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Wednesday, April 09, 2008



Democrats support abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell, gay adoption and marriage, and yes they are against the death penalty and the war.

Republicans are against euthansia, embryonic stem cell, gay marriage, and support the death penalty and the war.

My question would be how can you be Roman Catholic and a Democrat?

bill bannon

NCReporter had a 2005 poll that showed that young the idea that one can be a good Catholic and accept abortion as an the tune of 89% almost twice as bad as boomers who young zealous Catholics mistakenly think are worse. With that stat in mind, don't be surprised if millions and millions of Catholics vote for Obama....many of them youthful if not most. But don't worry....Rome has a two hundred year arc to their thinking which means that two hundred years from now things will be fine. But if that is true, why didn't Pius VII in 1808 prevent out current bad opinion polled stats and prevent our drinking and sex on Catholic campuses... by whatever he was authoring at the time? Could it be that Popes will have to get back to actual intervention in our college dorms....rather than authoring as solution.

jill e

As George Weigel wrote at NRO (you cite on April 1):

Americans interested in hearing what the pope actually has to say about the United States and its role in the world, and about the deeper issues of world politics, should pay particularly close attention to Benedict’s remarks at the White House welcoming ceremony on April 16 and his address to the U.N. General Assembly on April 18. Far from playing Jeremiah against the Great Satan Bush, Benedict XVI is going to teach the world a lesson about moral reason as the “grammar” by which the world can have a conversation about the world’s future.


This Catholic isn't going to vote for any Defeatocrat like Barack Obama who wants to bug out without thought to the consequences for the people of Iraq to whom we have pledged ourselves; especially to a guy who wants to treat with terrorist regimes like Iran.


"Pastor" Wfright sounds more like a Nation of Islam idiot than anything.

I honestly have to laugh my head off at the parishioners who get taken in by his jive preaching hypocrisy. (I thought he and his church renounced the middle-class lifestyle that epitomizes a 10,000 sq. foot mansion situated in a golf course. That's the kind of renunciation I'm talking about!!) It's pitiful to see this black community taken to the cleaners by their "beloved" community leader and spokesperson...and once again they're left holding the bag. And nary a word of protest. You often get what you deserve in life.

Can anyone really doubt why Wfright is Obama's mentor now? Seems pretty clear to me. If my mentor was a vacuous snake oil salesman and demagogue, I'd bet you'd suspect that I'm looking to get into the same line of work as I learn his tricks of the trade. I wonder how much a bottle of Change and Hope will cost me and net him?

Barak has to be penalized for going to this Church. Blacks should be free to attend churches like this, but they shouldn't expect to win national office if they do. America can not tolerate such behavior. Attending churches like this one has to come with a price...just like white supremacy churches.

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