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Wednesday, August 20, 2008



I commented on this article when it appeared on earlier today and I'll repeat it here. We are most fortunate and blessed to have a voice in our Church that is not afraid to tell us truth regardless of PC. God Bless Archbishop Burke.


I commented on this article when it appeared on earlier today and I'll repeat it here. We are most fortunate and blessed to have a voice in our Church that is not afraid to tell us truth regardless of PC. God Bless Archbishop Burke.

James M. Essig

In our modern scientific culture that ever attempts perfected economic efficiency and consumerism of material wealth where having lots of money, a big house, a trophy wife, and a sometimes almost obsessive desire to see one's children progress beyond their peers in intelligence, intellectual and psychological prowess and in athletic competitions, many have seemed to have lost the sense of the mystery of all human persons as well as the loss of the sense of the spiritual created realities such as human souls and angels. Perhaps even modern theological movements that have put so much emphasis on the body in an attempt to counter extreme spiritualism are partly to blame. It is clear to me that human souls exist in a perfectly happy state in Heaven even though they are not united to their deceased bodies. Even souls that need purging of sin after death in order to reach their eternal reward, in purgatory, I am sure, have full affective and cognitive functionality, in all probability, to a far greater extent than the human persons that are still living in the Earthly realm of every day life. Is it any wonder that with the loss of respect for the spiritual realms, that we would grow to callously disregard the integrity of our physical environment with little concern of the welfare of the integrity of nature and of the other feeling creatures or species we share the planet with? Yes, the New Catholic Catechism does infact teach that God looks after the animals of planet Earth with His providential care and concern.

Regarding the sense of mystery that we seem to have lost regarding our own ontological makeup in its aspects that can not be seen with the optical vision of our eyes nor any of our other sensible senses, I would like to offer the above personal thoughts of encouragement that I have come to cherish as a Catholic middle aged man, although my views do not necessarily represent the official views of the Vatican and Church tradition.

1) The Wonders and Transcendent Reality of the Human Heart

The human heart, in terms of not only the workings of the affective life of our psyche, but that irreducible inner sanctuary of our being where only we as individuals can be alone with God, that innermost aspect of our being by which we ultimately choose for or against God, is one of the most awesome mysteries of creation. The Holy Bible states in a rhetorical question format something like, “Who but the Lord God Almighty Himself can understand or comprehend the depths of and the tangled workings of the human heart?”

As we see behaviors of fellow humans with free will that defy reason, such as criminal acts that defy rationality, acts of bravery on the battlefield that seem to exude super natural courage, and the seemingly intractable complexity of human relationships, from the untreatable paranoid babbling of flagrantly psychotic persons in the dark wards of mental hospitals, to the complexities of the day to day interactions of spouses, that of parents and children, of siblings amongst themselves, and the consciously deeply felt love between husband and wife, girl friend and boy friend, that seems to defy rationalization and even takes on a deeply spiritual affectivity that somehow cannot be framed by rational science, we see the wonderful beings we are as made in the image and likeness of God.

This intangible yet consciously experienced part of our innermost being, the human heart, is ultimately something that only God can fully comprehend, The human heart, in its natural growth in maturity and its ever ongoing acquisition of new experiences that modify its accidental form, and its supernatural growth in the life of sanctifying grace seems to have been forgotten in our modern life of scientific rationality and economic engines that push for ever greater and more efficient economic output that seems to blind us to higher realities within and amongst ourselves with temptations to make consumerism and having things or accumulating possessions into our God.

In a modern scientific society that has advanced so far in its ability to theorize that we have come up with scientific explanations that are mathematically based regarding the birth of the universe or the ability to manipulate and even genetically engineer human embryos, we are tempted to view human life as just another object in this vast, perhaps infinitely spatially extending cosmos, to the point where we have lost a sense of mystery and wonderment, not only about the incomprehensible vastness of the universe, but the intangible aspects that make us human.

