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Wednesday, April 16, 2008



You might want to add this article to your list from Atlantic Monthly.

Atlanta Catholic


Gerald has changed his logo and title of his blog. The new name is "We the People".

The Cafeteria doors are wide open to the new "We are Church" approach. I guess this spoils the next nomination for the most authentically Catholic blog.

What happened to the notion that the Cafeteria is Closed? I might nominate it for the best bait and switch blog. I just read the article that Ian recommends in the above post. Maybe this was planned all along.

Rick DeLano

May I say that the woeful Gerald Augustinus was never anything OTHER than
the quintessential "Cafeteria Catholic"!

I am sure EWTN will eventually find a place on the roster for our Gerald, as they strive to keep up with the move toward more "inclusive" pastoral approaches........

I remain convinced that there is nothing, at all, worse than a "conservative neo- Catholic".

Give me an honest Progressive any day of the week. At least he knows who he is and I know who I am.


Just deleted "We the People" (was Cafeteria is Closed) from my 'Favorites'.


This is just sad. I read some of the comments. Liberalism truely is a religion that will forever be in conflict with Christianity, A religion with core belief's like "sexual orientation."

Why do I have so hard of a time praying for educated people who knowingly turn away from Jesus?

Matt C. Abbott

Excellent post, Thomistic! Very thorough, indeed.

Sadly, because Gerald and his wife are good friends with a homosexual "couple" (he says so on his blog), his thinking on this issue is warped. Still, it seems Gerald can't bring himself to admit that he dissents from Catholic teaching in regard to homosexuality.

Actually, I'd rather he be upfront about it and say "I don't agree with the Church on this matter" than to use libertarian sophistry to mask his dissent.


Thomistic, this is an excellent response. "Excellent" doesn't even do it justice.

I know Gerald personally, and he is a good person. My only concern is that some people striving to be faithful to the Church's teachings on this issue will use their "zeal" to mask vitriol they enjoy spewing on him.

I disagree with Gerald on this issue, but I value HIM, and pray that he can accept in his heart what his head can't wrap around at this time.


Thank you for this posting ... and links. In one of my teen's Catholic school the teacher has been fielded questions on ss marriage etc all year. The religious instructor decide to address the issue starting w/the subject of natural law. I applaud this teacher for her effort. However, last night my teen came home a bit frustrated w/the other students, some not Catholic and others who are not clear about their faith, opposing the teacher in not very respectful ways. My child wanted to know how to respond to some the fellow students' statements etc. Your posting is so timely!

It has been my observation & experience that many parents & teachers are at a lost on how to explain and approach the teachings of the Church on this matter and even on a secular level (medical, health, social history etc). It has been very frustrating...I wish dioceses would put some emphasis on this topic and instruct the educators & parents ... they pulled the Safe Environment programs together ... they can do this too. It is needed ... along w/the topic of "women's ordination" ... another one my teens keep tripping over in the hall ways.



On the topic of "same sex marriage" and "same sex attraction" I would recommend "One Man One Woman, A Catholic's Guide to Defending Marriage" by Dale O'Leary.

It a very well written and easy to read and more importantly heavily footnoted.

Now on to the topic of Mr. Augustine,

I've stopped reading his blog, because if you can't be faithful to an issues as grave as chastity and marriage, LITERALLY EVERYTHING else you comment upon is suspect.

On the occasions I've met Mr. Augustine he seemed pleasant and no doubt his views are well-intentioned.

But as I commented on his blog, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Atlanta Catholic


Thank you for the post on the Cafeteria is Closed blog. The Cafeteria is wide open. This blog is no longer the potential Catholic inspiration that must have inspired Gerald to his initial conversion. Gerald cannot serve two Masters. He has chosen to not offend men over offending God.

Gerald is wrong. Society is lost because it has rejected the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. It appears that Gerald is rejecting it too.

Gerald thinks that committed homosexual unions are alright. I agree with RN.
Gerald may seem pleasant enough but that is not enough to be pleasant. Gerald needs some real spiritual direction ASAP. He was right to change the name of his blog.


Did Gerald officially change the name of his blog? I hadn't noticed, since I don't read it very often anymore. Maybe he's trying to corner the homosexual wedding photography market. All I can say is, stick to authentic Catholic teaching and you'll be fine. So will your eternal soul... as well as the souls of your readers.


