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Wednesday, July 16, 2008



I talked Coptic christians in Luxor in 1994 and I know what they go through. I love their icons, liturgy, and architecture.
They have a beautiful and ancient faith with the faithful holding key positions in Egyptian society. Unfortunately, Islamic fundamentalism and the excesses emanating from it are taking a toll on the faithful and the clergy.
I hope the Vatican is doing everything it can to influence Egypt and her allies, directly or indirectly, to protect Coptic christians. If I recall, Pope Shenouda was a house guest of the late Pope John Paul II some years ago.

Loyal Eagle

I just came across this site. My word, why hasn't the MSM reported on this horrendous attack on Christians? I'm infuriated.

Parallel to this, I’m doing a story on a blogger who was arrested and is still facing serious charges for reporting the deeds of Muslims on his site. He isn’t the only one this has happened to; I’m digging up more as I go along in my investigation; some here in the US.

As far as I can tell now, he was truthful in his reporting, but that didn’t matter. (He’s labeled a “fanatic.”) He was charged with inciting racial hatred, and the police still have a leash around his neck; he’s still facing a long prison sentence. His life’s been ruined; he’s lost everything, and now in addition to facing jail, his life’s been threatened by radical Muslims for reporting on their activities, which were, ironically, the spreading and promoting of terrorism.

My point here is, as in Egypt, the police and apparently the court system in some parts of England are supporting the Muslims. It not only could happen here in America, but apparently has already begun. Is there anything, anything at all, you could do to help call attention to what’s going on? No one that I know of, other than one reporter for CBN News, has covered the story.

I beg of you, please, see my site for more info, check out the links I’ve posted there under “Blogging Can Get You Arrested, Never Mind Killed.”

If even one of us is silenced for reporting on the activities of Muslim extremists, then all of us are endanger of the same fate. Please, do what you can. I beg of you. Do not let Freedom die without us at her side.

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