It has been theorized by cosmologists that what we call the Big Bang might simply be one of innumerable Big Bangs in an ever growing fractal like tree of parent and baby universes. What’s more, its been conjectured that there might by innumerable fractal like trees or fractal-verses, and God only knows where the hierarchy levels stop. Perhaps there is innumerable hierarchies beyond the level of any fractal-verse or multiverse level.

Likewise, its been said that each human being is like a microcosm, in short like a separate cosmos because we possess a physical but living body and a spiritual and immortal soul that is of the same level as that of the pure bodiless spirits called angels. Just as our human minds can acquire factual knowledge, abstract understanding, and the prowess of cerebral reasoning skills, let us not forget about the eternal growth capacity of our human hearts.

It has been said by logicians that a statement is either true or false, in other words defined as to its truth or falseness by the rules of logic . But there is a higher form of truth that transcends this mathematical logic and that truth is the truth of morality, the truth of the ultimate good, the truth of the human free will, the truth of the purpose for creation and each and every one of us. Ultimately, that truth is accessible by us humans and any other rational beings within the cosmos only within the reality of our hearts.

In a society that has become so scientifically motivated, even ironically to the technologicalization, computerization, and rationalization of our base urges to kill our fellow humans by the cold steely destructive power of multi-billion dollar nuclear submarines which perhaps can end all life on the planet, lets take a break and look inward, and amongst each other at those aspects of our nature that we somehow seem to have forgotten. Science and technological progress are good and so is the development of our rational intellectual abilities. As someone trained within the field of physics, I certainly do enjoy science and technology and also the increasing of my own scientific and technical aptitude and abilities. However, let us not let our technical wizardry enslave us in the material world by our ability to manipulate and destroy human life and wreak havoc on mother nature. I am confident that we can and will continue our legacy of scientific and technological progress, however, let us build a civilization of love also. With God’s grace, all things are possible.

As we strive to reach out and explore the vastness of our cosmos, let us realize that there is an ever higher truth or to use a phrase borrowed from modern physics, higher dimensions that cannot be quantified. These dimensions are not spatial, not temporal, not spatial-temporal, nor are they intelligable through mathematics. They are the realities of goodness, the ultimate good, purposefullness, the ultimate purpose, love and charity, the ultimate love and charity, morality and rightioushness. Who knows, at the sunset of our life here on Earth, when we pass on to the otherside, we might find out that there is an infinite number of such non spatial, non temporal, non spatial temporal, and non-mathematical dimensions or trancendant realities. We might even find that there exists such a multitude of such realities that not even all of the creatures God has ever created could symbolically define the cardinality of infinity of such higher principles. Perhaps the number is so vaste that the concept of cardinality has no meaning or effectiveness at defining the multitude of such transcendent aspects.

But first things first. We have a whole solar system to explore with man’s return to the Moon by 2020 according to NASAs plans and the plans of the space programs of other nations, and then onward to Mars and beyond. As we reach out into the vast solar system and ultimately out into our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, I somehow get a feeling that we will have plenty of opportuinity to speculate and theorize on the ultimate meaning of things, perhaps also with any of our intellegent extraterrestrial brothers and sisters as well as to ponder the mysteriously infinite depths of the here and now of our physical universe.

2) The Natural Immortality of the Human Soul and its Non-materiality for Those Who are Looking For Some Higher Meaning of Natural Human Dignity.

My posting on my own blog site earlier this summer offered a materialistic view of the human soul. I have decided to argue the reverse position which is the one chiefly held by Catholic Theologians and which is in line with the statements contained within the new Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church and its Revised Edition.

Scholastic theologian interpretations of the belief in immortal human souls hold that the soul is naturally immortal, that it does not survive bodily death because of the grace of God nor through the incurrence of the sacraments of the Catholic Church, but rather is inherently immortal of its own nature. The Scholastics hold that the human soul has no extension in space, has no shape, size, nor separate components into which it can decay or be divided. It is said to be simple and unextended. Thus, it is said to be spiritual and not dependent on matter in any way for its existence.