"I disagree with Gerald on this issue, but I value HIM, and pray that he can accept in his heart what his head can't wrap around at this time."
Beautifully put, Jeron. Thank you for your charity.
This is more difficult than dealing with friends, the people in Gerald's heart are his family members--or, more precisely, those of his wife. I hope that all former readers of his blog will pray for him during his time of blindness, especially since his dissent has been so public.
When he sees his error, he may be overcome by the number of readers he might have scandalized. (It's terrifying to "wake up" suddenly and try to recall all the wrong words you've spoken and to whom you've spoken them!) Maybe we should pray that none of his readers are swayed by his thinking at this time.

Anne Danielson

No one has the inherent right to lust over someone. The adjectives heterosexual and homosexual are demeaning and degrading because they refer to the sexual objectification of a Human person. God would NEVER use such terms to describe a Human person because these terms do not respect the Sacredness and Dignity of Life. God created ONLY Man and Woman, Male and Female. Sexual Love only exists within the Sanctity of a Holy Marriage which is Blessed by Him. ( What GOD Has Joined together... And the Two Shall Become One Flesh) No where does He say that we should celebrate sex outside of Marriage. These terms, heterosexual and homosexual, are the result of the sexual objectification of people in a materialistic society. Please pray for someone I Love Dearly who is struggling with confusion on this issue. We were given a copy of " Always Our Children" that was full of contradictions regarding the Truth on this issue.( It appears on the site of the U.S,C.C.B. ) We wrote several times and spoke to several people at the U.S.C.C.B, because our only concern was that our daughter know the Truth about this issue. When we brought her to the Church to be baptized it was because our greatest desire was Salvation for her, eternal happiness with God. The U.S.C.C.B., refused to listen to our concerns despite the fact that they are well aware of the Cast of Characters,( pun intended ) that were involved in creating the document. On our own, we discovered John Paul II's Theology of The Body. I suggested they replace their document with Theology of The Body but this request was ignored. Something needs to be done about this. Just google, " Always Our Children " and you will find the truth about this document. Please understand I Love my daughter and want her to know the Truth. She was developing normal and healthy relationships until she went away to school and was attacked but fortunately not raped at a party. Trust me when I tell you that I know my daughter and this is a developmental problem. We will continue to Love and Pray for her as we continue to help her to see God's Truth on this issue. The U.S.C.C.B. continues to have a document on their site which only serves to lead her away from the Truth. It is clear to us that the authors are trying to push their own agenda. This is more than disturbing. Where can the faithful go to hear the Truth on this issue?


Thank you for your brave comments at the ol' cafeteria. I'm sorry for the awful responses you've received--consider them blessings, though!
I will include your daughter in my prayer petitions tonight and at Mass tomorrow. And I will read that USCCB doc tomorrow when my brain is awake.
May God shower you with blessings and grant healing in your family!

Anne Danielson

Joanne, Thank you for your Prayers.

Atlanta Catholic


It can be possible that Gerald is committing a Mortal Sin by his actions on his blog. Gerald has invited dissent, much confusion and now the dark legions of Catholic Church haters. I wonder if Gerald laughed at the sick response to Anne Danielson, who is obviously suffering and deserved a better response. Where is Gerald's compassion for Anne?

Gerald has shared some of the sad stories that his wife has witnessed in Social Services. Gerald wants us to be sad for these injustices and we are. There is compassion towards gay civil unions. Where is the quick response to cruelty to Anne? Gerald seems to respond rather fast when he defends sin. How about some consistency? Gerald is picking and choosing.

Gerald is intelligent enough to be fully culpable. The matter is serious. He has given it sufficient reflection and he is obstinate in his error. Gerald is assisting weak consciences to rationalize sin.


I am also sorry for those awful comments.
I recently noticed that The Cafeteria is open. We the People has now become a blog about the entertaining of dissenters and gay rights activists.

I will also pray for your family.


