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Tuesday, May 20, 2008



This is now all about greed and vanity. Honestly thought, it is not the first nail in the coffin, it is one of the last... but with Islamic polygamy in the US around the corner, it isn't quite yet the last!

But 80 years into the West's divorce of marriage from sex, sex from procreation (thank you Anglicans, Margarte Sanger, feminist movement, et al.) and the rise of the "quickie" divorce available for $1500 from strip mall lawyers... Well sex is just for fun and marriage is just for now... Why should people who think like that say "I can divorce and remarry and have sterile sex all I want" and then look at men who do the same thing with men and try to say "but you can't."

Really, this move benifits the defminists and "Sexual Left" greatly - it is just one more stop on road to an idealized utopia of sterile sex in temporary arrangements and materialistic aquisition.

But right around the corner are the Muslim immigrants who are going to want the right to "practice their faith" which includes multiple marriage and ridiculously easy divorce.

Anyone who thinks that is not used as a tool of propogation anbd offense needs to do some reasearch on the history of Lebanon since the 1950s. The soldiers of the Islamic groups in the 80s were the sons of polygamists from the 50s and 60s that descended upon the small Christian Nation.

Look what you have today.


It won't be just the Muslim immigrants who will demand their 'right' to a polygamous arrangements, but also FLDS members. Just take a look at the current case in Texas.

Frankly, if a state allows same sex 'marriages' then I don't think polygamous/polyandrous marriages are far behind.


It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it out of sight

Brian Fisher

Having had no opinion on gay marriage until my wife had an affair with a Catholic priest I find the comment "Another reason for this decision is arrogance. First, the arrogance of four individuals to impose their understanding of what is right and wrong on the rest of society" to be, well, arrogant! They are not imposing their will on society; society is imposing its will on gay couples. What do you care if a gay couple gets married? Will it actually affect your life? Will it make the world a worse place?
I find it so completely ironic and just plain outrageous that one of the loudest voices against gay marriage is Archbishop John Myers, who went so far as to proclaim Feb. 17, 2008 as a day of prayer for the Scarement of Marriage stating “My Brothers in Christ, Catholics should not stand silent with marriage in crisis.”
But Myers stood by and did nothing when his own personal secretary, Fr. Michael Andreano, had an adulterous affair with my wife. To this day, nearly two years after I first reported the affair to Archbishop Myers, he has still refused to divulge the results of his investigation of the affair to me and Andreano remains at Myers' side.
It just never ceases to amaze me how the people with the biggest mouths on "morality" are always the people who seems least able to demonstrate it by example. Is it any wonder then Myers had such a cozy relationship with another great defender of "family values" polygamist Congressman Vito Fosella?


One thing I can asure you is that God does exist and ultimately offers a way to a meaningful way of life. The other thing I can assure you is that great damage can be done by some of those who represent religion. In Jesus' own time, his greatest rants were against the Pharisees who were leaders of religion in that day. Please don't confuse God and his truth with some of his representatives. Please don't refrain from seeking God because two of his representatives profoundly hurt you. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Many years ago my first wife also had an affair so I know the deep pain and sense of betrayel. All I can say is to keep moving forward and keep your eyes ahead. Don't try to steer your life by looking in the rear view mirror.


Two gays getting married in California may not necessarily "hurt me", but that isn't the standard by which I judge the morality or the wisdom of some course of action. That is, I'm sorry to say, a rather self-preoccupied way of looking at the world.

Gay marriage will ultimately harm the United States as it has done in Europe: marriage rates will decline markedly, out-of-wedlock birthrates will rise substantially, and society will pay more in taxes because of the increase in dysfunctional lives as a consequence of poor families; of course, no one will care in 20 years if this isn't repealed, since people ultimately get accustomed to the condition they're in and cease expecting or dreaming or demanding anything better.

You really think you can redefine something as intrinsically vital as marriage and no shockwaves will be felt by society? Come on. We start using ethanol more and starvation rates and food prices skyrocket. What will the unintended consequences be for altering something as vital for civilization as marriage? But I guess since it won't affect me we should give it a go.

You know, someone getting murdered in New York doesn't affect me at all, but I'm still opposed to it. Imagine that.

Brian Fisher

Touche Jimbo, have to give credit for the murder in New York comment!

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