The scholastics also hold that the soul is a first created principle meaning that it is not dependent on any other being for its existence, not even the human body or brain, and that it is directly created by God as its first and only cause for existence.

Scholastics hold that the human soul is incorruptible per addends and perse meaning that it has no pieces or extension into which it could decay and that it cannot be created nor destroyed by any natural forces nor by God through the use of any natural forces and agents. It is said that only God by a direct act of his will could destroy the human soul but that he would never do so because he never takes back what he has given in his first principle creatures.

The human soul is said to be that transcendent principle of the makeup of the human person that constitutes him/her as a unique and individual person.

The New Catechism of the Catholic Church basically endorses the above mindset with a greater or lesser degree of emphasis on the particular arguments for such.

Moreover, the Catholic Catechism states that each human soul is endowed to a radical degree with free will and that the human soul is rational.

Scholastics have traditionally made a distinction between the faculties of the human soul and its essence or substance (the ontological meaning of the word). The faculties of the human soul are more or less viewed as accidental properties of the souls whose operation in this life depends extrinsically on the human body/brain. Every experience of the human person is said to modify its accidental properties.

I believe that the human soul is said to be of a multiplicity in nature meaning that it is multiplied in its relation to the body by being completely present in and completely and totally united to each and every differential portions of the human body. Since the human soul is said to be substantially united to the body in this life, and then again to the resurrected human body at the Final Resurrection, such multiplicity is a good aspect of the human soul. In a real way, such multiplicity adds to the existential or ontological size of the soul for lack of a better word.

Some theologians hold that the human free will can almost be viewed as a separate ontological or substantial principle in its self because of its profound ability to produce actions that are not determined by God nor by the actions’ causes. God certainly does not will humans to go to Hell or some terrorist with a suicide belt to blow dozens of small children, newlyweds, grandparents etc., to pieces. These children's gaurdian angel watch over their subjects just as intensely as our gaurdian angels watched over us when we where children as well as the various Popes and Saints thoughout the mellenia. To say that everything happens exactly according to God's will is simplistic and niave. Part of our greatness as human persons endowed radically with free will (also according the the New Catechism) is our ability to interact dynamically with God and make choices for better or for worse. God did not make us deterministic puppets.

Thus, for all of you have chosen or will choose marriage and the resultant call to procreation as a corollary, be mindful of the great dignity of your vocation and try not to shun the hassle of day to day provisions for your families. Your children would not have come into existence if it were not for your vocation. This wonderful creature called the human person, body and soul, who is destined to be Glorified and completely resurrected at the Second Coming of Christ has come into existence in part by you who have made the choice to bear children. These children, in fact, any and all descendants in your future family lineages will be incredibly grateful and respectful of the vocation you have chosen that has lead to their creation.

So when it comes to election day, for those within the United States, vote pro-life. Only you can make the decision to do such according to the dictates of your reasoned arguments. However, remember that untold future numbers of babies and human persons will be able to grow to maturity just as your kids have or are doing such. There will be untold numbers of thankful persons in heaven to greet you for your actions.

The Catholic Catechism also states in line with Catholic Teaching that each human soul is created by a special act of God’s will and immediately. In the original version of the New Catechism of the Catholic Church, the term directly created is used within the table of contents of this brilliant work. The history of the meaning of direct creation is creation completely and entirely directly be God using no pre-existing matter or agents. This is creation directly out of nothing by God. When a child is allowed to be conceived, it is a great victory for the child’s guardian angel and those who will have the privilege to raise the child to maturity.