Atlanta Catholic,
At last visit, I noticed that the tone at The Cafeteria had changed to almost cackling whenever someone presented the Church teaching on homosexual behavior. Whereas before G insisted somewhat respectfully on defending homosexual adoptive parents, he does seem to have joined the rabid defenders of homosexual unions and marriages.
I do think this is a cause for increased prayer. What is happening to Gerald could happen to anyone. Bitterness and scorn pour out of him whenever anyone criticizes gay ideology.
One thing I've learned on abortion mill sidewalks is that when people have swallowed lies in the name of compassion they fight truth the way Gerald is fighting now. And, as I recall, I once defended New Age adherents as he is defending the lifestyles of his gay friends and family.
The good thing is that if a person is going to hear the truth after having accepted lies, their violent defenses precede conversion. The bad thing is, all that gunk is coming out in public, so WHEN Gerald realizes where he's been, he will have reason to FEAR having scandalized the faithful. The best thing is, God is merciful AND jealous--Gerald can't be "snatched" from His hand. Even better than the best is that God is God.
Anne has been valiant over on the front lines, and she never stooped to sarcasm or hostility! I gave up long before she did. None of my words put a dent in anything. I'm praying.

Atlanta Catholic


Many years ago a Catholic Theologian spoke about people defending sin. He said that quite often the defender would make every type of excuse or ploy to rationalize sin.

He said that this was never about doctrine, belief, compassion or teachings. He said that it was a distraction tactic from the real underlying truth. He said that quite often a person was simply unwilling to give up "some little delicious sin", that they have introduced into their life. Therefore their minds and intellects are deliberately darkened towards the truth.

Anne has been so kind and truthful that she softened the heart of one of the defenders.
That defender was ridiculed for it by another defender. You are absolutely right about prayer!


I have witnessed the paradigm shift at that site,and was oner of the most vocal critics of the good Augustinus and his flip-flop ethics.
This man is a an active Apostate,and he has been warned multitudes of times by myself and others.
He is an obdurate heretic.

Atlanta Catholic


You are right about this shift. Didn't a priest introduce this topic? Shouldn't he respond to the error that is being defended?


I think so,but I cannot even be sure that the man posting is an actual bona fides priest.
He calls for tolerance of homosexuals according to the Catechism and Canon Law,and I support that position.
What I WILL NOT tolerate is the homosexual militant groups that want to overthrow all social ethical and religious taboos against their particular perversion.
Gerald Ausustinus has blatantly attacked Church doctrine as per Canon Law,and mocks any who attempt to correct his hubris in this matter,joining hands with clearly militant sodomites who frequent his blog,mocking HMC and Catholics in general with impunity.
I am calling for a general boycott of his site as of this moment.
He must be called to account for his betrayal.
When threatened with exposure to ecclesiastcal authorities,he merely sniffed at the poster and sniggered.
I think he's been possessed,or else initiated into homosexuality himself.




There is a growing worldwide war against Christianity. Last year, over 160,000 Christians were killed for their faith. Christians have been beaten, imprisoned and killed for the crime of being a Christian in Red China. In Sudan, Christians have been bombed, massacred and sold into slavery. In Indonesia, Muslim mobs have wiped out entire villages of Christians, burning down many hundreds of churches.

Christians have been targeted and assassinated in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Missionaries in various parts of the world have been kidnapped, murdered and, in India, even burned alive by a mob of Hindu militants.

It is calculated that over 42 million Christians died at the hands of Anti-Christian governments, mostly Communist Regimes, in the 20 th Century alone.

In Zimbabwe, just in 2005, hundreds of Christian churches were bulldozed or burned by army and police, prayer meetings were broken up, women beaten and hospitalized for praying for peace, pastors arrested for “subversive prayers” and churches raided by police. In Cuba, many House Churches have been attacked, with pastors arrested and imprisoned.

However, it is not only in Communist and Muslim lands that Christians are facing persecution. Christians in Europe and North America are facing not only ridicule and hostility in the media, but increasingly they are being restricted, intimidated and harassed by legislation and judicial pronouncements.

This trend towards silencing Christians is real. Christians are being labeled, ridiculed, blamed, and legislated against. There is an irrational fear and hatred of Christianity growing in all too many countries today.

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world therefore the world hates you.” John 15:18-19

In Sweden, Pastor Ake Green was sentenced to a month in prison for having offended homosexuals in a sermon. Pastor Green is in his 70’s. When a reporter asked: “ What about the Pastor’s rights?” The prosecutor replied: “When he started reading Bible verses about homosexuality, he crossed the line.”

