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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Carl Segvich

I strongly think the Chicago "catholic church" is virtually run by Rich Daley's liberal democrat party mafia.
Shame on these guys who call themselves priests who are not more than liberal politicians!

Atlanta Catholic


You are absolutely right! It has been a steady erosion. We were brought up expecting more from our priests, Bishops and Cardinals. Can you imagine how difficult it is to be a faithful priest and be surrounded by fellow brothers in Christ who have sold out? A couple of years ago I spoke with a ex-priest who left the priesthood because of the incredible burden and pressure. He knew about the scandals of abuse. He knew information and he wanted to do the right thing. He went to his Superiors and they were as corrupt as the rest. The few who had the goodness and courage to report the serious abuses were punished. Some priests could withstand the psychological punishment. Others could not. He was not able to withstand the cesspool. He left. When Cardinal Arinze visited his area, this ex-priest drove Cardinal Arinze around. It was enlightening to hear this ex-priest convey the fact that Cardinal Arinze spoke about the ex priest's local Bishop being "very bad". This ex priest conveyed that many of the clergy that he was stationed by and under the authority of were no more than Corporate Wolves. They had absolutely zero interest in the salvation of souls. There are extremely good and faithful priests though. They need our support and prayers. Yes, it is disgusting but keep remembering that rarely heard promise of Our Lady. "In the End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph"! Those words were a fore-telling of a spiritual battle. We are experiencing it in all aspects of our faith and culture. If we are disgusted, just think of how disgusted the faithful clergy must be!

Jay in St. Louis

Frankly, anyone who publicly supports a pro-abortion candidate should not merely be denied communion, but excommunicated. How else should the Church or the faithful treat somebody who is complicit in the murder of over 50 million human beings.

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