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Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Does anyone have any thoughts why Pope Benedict chose this particular seminary? I mean, there are probably dozens he could have gone to, so why this one? Is it run by a friend? Is it known for putting out great priests? Is it known for its scholarship and excellence? Is it the seminary of a religious order?


Wow! ". . . I ask you to remember me in your prayers and I assure you of my affection and friendship in the Lord. May God bless America!" Pope Benedict is humble and generous in his blessing. Rush is right. You know the pope means it.

Sure beats hearing a certain presidential candidate's pastor say "NOT God Bless America. But, God d***n America!!!" Too bad this guy means it, too.


Probably because its a seminary in New York City, Jimbo...

I have to say that the grounds were impressive in size to be able to support 25,000-30,000 people. We don't have quite that amount of room at my seminary.


I particularly enjoyed how the Holy Father praised not only the American soldiers, but American freedom and charity towards the whole world as well, and I enjoyed hearing Rush talk about this and be awed.

It's not too often you hear Rush Limbaugh in awe. It makes the prayers for him all the happier.

Thom Yorke

Rush is right.

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