Slovakia issued a protest against this heavy handed prison sentence for the pastor in Sweden, saying that this was an example of how “left-wing liberal ideology was trying to introduce tyranny and misuse the (European Union)” to silence freedom of expression. “In Europe, people are starting to be jailed for saying what they think.”

Hugh Owens, in Canada, was prosecuted for placing a small ad in his local newspaper in response to all that he had been forced to observe during Homosexual Pride Week. His advert listed four Scripture references (Romans 1, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10) next to an equal sign and a drawing depicting two men holding hands, superimposed over the line drawing with the universal red circle with a line through it, effectively summarizing the Scriptures listed. For that “crime,” Owen was fined $4,500. The newspaper was also fined. So, in Canada, even listing Bible verses can be construed as a “hate crime!”

Dr. James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” must now edit their Canadian radio programmes to remove anything that might be deemed critical of homosexuality, including Bible verses on the subject, and information like the fact that, according to the Centre for Disease Control, the majority of the cases of AIDS in the US are men who engage in homosexual sex.

In New Zealand, two Christian videos that questioned safe sex slogans and exposed the link between AIDS and homosexual behaviour, were outlawed by the New Zealand parliament.

When retired air force officer, Enoch Lawrence, in response to a homosexual poster the company had placed near his cubicle, placed a Bible verse, and a bumper sticker that read: “Marriage: One Man One Woman” in his own work cubicle, he was fired by Hewlett-Packard. While a “Pagan Pride Festival” flyer was posted in the break room of Hewlett-Packard, Lawrence’s Pro-Marriage bumper sticker was forbidden.

The head of the Central British Columbia Public Health Board, Chris Kempling, with a PHD in psychology, was suspended from his teaching job at the local high school for writing a letter to the editor of his local newspaper. He stated that homosexuality was not a genetic orientation, that homosexual sex was often unhealthy and promiscuous and that homosexuals could become straight. The judge pronounced Kempling a “bigot.” Although Kempling was never accused of any discriminatory act, he was condemned for having wrong thoughts.

Dianne Haskett, the Mayor of London, Ontario, Canada, was fined $10,000 for refusing to proclaim a “Gay Pride Weekend.” After she lost her case in Canada’s courts, she resigned as mayor rather than to be forced to proclaim the event – just 3 weeks before Election Day. (However, the voters re-elected her with an overwhelming 64% of the vote.)

When a homosexual group approached Scott Brockie of Imaging Excellence to print their materials, Brockie referred them to several other printers who would accept their print job. Rather than respect his deeply held religious and moral convictions, the homosexual group sued. Despite the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees Freedom of religion, the Ontario Human Rights Commission convicted Brockie of “discrimination.” The Commission commented: “Brockie remains free to hold his religious beliefs and to practise them in his home and in his Christian community.” But apparently not in the work place.

An elderly Englishman, Harry Hammond, was heckled, ridiculed and attacked on the street for holding a sign that read: “Stop immorality. Stop homosexuality. Stop lesbianism.” He was assaulted and knocked to the ground, but when the police showed up they arrested the victim of the assault! He was prosecuted for the opinion he expressed.

When a local school in Canada started handing out copies of the Koran and announced the policy of setting aside a room for Muslim students to pray during school hours, Pastor Mark Harding objected. Pointing out that Christian, Jewish and Buddhist children were not afforded similar opportunities, Harding was prosecuted. Despite Pastor Harding’s publicly stating his love for Muslims and commitment to evangelising his Muslim neighbours, he received more than 3,000 hate filled calls, many of them death threats. Some people in the courtroom motioned by running their finger across their neck from ear to ear. Entering the court, Harding had to pass through crowds of Muslims chanting: “Infidel you will burn in Hell!” However, as they were not prosecuted, these death threats were apparently not considered “hate speech.”

Harding reported receiving a call from someone, identifying himself as from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam group, who told him that: “They were going to break my legs.” Other calls threatened various amputations and mutilations. Yet, it was Pastor Harding who was convicted of having “willfully promoted hatred” and required to undergo 2 years probation and 340 hours of “community service” at the Islamic Society of North America, where he was forced to go through Islamic “re-education.”


