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Thursday, April 03, 2008



I wish there were priests who were real men like Jesuits were in the counter-Reformation to march off and meet this problem head on. They sent a steady stream of men to near-certain death in England, Wales, Eastern Europe, South America, North America, Asia... REAL MEN.

For every one killed in odium fidei, two or three more signed up.

Nothing will change until we get more real men like that back. But, nowadays I am more confident then ever that the tide is turning and it is right around the corner.

Let's pray it is.


Talk about making your point about Islam being too wrapped up in terrorism and fascism! It would be comedy if it wasn't so predictable.

Ultimately they'll have to decide what to do with their situation. And I'm sure in classic European/Nordic fashion that when it does come it will probably be very extreme.


in 2007 6 Million people left Islam,Most became catholic,but some went orthodox.

a glimmer of hope perhaps?

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