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Monday, June 09, 2008



truly disappointing.


Disappointing, but I guess to be expected.

On the flip side, I should mention that the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius, a group dedicated to the restoration of the sacred in the liturgy (something Father Pfleger could learn a thing or two about) is booming in Chicago. I've attended a Mass of theirs for the last couple months and they are very holy, good priests. They will draw vocation...Father Pfleger will not.

Pray for the poor misguided priest, and the Cardinal.


I must say, if I was a member of that diocese, I would stop all financial support.


John 10:11: "I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep."

Sadly, most of our shepherds (bishops) won't even take a stand for the souls in their care.

Brian Fisher

How can anybody be surprised Cardinal George would show a lack of leadership on this issue when he's never demonstrated leadership on any prvious issue. Cardinal George, as is apparently every Archbishop of every large American city, is yet another key figure in the Catholic Sex Scandal who has refused to step aside and let less morally challenged people run the Church.
Just a couple of examples of George's priest peek-a-boo include one lawsuit which has charged that the archdiocese knew three years ago that the Rev. Walter Strus was sexually harassing parishioners but let him keep working. Father Strus has since fathered a child with a Polish immigrant, who has accused him of raping her and pressuring her to have an abortion. He has denied the allegations. "We had no indication of [the priest's] propensity for sexual assault," the church spokesman said. Another recent scandal involves the Rev. Sleeva Raju Policetti, who fled to his native India in May after being accused of abusing a girl. Church officials waited two days after learning of the allegation to call criminal authorities, who "advised us not to confront him ... until they had the chance to gather more information and question him," the spokesman said. "Somehow he found out ... anyway, and he left the country."


The problem has always been the bishops.


Pray for our bishops. You can adopt one via:


As expected.


I heard the rantings of a charlatan when I heard this priest's sermon a couple of weeks ago at Barak's former church for more than 20 years.

He associates with, agrees with, defends, and seems very comfortable with the worst race-baiters in America.

And the Arch-Bishop has nothing else to offer to the situation than an abbreviated two-week suspension? Mr. Arch-Bishop, here is a great teachable moment. Don't miss it.
Seems a bit weak to me, but at least he was suspended--for this I'll be grateful.

William Garland

This same priest called on a crowd to "snuff out" an ordinary citizen but was not removed from his office. Apparently mocking Ms. Clinton is regarded as a more serious matter than calling on a crowd to kill one of us.

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