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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Mona Alona

Archbishop of SF, George Niederauer was the Rector at St. John's at one time was he not? With his track record (giving men in drag the Eucharist) I can imagine him saying such a thing.


...If only your Rector had been Joseph Ratzinger you might have been alright.

american aquarium drinker

God Bless the Holy Father!


With kneeling at papal masses now the norm, this indicates the abolition of communion in the hand and standing to receive communion is just a matter of time. I don't see how the restoration of these practices advances a greater respect and a deeper belief in the Real Presence.

Oh well, the reactionaries are in charge once again and as long as Pope Benedict is around, they appear to be calling the shots.

Pat S.

I was delighted to hear this. I have been blessed with parishes that have allowed this since Vatican II, thanks be to God. I hope and pray things do turn around, VII was a total disaster to the Faith.


Dear ATHELSTAN - WHO ARE YOU? Please go hide under your liberal rock. Lets see, Jesus is in front of me - would I kneel? YES!!! Or do you only kneel when Obama is around.


Bernie, With intemperate and decidedly racist views such as yours, maybe you should be kneeling all the time. Not just at communion time. Instead of being concerned about Jesus being in front of you, you should be concerned about getting Satin behind you.

By the way, when was your last confession? Perhaps,until you have confessed you should not be taking communion in any form, standing or kneeling!!

Pat S.

You're right Athelstan, we reactionaries are in control--the door is to the left. Oh, by the way, who is Satin? Isn't that a shiny material? See below--

satin |ˈsatn|
a smooth, glossy fabric, typically of silk, produced by a weave in which the threads of the warp are caught and looped by the weft only at certain intervals


You were doing so well Pat S. with your little spelling bee. Then you confirmed my worst fears, but not to worry. You and Bernie shouldn't bet the family farm on a big win for reactionaries in November. President to-be Obama may be sending a whole bunch of you crypto fascists seeking safety in the woodwork where you came from in the first place.
As for Pope Benedict possibly reversing the Vatican II liturgical changes,or abolishing the Novus Ordo, and enforcing the Tridentine Rite on the rest of the church,a cursory reading of the pope's writings on this subject suggest you can forget it. I'm sure you will be very comfortable with the SSPX crowd, the "sedevacantists", and other heretics who have their hearts set on this, but continue to dream on.
Just continue to extend your stay in Alice's Wonderland where so many reactionaries and Tridentinists appear to dwell permanently.

TM Lutas

ATHELSTAN - What an interesting specimen of homo leftus intolerandus you seem to be. Now I don't have a dog in this fight, my Church's norms being the use of leavened bread, dipped in wine and put in the mouth. The experience is thus entirely different. But you are not going to hear Pat S or Bernie complain because such practices are many centuries old and proper for our expression of the liturgy which is generally St. John Chrysostom's. I do have a dog in the fight for unity and comity within the Church universal and thus I intervene.

It's a decidedly cheap shot to open up with charges of racism when no racism was evident in the thread. If you have actual evidence, please link to said evidence, otherwise you're just another form of race baiter and just as ugly as Bull Conner without the firehose.

Also, what has Obama to do with Catholic liturgy? Did he swim the Tiber when I wasn't looking?


Dear Athelstan - As a proud Marine and Roman Catholic who loves my Pope and Church and the Latin Mass makes me a racist. The love for a Holy Mass that shows devotion is racist? I perfer the Latin Mass but, I still think that other who like the new mass can worship the way they like. I guess that I am a racist because I do not like Obama who is for killing babies and homosexual rights that are wrong and I believe God himself stated that it is wrong. I have love and respect for the sinner but, Hate the sin. I think you feel all white people who think Obama is WRONG for America are racists. Well I am one white male who with his black wife know that Obama is WRONG FOR AMERICA.

Pat S.

Atheistan--you sound like you are setting yourself up for a heart attack. Relax, you sound so full of hate.. True I am against Obama's blood thirsty desires to murder the unborn, so as a Catholic he will not get my vote. Secondly, our parish does offer the Tridentine mass (approved) and has done so for years. I do not attend it. Any other angry and unfounded slurs or have you stopped foaming at the mouth?

Former Seminarian from Miami

This happened to me not even a year ago. I had a confrontation from the rector at a seminary in Miami after I genuflected before recieving Communion. Genuflecting was a suggestion from the teacher with whom I was helping to teach CCD at a local parish. When I tried it, the rector used the exact same language: I was in disunity with the Church in America. The whole seminary received a similar lecture another Sunday night after we visited a parish for Mass that morning. This parish would stand and join the priest in the Doxology prayer, but a few of us remained kneeling and did not prematurely assume our ordinations. We were accused by the rector of pushing an agenda instead of showing love for our hosting parish. I have since left the seminary after some embarassing accusations by the rector regarding my relationships with other seminarians. The rector has since been made monsignor and is rumored to be on the fast track for auxillary bishop in Miami.


I am a convert and there is still so much after three years that I have to learn. I am confused though, why would anyone get upset that someone kneeled before they recieved communion?

Joe of St. Thérèse

Deo Gratias for the Pope. Kneeling is an expression of Adoration...Deo Gratias I have never been denied for kneeling.

Doug in Irving

Oh, yes! This morning I missed Mass at my local parish due to illness, but this evening felt well enough to go but my parish has no 5/5:30 pm Mass so I went to a neighboring parish - oh, no, never again! STANDING during Communion. In case you were wondering - I and about a dozen or so KNELT during both - but even we could not escape Vatican II "liturgical" music (3 guitars and I think a piano and what has sometimes been described as "singing"). Well, at least I am not sick anymore from my original illness - now I am suffering from "reformitis"! Thank you, Holy Father, for the Moto Propio - I pray the Church (re)discovers its rich musical heritage - do the names Vivaldi, Saint-Saens, Mozart, Franck, Bach, Gounod ring any bells?


Incredible remarks from Athelstan.

This guy needs a session in the woodshed of Our Boss, the Jewish Carpenter from Nazareth.

He Himself would banish any doubts from Athelstan's mind about what is right and duly proper in terms of what He finds acceptable for His Own Worship,and most of it does NOT involve the garbage that Athelstan and his liberal hooligans espouse.

Otherwise,I would advise this sacrilegious idiot to either hold his tongue,or be given a general cold shoulder by any proper Catholic that posts here, and I DON'T mean any of that ilk that corrupt the Truth with relativism,euphemisms and situational ethics.



Jesus knows our hearts.Outward shows of reverence such as kneeling, bowing or genuflecting don't always guarantee a heart that really respects and lives as Jesus wishes us to live as recent church scandals have shown.
I find people making elaborate bows and genuflection can be potentially dangerous as it is easy to trip over feet etcetera.I would be very happy if the Holy Father asked us all to simply make a sign of the cross before we put out our hands or tongue to receive Holy Communion.I also feel communion in the hand when done with reverence is much more dignified and simpler for all concerned.

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