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Monday, April 14, 2008



When you consider the kind of rabidly racist brainwashing Obama received for 20 years from Rev. Wright, then these sorts of statements make perfect sense! Obama sees the world through the same filters of hate, racism and paranoia as Wright does. And so Obama just naturally assumes that since that's the way he thinks, everyone else must think the same way, especially White people (as my university professors taught me, only White people can be racist). A sort of racial-material dialectics makes the world go round for these people. And that makes them VERY scary!

In all of my 40 years, I've never even seen a member of the KKK before--at least one that was open about it. But Democrats are on the verge of actually making this Obama character their nominee for President! And Hillary isn't a whole lot better!


Anybody who believes that voting for a president produces better results than a monarchy needs to really examine the three main candidates and realize how horribly stupid we all act in big groups.
God help us all.

William Garland

Besides Rev. Wright, another (who still appears on Obama's website as an endorser) is Father Pfleger who, during a demonstration against a licensed firearms dealer's business, called upon the crowd to drag the dealer from his business and "snuff out" the dealer. All the efforts to spin these remarks fail to justify a call for homicide in violation of the law of both God and the state. What does this say about Obama? He's got poor judgment having included both Wright and Pfleger on his website as endorsers, though Wright has been deleted but not until after widespread public revelation of his hate mongering.

arizona gun store

President Elect Barack Obama has a track record of voting against gun owners rights. There always alternatives to protect our homes and families.


Just stumbled on this blog.

I had to chuckle to see anything under “Roman Catholic” referring to someone else as “elitist.”

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