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Thursday, June 05, 2008



I saw this same article over on "Whispers..." this morning.

The article emphasizes this guy's status as "priest". And yet, he isn't dressed as a priest, and certainly doesn't seem to be functioning or living as a priest.

What is this man's current status in the Church? Is he still a practicing priest with faculties, carrying out priestly functions? If so, how does that square with his (apparently lifelong) public involvement in Latin American politics? Or is he a "former" priest? If so, did he merely withdraw himself from priestly life, or has he been formally laicized, in which case it is inaccurate and somewhat dishonest to describe him as a "priest"?

Publicizing such articles without clarifying the career history and current clerical status of such "priests" or other clerics or former clerics can only confuse and possibly scandalize the faithful.


Yes I'd like to know more about this guy beyond that he secretly joined the Sandinistas, is also into Liberation Theology and likes to bash Reagan and Bush.

Is this Pfleger Mark II?


I didn't know the former Sandinista Foreign Minister was still alive!

T. Shaw

Yes! Padre, et al would organize and arm the masses, and take from the filthy, selfish dogs. That's straight out of the Gospel of Marx, Chapter 13, Verse 13.

Brian Fisher

He's probably not wearing his priest garb so he can avoid a positive ID by his alter boys.

M. R.

So is this one that will come out of the land or the sea? ;-


He's right. In his time Ronald Reagan made the world less safe...for communist totalitarians.
G.W. Bush is trying to make the world less safe for radical Islamist terrorists. Time will tell if he has been successful.



Maybe some folks need a history lesson here... Go to the link above, 'round the 29-35:00 minute mark. Watch ex-CIA covert specialist John Stockwell, fmr. US Ambassador to El Salvador Robert White, and ex-CONTRA leader Edgar Chamorro (among other non-commies) vindicate this priest's (?) testimony. I lived in Tegucigalpa from '82-88. I traveled the region. I saw what I saw. Unless any of you can say the same, I'd suggest you stop parroting the party line on Reagan and better educate yourselves.

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