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Tuesday, June 10, 2008



"there is no latino theology, no black theology, no asian theology, nor even a white theology! There is merely theology, either true or false.

2.) Theology is not "directed" at a particular group, theology is directed at G*d! It's very name THEOLOGY comes from the Greek for "Study of G*d."

This is true!!! We had better hold on to truth (by holding on to Truth), or we will lose it in this age. There are so many perversions of truth, so many truISMS relied upon by people who profess faith that the faithful are bound to have their heads twisted daily, at least. Ouch.

Jeff Miller

I wouldn't characterize John Allen Jr. as such. He is the only part of the National Catholic Distorter that is any good. His reporting has also improved over the years and is harldy reflexively liberal.

As for the CTSA they continue to be a joke with very few actual orthodox members. They are even getting wimpier and won't make statements on their members who are being investigate by the CDF and the Bishop's conference such a Fr. Peter Phan CTSA will just die out unless they return to orthodoxy.


The article seems to by saying that there are multiple theologies & that they are all 'true' - all 'valid.' I guess that means that we can all be our own pope & start our own church.


I've always found John Allen to try to impartially present the facts of whatever or whomever he's covering. Thus, I'm sure he's drawn the ire of both the left and the right. When I want the facts, on Opus Dei for example, I trust John.


John Allen is the only one at the Distorter that I would trust.... Most of the rest, I wouldn't trust to walk a rabid doberman.

That being said...

I don't know if this is cold comfort or consolation, but these folks at the CTSA are on the cutting edge of the 1970s, are not self-replacing, and are not much taken seriously anymore. Think "Berkley Commune" where all the residents are grey (if they have any hair left) and collect social sercurity checks...

It isn't that I tolerate them, or think what they do is OK, but looking to the very bright future of the orthodox orders and diocese that are growing, and fostering young and orthodox vocations... I can't bother too much with this group that is greying (not growing) and that no one is much taking seriously anymore.

I was talking with a couple of priests and layman the other night about what we saw the worst of 10 years ago - (especially women) religous who were noted for their dissidence and could still parlay their "name brand" of various religous orders and institutions into a notable headache. 10 years later, their orders are collapsing, their membership is decimated, they have withdrawn from their apostalates, and back to the motherhouses... The next decade is going to witness a MASSIVE selling off of the motherhouses as those are way too big for their aging membership and diminished numbers. (Think "Erie Benedictines" and Sister Joan.)

In 2008 we were collectively unaware of any of these women religous that were such vocal thorns being involved in the institutional church in any significant way if at all. The ones who were still working were doing so at secular jobs or for social services or whichever. Their influence was near non-existent.

The same is happening with the CTSA - they will still meet and be talking for some time longer... Who will be listening?


Well if there can be an African-American and Latino theology, why can't there by a pharmacist or taxi driver theology.

I think the good priest is confusing the term "theology" and "anthropology", since a latino theology appears to emphasize its human-ness.

..."and you shall be as gods..." Same dang temptation is still apparently effective!!

Dee Christie

The fruits of the Spirit are charity....

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