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Monday, April 07, 2008


Mona Alona

Sadly, we will be seeing more and more of these deviant lifestyles revealed and admitted then celebrated and advocated.

We can thank the GLBT community for this, they've laid the groundwork for the liberation of all disordered lifestyles.

Mona Alona

One of the excuses the daughter gives is "We're not hurting anybody". This is the same excuse the GLBT and even NAMBLA members give so they can indulge in their temptations.


they are criminals,and they are living a perversion.they should face severe punishment.


When they bring kids into their "lifestyle" they abrogate the "we're-not-hurting-anyone" nonsense.

I wonder if daughter-lover will feel that love trumps everything when her father-lover shacks up with their nine-month-old daughter in 20 years? Maybe then she would feel the revulsion that she's refusing to confront now.

Why couldn't the reporter ask that question?

Warren Anderson

Taste the (forbidden) fruit and become that which you have eaten. People who persist in wickedness are in for a hell-of-a-time. If they don't listen to reason, we must still pray that they will repent before it's too late. And yes, those who have opened the door for such illicit and immoral behavior bear the brunt of responsibility for leading others into sin.


This is so sad. What's worse, when I try to explain to somebody the logical outcome of accepting homosexual and other "lifestyle" choices, they never seem to follow my reasoning. I'm not sure if they can't think something through, or if they're just too stubborn to say they're wrong.
I imagine God will have a lot of mercy for the poor daughter, but that "father" needs to repent and soon.

Dan Hunter

A clear cut case of one of the "Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance":

Mona Alona

When society said yes to the pill and to abortion it taught us that we didn't have to take responsibility for our actions. Also, it gave many the idea that they had a free imorality pass which has now lead us to live and accept all kinds of immoral and deviant lifestyles. If things keep going they way they are now this story won't seem so outrageous to us 5 to 10 years from now.


please note: homosexuality is a victimless crime.


Tell that to all the homosexuals throughout history whose lives have been ruined by that lifestyle, whether by disease or mental anguish caused by their desperate attempts to maintain an unnatural lifestyle.



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