The heart of man is referred to as that innermost aspect of the human person by which we ultimately decide for or against God

If you know of anybody who is contemplating an abortion, feel free to pass this article on to them with or without my name attached. My personal authorship of this article is not important. What is important is the giving of all the more souls the life of being created and for those souls who have already been conceived, a right to grow to maturity and the opportunity to become great canonized Saints. You never know, perhaps you yourselves each will become a Canonized Saint and a great one at that as well as the same for your children

3) Musings on the Incorruptability of the Positive Truth Value of the Goodness of all Rational Spiritual Creatures including but Perhaps not Limited to Human Persons, Angels, any and all Damned Human Souls, all Fallen Angels including Satan, and any Spiritual and Rational Extraterrestrial Beings on Other Planets including all Those that have Died.

I am glad to share my further thoughts below on the dignity of the human person.

It occurred to me to mention another inherently incorruptible aspect of the human person, the angels, and even the natural good of the damned, the fallen angels, and even Satan himself although the latter beings who have made definitive evil choices use their inherently ontologically good nature for evil purposes. Modern Catholic theology generally holds that all creatures are good and that even Satan, who accordingly has a nature that is inherently very good, although he uses his nature for profoundly evil motives and agendas, has a greatly good nature having been created with perhaps the highest nature of all of the Angels. The reason why it is a sin to curse even Satan in a vengeful way such as wishing God to annihilate him or somehow ontologically tear him to shreds is that like all rational spiritual creatures, he and all other rational creatures by their very spiritual and immortal nature represent God’s creative act in a manner that is special. All created rational and spiritual creatures including all human souls and all humans souls that ever will be created involve a special act of God’s creative genius to be brought into existence out of nothing.

Regarding the incorruptibility of each and every rational creatures goodness, although I am Catholic but am not speaking for the Catholic Church, I firmly believe that not even God, who by his very nature of being Truth itself in the form of a GOD with the perfection of personality, can reduce the positive truth value of the goodness of a spiritual rational creature to nothing or change it in any manner at the creature’s natural level of being; neither directly by His Will nor indirectly through the use of another creature or other creatures. Yes, GOD can deprive any natural rational and spiritual creature and any creature no matter how great its state of grace of its existence by reducing it to nothing, but GOD’s memory of having produced the creature and the Goodness of the would be one time existent creature would still per due including the positive truth value of the goodness of the rational spiritual creature as it once existed. God, who is truth itself, cannot erase any form of ontological or eternal truth, and the truth is, all rational spiritual creatures in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, on Earth, or out on other planets in the cosmos are ontologically inherently good in their nature.

All of us Catholics, whether or not we profess that faith as we grow older or abandon it altogether, are blessed with the sacramental characters incurred by the power of the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments of Baptism and for those who have received the sacrament of Confirmation, that also. This sacramental seal is no mere garment, but is an indelible supernatural quality that is imprinted or produced within the human soul that per dues forever, regardless of whether or not one spends eternity in Hell or in Heaven. This is why, in part, we must not call down anger in vengeance on any human being whatsoever, especially our fellow Catholics. For all of the readership of this blog who are Catholics, be secure that your baptism and confirmation mark you forever, under absolutely all situations, in a special relationship with GOD. It does not matter whether or not you have turned completely away from the Catholic Faith, you are special in GOD’s eyes and are not inferior to anyone else on the planet. These sacramental seals cannot be erased and mark all Catholics forever as Catholics. The same type of sacramental seal is also imprinted at another level to those who have validly received the sacrament of Holy Orders and obtains it full perfection in those consecrated as Bishops of the Church.

For all those who are not Catholic but would like to become Catholic, find a good parish Catholic Priest to talk to, but be secure that while you are not yet Catholic, no matter what your religious faith, you are in no way inferior persons to those of the Catholic Faith. We are all of equal fundamental moral equality before GOD, and that includes all of those who practice any Faith at all, all those who are professed atheists or agnostics, all of those in comatose vegetative states, etc.. Absolutely every human being on Earth is of fundamentally moral equality before the Eternal Father, before Your Eternal Father. This fact is also clearly stated in the New Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church.

