's abhorrence of government intervening in a free society is so ridiculous as to be an open faced lie. Nobody wants the government to do more than Hillary (ok, maybe Obama). She has no respect for people's personal lives, unless their personal lives serve her agenda.

Joe of St. Therese

It's simple, if they define life at beginnig at conception, their position dies.


What is so angering about Obama's claim about finding a "middle ground" on the whole abortion debate is that it ignores the actual debate: those who think pre-born fetuses are real human beings and those who think doctors should be allowed to suck out their brains as they emerge from the uterus.

Where's the middle ground to that, you swindler?

I guess the good Senator has a grossly distorted, grandiose view of the give and take of politics. Because, as a community organizer, this guy got two groups together battling over a proposed street light to compromise on a stop sign, he thinks he's a great negotiator.

The arrogance is quite something.

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