Janet Folger, in TheCriminalisation of Christianity states: “Christians are singled out, labeled, fined, interrogated, humiliated, indoctrinated, fired, ordered to attend re-education programmes and sent to jail for expressing Biblical views…this battle is for truth and freedom. And we are losing by default… If we stay silent on controversial issues, like the slaughter of more than 45 million American children…no one will be offended… We work very hard to present a sensitive, positive Christianity to seekers who don’t like hearing about stuff like obedience and a place called Hell. ‘All we need is love’ has replaced ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ as our anthem. Love is critical, of course, but so is Truth. The Bible says that God is love, but also that He is Holy… Unless we embrace Him as Lord, we will face Him as Judge. Keep in mind that Jesus talked more about Hell than He did about Heaven… and if we make Him Lord, we have to actually do what He says…He commanded us: “Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die”Proverbs 24:11… “Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die” Proverbs 31:8… “Thou shalt not kill”…Exodus 20:17 “If you love Me you will keep My commandments” John 14:15… “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead.” James 2:17

“Your actions are what youbelieve. Everything else is just religious talk… if you want to be free to speak what you believe in your church, in your work place, in your community, you are going to have to get off the side lines and into the game…but this is more than just a game. It’s a battle for our freedom. Yes, we have the right to remain silent, but if we use it much longer, we may hear those words being read to us just before we see the inside of a prison cell.”


One tactic often used to silence Christians is ridicule. This encompasses everything from insults and name calling to character assassination.

Given the prevailing dogma of “tolerance” it is extraordinary to note the abusive terminology published against Christians. One article in the Washington Post described Christians as “largely poor, uneducated and easy to lead.” Imagine describing any other group of people in that way in the press!

Ted Turner, the former owner of CNN, described Christians as “bozos” and Christianity as a “a religion for losers.” Again, imagine any prominent figure describing the adherents of any other religion in such words.

Mel Gibson was one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, popular and respected - until he wanted to make a movie about the sufferings of Christ. No one in Hollywood was willing to finance or distribute it. Mel Gibson began being described as “a wacko”,”crazy”, “a real nut case” and worse. Interestingly enough, ThePassion of the Christ, in terms of box-office sales, became one of the top ten most successful films of all time - despite the extraordinary Hollywood and news media campaign against it.

Despite Christianity being based on the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ to love one another, love our neighbours, love our enemies, return good for evil, to forgive and be merciful, Christians are frequently referred to in the most negative terms: “The forces of genuine evil, evil, genuine evil;”“Their religion is so narrow, and it is so mean, and it’s so ugly…” Roseanne Barr publicly exclaimed: “You know what else I can’t stand, is them people that are anti-abortion. F – them; I hate them. They’re horrible; they’re hideous people. They’re ugly, old, geeky, hideous men… they just don’t want nobody to have an abortion…”

Syndicated radio host, Howard Stern, after vehemently arguing for abortion, responded to a pro-life caller in these words: “You’re an idiot. I can’t stand dumb people. If I were president, I would have you gassed. I would march you into the ovens!”

Can one imagine any radio host being able to refer to Muslims, Jews or any other group with such words?!

At a Grateful Dead concert, musician Bob Weir announced to a crowd of 30,000: “Can I hear everyone say, ‘F-the Christian Right?”


“If they are Christians, you can hate them. You can ridicule them, and before you silence them make sure you blame them for everything you don’t like. Pick a Christian, any Christian. And, hey, why not start at the top? There are now more than 50 books bashing (President) Bush” The Criminalisation of Christianity.

Janet Folger documents hundreds of examples of Christians being vilified, harassed, prosecuted and persecuted. After the Oklahoma City bombing, Christians, Pro-Lifers, and Home schoolers were blamed. “The main form of political terrorism in the United States today is perpetrated by right-wing opponents of abortion!” One columnist wrote that: “Anti-Abortion groups like Operation Rescue…have to be dealt with as domestic terrorists as deadly as the ones who blew up the World Trade Centre and as fanatic as the cultists in Waco.” As Folger points out, “They burned the men, women and children in Waco…the unbounded finger pointing has silenced many Christians who don’t like being called ‘homophobic, bigoted, extremists.’ But for those with courage enough to face the verbal assault with the truth on subjects like abortion and homosexuality, watch out – they are now blaming you for murder.”

Kate Michelman, former president of National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) threatened: “They must stop referring to abortion as murder and to doctors who perform them as murderers.”“But truth doesn’t kill. Abortion kills. Christians who say: ‘Don’t kill babies’ should be silenced because some people may not follow their advice when it comes to adults?” Janet Folger.