For those of other faiths who do not profess Christianity or for those of non- Catholic Christian denominations, realize that the Catholic Church fully holds that you can obtain eternal salvation without being Catholic. I must say that as a Conservative Roman Catholic who believes there is something absolutely special and unique about the Catholic Faith, I will be judged more harshly and vigorously when I pass on to the next life than those who happily and peacefully practice their non Catholic and even non Christian faiths. I believe I will be judged more vigorously than even atheists, even professed atheists, who do to no fault of their own have not been able to come to a belief in God yet who nonetheless, guided by grace, in some ways, perhaps by ways known only to God, stand for the dignity and progress of the human race and the human person. Some of these persons may, and I suspect, there some who go straight to Heaven, and perhaps become great Saints although such Saints will probably never be officially be recognized as such in the official process of Canonization.

For all of us Catholics, whether Clergyman, religious, single, married, divorced, we much reach out and let the world see the mystery of the Catholic Faith in us so that they can be inspired. Yes, their are objective sins that we all commit, but we must not allow others faults to make us become judgmental or hateful of those who sin, no matter how horribly they sin. The Bible clearly states that their is more rejoicing in Heaven among the angels over one repentant sinner than over 99 who have no need of repentance. We have many lost brothers and sisters out there and we must do our best to lead them back to God. To do such is the ultimate vocation that a Catholic can have.

We can build a civilization of love wherein not only the integrity of the natural order of all creation is respected, but also wherein each and every one of us is respected as a Child of God.

James M. Essig

I had some additional thoughts on the dignity of human persons and why we simply can never abort human persons and why the normal possibility for procreation must not be interupted by artifical contraception. I hope all of those who practice artificial contraception or who are planning or considering an abortion or funding or otherwise support an abortion will see how valuable the human life you are about to take or the value of the human person who may never have the chance to exist because of your actions. That same value also applies to you and me no matter how bad we sin.

As I was out driving early one recent morning, say at around 1 AM, I thought that I would take a drive to see the house that I spent some of my earliest years, a house that is located about 12 miles from where I currently live. As I was driving toward this former residence, for which I have very fond childhood memories, I begin to think about just how significant human free will is and the existential and ontological dignity associated with human free will.
I began to formulate some thoughts in a mentally articulated manner that I have never really thought before regarding the dignity, and transcendent nature and power of the human free will.

First, I reflected on the power of human free will to operate independently of the causes of the choices it produces. This freedom does not simply mean that we are not forced by others to do what we do and that we merely can do what we feel and/or think is appropriate. according to Catholic Theology, it is the ability of the human free will to transcend deterministic behavior, to act in an non-deterministic manner in which the human will can produce acts that are independent, and not determined by the actions causes.

Although I have long held a belief in the ability of human free will to act independently of the causes of its actions, another idea occurred to me. Essentially, this idea arose out of the idea that the human free will can do what it was not meant to do by God, in other words, it can simply act in ways it was not meant to do.

We can all agree that human free will choices such as murder, terrorist acts, reckless driving, rape, embezzlement of Church funds and the like are human choices that were not meant by God to occur. Some may say that God's will is always accomplished but I retort in response, not so fast. It is never God's will that human beings sin. God would never have willed that murder of millions of Jews, his chosen people, at the hands of the NAZI Gestapo, nor the 25 million Russian military troops and brave civilians who died fighting NAZI troops who invaded Russia. God never intended a situation that would arise by which dozens of nuclear submarines from the U.S. and Russia, and several from the U.K., France, and China would ply the depths of Earth's oceans in a cold, calculating, manner wherein some of these subs have on an individual basis, perhaps enough nuclear warheads to end the human race if not all life on the surface of the Earth from the combined primary and secondary effects of targeting hundreds of large cities. God never intended Fundamentalists Islamic terrorists to start using woman as suicide bombers to kill dozens of innocent civilians, many of them young children who as young children, rest assured, their angels go before the Lord on the children’s behalf, to paraphrase Sacred Scripture. The list of examples is huge.

