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Monday, July 14, 2008


Li Bin

"If a priest or bishop does not punish a public sinner, it is the priest or bishop who is wrong."

Given the situation in the bishop's diocese he should be punishing a lot more folks. It is a good post, but the reality in the bishops diocese and the number of so-called public sinners are many.

What about the American bishops who allowed their priests to abuse young people? Shouldn't we also punish them in the same way?

What about a politician who supports the death penalty?

The respect for life stance is very narrow in America these days.


Hey why don't we just institute a loyalty oath and maybe then we could exclude the sinners for mass…… This archbishop might do well to study more about the person he was named after.

Joe of St. Thérèse

Good for the Archbishop!

Frankie Fuentes

Fine do it. Punish them. As long as you don't claim artificial birth control as equivalent to abortion because they are totally different. For Christ's sake masturbation is not abortion. Artificial and natural birth control IS THE SAME! Both don't have conception, in both scenarios both males released sperms.

As long as there is no conception, you cannot claim that you are killing the unborn. To claim otherwise is being a narrow-minded.

The Catholic church is only in favor of natural birth control BECAUSE it is INEFFECTIVE, and in the same way makes them look like pro birth control where in fact they are not! Talking about politics!

They say birth control is not the solution, the solution is on the effectiveness of Government, I say that is not true! Why? No matter how efficient your government if the population is way out of proportion you go nowhere. Why? Because humans are human resources, and they too are subject to the law of supply and demand. If the supply is high the value of it diminishes that is why the purchasing power of Filipinos is way below poverty lines.

Come on Catholic priest I am challenging you to a positive debate. Give me your arguments, I want it right now. Why? Because I can't see why you are so persistent to an issue that is fact a no-brainer issue with an obvious solution, to control the birth rate WITH an effective means.

"The Catholic church is only in favor of natural birth control BECAUSE it is INEFFECTIVE", if it were true, what would be the actual purpose of her whereas every year, she has to shoulder the burden of raising thousands of parentless infants just due to charity and the Love of Chirst? It seems to be superficial to state that "Artificial and natural birth control IS THE SAME!" whereas human intervention is quite different God's desire.


What does the fact that he is a member of the Congregation of The Mission (Vincentian) have ANYTHING to do with it???

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