Former Clinton White House Spokesman, Mike McCurry, declared that anyone who believed what the Bible had to say about homosexuality was “backward thinking.” Can you imagine him saying that about people who believed the Koran?

The Criminalisation of Christianity observes that while there were 13,500 stories on the murder of Matthew Shepard, who was a homosexual, there were only 632 stories on the brutal murder of 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising by homosexual assailants. The people who killed Matthew Shepard later confirmed that they didn’t do it out of any animosity for his sexual behaviour – they killed him for money for drugs. Both killers attacked Shepard for robbery, it had nothing to do with his homosexuality. Yet there was massive newspaper and TV coverage of the Shepard case, two major Hollywood specials, three TV movies and a play, all depicting Shepard as a victim of an anti-homosexual hate crime. However, people like Jesse Dirkhising, who was bound, gagged and brutally sodomised, then smothered to death, by homosexual assailants failed to receive any such media coverage.

Similarly, the murder of Mary Stachowicz, a 51 year old wife, and mother of 4, who was murdered by a 19 year old homosexual, Nicholas Gutierrez, for witnessing to him and suggesting that he could change his lifestyle, was ignored by most newspapers. This mother, who was described as a deeply compassionate church member and soft-spoken, was “punched, kicked, stabbed and strangled to death.” But that wasn’t considered a hate crime.


Folger points out that while pro-family leaders repeatedly condemned the murder of Shepard, the homosexual community never condemned this horrific murder. Posted on the ACLU On Line Forum, were these comments: “I really don’t feel sorry for her. She paid a very steep price for being an arrogant religious fascist.” And “quite frankly, if anyone in this case was being persecuted it was Mr. Gutierrez.”

Posted on YAHOO were these comments: “Maybe (Stachowicz’s murder) will strike fear in the hearts of a few fundamentalists…Where do I send a cheque for (Gutierrez’s) defense fund!”; “the B- had it coming to her. I’m glad he killed her…the B- deserved to die!”

So tolerance does not seem to apply toward Pro-Life, Pro-Family Christians. Nor does any amount of venom poured out against Christians seem to be worthy of the designation “hate speech.”

American Christians have endured all kinds of harassment and threats from militant homosexuals. ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) founder, Eric Pollard, threatened Pro-Family leaders: “I shall torture you during the day time, and will keep you from a peaceful sleep at night.” In Madison, Wisconsin, 400 homosexual activists stormed Trinity Evangelical Fellowship Church shouting obscenities inside the church for nearly an hour, while some of the protesters urinated and defecated on the church floor. Hundreds of others banged on the walls and windows with rocks and trash can lids, shouting: “Crush the Christians!” and “Bring back the lions!”

ACT UP member, Michael Petrelis, publicly stated: “We should have shut down the subway and burned down City Hall. I think rioting is a valid tactic and should be tried…if some one took out (former Congressman) Jesse Helms or William Dannemeyer…I will be the first to stand up and applaud.”

At St. Patrick’s Cathedral, ACT UP homosexual activists stormed the church, screamed obscenities and stomped on communion bread, urinating in the church. Posters with vile curses against the Pro-Life pastor and the church predominated. ACT UP protesters simulated various perversions on the altar, and swarmed around congregants pelting them with condoms and shouting and threatening them.


In their book When the Wicked Seize a City, Chuck and Donna McIlhenny, described what happened after the San Fransisco Presbyterian Church fired a homosexual organist. “Rocks, beer bottles, beer cans were thrown through the church windows on many occasions. Swastikas were carved in the church doors and drawn on our house. A window in our car was smashed out. Graffiti was spray painted all over the church, house and sidewalk. Anti-Christian, Pro-homosexual leaflets were scattered around the neighbourhood, calling us Nazis, bigots, anti-gay, etc. Demonstrators would come to our Sunday services and disrupt the worship…one man came pounding and spitting on our front door in the middle of the night, screaming: ‘We’re going to get you McIlhenny – we’re going to kill you politically!’ We were verbally threatened outside the house on the way to the car. There were daily – 24 hours per day – telephone calls. It began with screaming and obscenities. They graduated in the phone calls to describing our children…and what sexually deviant behaviour was to be practiced on the children before killing them…Then…someone actually attempted to follow through with their threats to kill us by fire bombing the house while the children were asleep inside.”