What can we make of this human free will wherein even God's will for us can be thwarted or disobeyed. I am not glorifying evil, but instead suggest that just as we humans have the ability for profoundly evil and unmeant to be evil acts, perhaps with God's grace we have the ability to go beyond the call of duty as we carry our life's crosses and pray that, our loved ones, and even our enemies grow all the more in the state of grace. There just may be some cases, wherein an individual human being desiring to do good to the extent that he or she was not called to do such good by God, or originally not meant to do such good, actually guided somehow in a mysterious way by God's own grace, goes the extra mile and goes beyond the call of duty. Some folks might say that such cannot happen, at least in any normal sense or times, but we live in extraordinary times and I say, because God has chosen to let us humans make free choices on our behalf and on the behalf of others, all bets are off on this one.

Another concept that occurred to me is the concept of violating the purpose of one's life by his or her free choices and then coming back with flying colors to do good in the process of conversion. We all know of many instances of individuals who have sinned profoundly but who have come back to the life of grace with flying colors. A good example is that of Saint Paul of the early Church who personally was involved in the death sentences of perhaps hundreds of thousands of early Christians who were persecuted by the authorities for professing and practicing their faith.

I believe that God can provide a means for salvific atonement in cases where one takes his own life in a mortally sinful manner by ways known only to God. This notion seems to be clearly implied in the New Catechism of the Catholic Church. Note that the Catholic Catechism says that in many cases of suicide, culpability is reduced and that the chief hindrances to full culpability are mental disorders, fear, torture, etc. For cases where the culpability is reduced and the person who takes their own life is not in the state of mortal sin when he dies, then no means for salvific atonement known only to God is required since a stay in purgatory will then be the means of purification, a means which is known by every practicing Catholic. I personally believe that in some cases, persons who take their own lives go straight to heaven especially those as such who were the unfortunate victims of alleged CIA mind control experiments involving massive doses of LSD and perhaps even brain implants because such persons were martyred in the most horrible way, by the grave attacks on what we in modern civilization view as our inner sanctum, our very psyches. I just cannot see God punishing a poor bedraggled elderly, homeless, street bag lady that commits suicide in a stupor of depression who has been rejected by her husband, raped, and abandoned by her children as insane who nonetheless stops by a Catholic Church some days and puts a quarter in the poor basket. Only a hypocritical, pretentious, and self-righteous aristocratic snob could envision God punishing such a woman, and much worse, have a desire that God should punish such a woman.

One form of going beyond the call of duty is to make a so-called Heroic Act of Charity daily by which one offers any time up he will spend in Purgatory for the salvation of others and even for others to become Saints, even Canonized Saints, especially for family members and enemies. God will surely not let such Heroic Acts go unrewarded. I cannot think of a more selfless act than to essentially volunteer to spend time in purgatory, even while aiming at a state of sanctity in this life, for ones enemies to become Saints.
Even when we use our free will to transcend cause and effect or simply causality, and to in an ironic sense, transcend the purpose for which we were created, and perform acts that were not meant by God for us to do, we can make the initial choice to come back to God, and then come back into the fullness of Gods grace with the help of God's grace.

Just as we have all inherited a state of original sin, we will be Resurrected at the end of time by the power of God. I believe we will actually be of an incredibly more exalted state because of original sin than we would have had we never sinned thru Adam and Eve. Just as Christ's Human Nature was exalted and glorified in His Resurrection from the Dead after His Life's suffering and Passion and death on the Cross, so will all of us as we struggle to overcome sin, sickness, persecution, the hassles of daily life in the life of a working family (a life in modern America which can be among the biggest of crosses due to the anti-life, anti-family culture that has spread through our civilization), the hassles of dealing with other motorists on our highways who treat us rudely, and the list goes on and on.