One radical gay activist, Robert Schwab, suggested: “If AIDS research money is not forthcoming at a certain level by a certain date, all gay males should give blood. Whatever action is required to get national attention is valid. If that includes blood terrorism, so be it.”

Doug Herman of Pure Revolution lost his wife and baby to “blood terrorism.” Now he travels America speaking about Purity. Folger writes: “And let me assure you, homosexual activists attack him. You would think that killing his wife and daughter would have been enough.”


The New York Academy of Medicine issued a Report on Homosexuality in 1963, which stated: “Homosexuality is indeed an illness. The homosexual is an emotionally disturbed individual who has not acquired the normal capacity to develop satisfying heterosexual relations.” However, in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association voted to strike homosexuality from the official list of Psychiatric Illnesses. Not because of any new scientific revelations, nor even from any consensus within the scientific community, but because of threats and intimidation.

Dr. Jeffery Satimoveo, in Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, wrote: “Homosexual activists planned a systematic effort to disrupt the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.” Protesters broke into the meeting of APA members and grabbed the microphone and proclaimed: “Psychiatry is the enemy incarnate. Psychiatry has waged a relentless war of extermination against us. You may take this as a declaration of war against you…we are rejecting you all…” The committee later voted that maybe homosexual behaviour was not a sign of psychiatric disorder after all.

At the 1973 APA Convention, dissenters were allowed only 15 minutes to discuss 70 years of psychiatric research that contradicted it, before the hijacked vote was formally applied to the full membership. Although 69% of psychiatrists disagreed with the vote and still considered homosexuality a disorder, intimidation tactics had succeeded in forcing the APA to reverse their official position.

In 1994, activists tried to make it illegal for practitioners to give therapy aimed at helping homosexuals change. Although this attempt failed to secure a majority vote, a few years ago, the APA published a study favourable to Pedophilia.


In recent years, the Boy Scouts of America have come under relentless attack for not allowing self-described homosexual activists to become Scout leaders. As a result of attempting to protect the children who had been entrusted to them, the Boy Scouts have been kicked out of parks, schools and public forums, denied funding by cities and counties. So far, despite being defunded, ostracized, thrown out and left out, they have stood up against the ridicule, the assaults, the censorship and the law suits. And all that because they want to teach young boys honesty, courage, hard work, respect, patriotism and positive values.


When 5 year old Antonio Peck was told to make a poster on How to Save the World, he drew a picture of Jesus and wrote: “The only way to save our world.” His teacher told him that this was: “Unacceptable!”

When Craig Cunningham of the Genocide Awareness Project set up a display at the University of Miami depicting various forms of Genocide throughout history, some students tried to cut, mangle and destroy them. Reason? He had included pictures of the Abortion Holocaust. A quote from the University paper concerning his Genocide Awareness Project: “Whoever these people are, they should be shot.” So whatever happened to freedom of speech on campus? Imagine some Christian writing something like that about, for example, a homosexual group? Why, that would be a hate crime!


The Mayor of San Jose justified spending $500,000 of public money to construct a statue of the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl, because the Aztec religion contained: “those elements that seek to elevate the human consciousness to a higher plane.” The fact that this very same Aztec religion marched hundreds of thousands of slaves to the top of their pyramid like temples, to have their still-beating hearts ripped out of their chests with flint knives, hardly seems to justify such praise. Yet at the same time as this tax funded Aztec idol was being erected, the San Jose Parks Board decided to remove a Nativity scene from the same park. (A flood of protests to the City Hall managed to reverse this incredible decision.)

While GOOGLE takes ads for all kinds of XXX pornographic films and sites, GOOGLE recently banned an advertisement from a Christian Organisation, Stand To Reason, because the group’s website contained articles saying what the Bible says about homosexuality!

Various judges nominated in the USA, have been opposed by liberals because: “His children are home-schooled”; “They are leaders in the Boy Scouts” and “They teach Sunday School!”


Robert Muller, was Under Secretary General of the United Nations for more than 30 years. He is now working on the promotion of a One World Church. “My dream, is to get a tremendous alliance between all the major religions and the UN.” Robert Muller believes that “world unity cannot be achieved without a one world government and a one world religion.” The UNESCO Declaration of Principles on Tolerance declares: “Tolerance promotion and the shaping of attitudes of openness, neutral listening and solidarity should take place in schools and universities and through non-formal education, at home and in the workplace.”

There are elements in the UN, who are preparing to deal with the opposition of Christians to this “watered down, lowest common denominator god of tolerance and pluralism” by accusing them of “Mental Genocide!” This is vaguely defined as “causing…mental harm…”

Janet Folger writes: “The trend towards silencing Christians is real. Label them. Ridicule them. Even blame them for murder. And if they still won’t keep quiet? The next logical step is to make them keep quiet…silencing, ostracizing, and criminalizing those with whom they disagree.”


Many of our freedoms are at risk. There is a rising tide of Anti-Christian intolerance worldwide. Through Hollywood and the news media, in schools and universities, through legislation and judicial pronouncements, we are loosing freedoms at such a rate that, unless the church wakes up and works together to restore Christian freedoms, we will be seeing many more encroachments upon our schools, churches and homes.

Our children are at risk with the OBE social engineering, values clarification, lifeskills, sex education, re-writing of history and evolutionism in the classroom. Pastors, evangelists and Christian activists are at risk of prosecution for merely saying what the Bible teaches on many of these issues. Our freedom to evangelise in schools, colleges and the work place is being systematically eroded. Even the definition of marriage is under attack with pressure for same-sex “marriages.” The foundation of our faith and freedoms – Civilisation itself - is under attack.

“Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of…All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:12-17

Dr. Peter Hammond

See also : Religious Freedoms at Risk and The Urgent Need for Reformation and Revival in SA

This article is based on The Criminalisation of Christianity, by Janet Folger, 2005,Multnomah.


Meredith Manor



If you have any thoughts about or intentions of going on that blog and trying to reason with them ,you are wasting your time and your breath.
You would be casting your pearls before sodomitic swine.
Since my last post thereon,the clientele has shifted from Catholic ,to pro-Gay,anti-orthodox Catholic and Cafeterisa Catholic with strong doses of liberal leftism.
Gerald Augustinus himself is swiftly becoming well-versed in the use of the Gay agenda's tactics of shame and Vilification,used to silenced and cow anyone that dares to naysay the homosexual manipulation of our culture.
I would spare you that particular frustration,since I myself have already experienced their unholy wrath, with bouts of nausea and all.
Your best hope ,and ours,is to pray that Gerald eventually wakes from his dream,or nightmare ,where militant homosexuals rule over everyone else,and punish those who call them out loud for the degenerates they really are.
Part of the Homosexual Manifesto states that we,the ''hetero swine'' that opress them,will one day tremble with fear when we see them standing before us without their masks.
Well,I HAVE seen them without their masks ,even before their political manipulations began in the media,the schools and the Government.
this is one ''Hetero Swine'' that isn't trembling with fear:
It's righteous Wrath at the concerted attempt by what amounts to Satanic filth trying to take over MY world,MY religion,and My posterity in the form of innocent children.
Make no mistake,the militant homosexuals ARE the Vanguard of the AntiChrist.



Since this blog is no longer in a position to spiritually, or even doctrinally, to call itself Catholic,much like it's founder,
Gerald should really cease displaying and offering for sale ANY Catholic,let alone Christian-oriented goods and items.
He spits on the Bible ,when he supports the militant homosexual agenda.

He mocks the Sacrifice of the Mass when he supports the liturgical criminals in our midst.

And he brings ignominy to the Sign of the Cross when he displays a picture of Christ Crucified,yet chooses to ignore or even rebel against Canon Law and the Catechism;as a ''Catholic'' that refuses to obey lawful authority of Holy Mother Church.

He is in it for the money,the Scandal,and the notoriety it brings to him from his fellow Rebels against God.'
He gets off on insulting,scandalizing,and offending Catholics for any reason;but especially on issues that offend especially:such as the militant homosexuals that are attempting to remold the culture into their own filthy image.
He really should take down any of his advertisements pertain to REAL Catholics,and not to his cadre of bullies and sodomite thugs that post here.
He lost the privilege of doing that when he turned against his Faith.
It shouldn't really matter to Gerald that much anyway....
He prefers the company of sex-perverts to that of his Savior Jesus Christ anyway,so he won't miss seeing the Crucifix VERY much.


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