This wonderful thing, we call the human free will, is perhaps far more profound than even our intellects. Let us use our free will to harness our intellects and our hearts for the good of humanity. Only then, guided by Gods grace, will we build a civilization of love.

I have written about several spiritual topics in a highly spiritualistic manner while spending very little time on the dignity of the human body, and by corollary, the dignity of the bodies of any existent intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

We of the Catholic Faith hold that the human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We hold that the human soul is not the totality of human nature which is of a compound substance involving the substantial union of the body and soul even though the human soul is accordingly immortal, and according to Scholastic Theologians, incorruptible per addends and per se. The Scholastics hold that the soul is directly created out of nothing or created ex nihilo and that its existence is intrinsically independent on the body for its existence, i.e., it survives bodily death and separation from the human body by the natural process of bodily death. Thus, it is naturally immortal. This view of the human soul is essentially stated within the New Catechism of the Catholic Church although a long philosophical explanation or argument is not given for such.

But what about the human body which includes the human brain. According to the Catholic Church, it will be Resurrected and reunited to the soul that once animated it. The resurrected body will be the exact same body that was united to its animating soul while the human person so constituted was living on Earth.

Christ glorified human body is the prototype of the Resurrected Body each one of us will have. It does not matter whether you adhere to the Catholic Faith or not, or have no professed faith at all. All persons who end up in Heaven will have a Resurrected and Glorified Body regardless of whether they were Catholic, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Atheist, Agnostic etc..

The bodies of those who end up in the unfortunate reality of Hell will also be risen incorruptible except that these bodies will undergo some unspecified deprivation or suffering.

The Resurrected bodies in Heaven will be spiritualized in a manner that will remain mysterious until we are in Heaven at the Final Resurrection of The Dead at the very End of Time after the Final Judgment. These Resurrected Bodies will also take on incorruptibly to an incredible degree. They will no loner suffer, will look and be perfect, will be perfect instruments of the Human Soul and perfectly subjected to the Human Soul. These bodies accordingly have the ability to move from place to place at the speed of though and will have perfect beauty and perfect health.

It is my belief that the bodies or energy bodies that persons having near death experiences as well as those who claim the ability to travel astrally out of their physical body are not the Resurrected Bodies which will only be reunited to the Soul that animated it only at the End of Time and after the Final Judgment which obviously has not happened yet. These so called energy bodies may or may not be identical with the disembodied human soul, although I tend to believe that these so called energy bodies are in fact not the soul wherein the souls is of a much higher and ephemeral nature than any energy bodies. Moreover, because the so called energy bodies not yet of Resurrected nature, I am a firm believer that such energy bodies can be destroyed by natural processes such as perhaps by close proximity to nuclear explosions and other super high energy, super high power output, devices or natural phenomenon. Such energy bodies I believe may be a good tool that the deceased persons make use of and which may be a integral undocumented aspect of our human nature and presumably ET natures also, but which is still not equivalent to the human soul or ET souls.

With all of the emphasis on the Glory that awaits us at the End of Time in our Resurrected bodies, I am convinced that the Resurrected Human Body will have far more glory, clarity, ephemerality, spirituality, incorruptibility, beauty, sublimity, etc then any currently disembodied energy bodies have.

I believe our Resurrected Bodies will be completely indestructible to natural forces or causes and will take on the same incorruptibly as Christ's Glorified and Risen Body. Since our brain is part of our body, it too will have the same glorified and incorruptible aspects as Christ Glorified Risen Body. We will have incredible brain based intelligence, our brains will be utterly free from any defect, will not have any disease such as that which results in dementia, mental retardation, or mental illness. In short, the Resurrected brain will be a perfect and spiritualized brain that is completely incorruptible to natural forces.

And that is just the Resurrected Natural Qualities of the Resurrected Human bodies. I am a firm believer that the Resurrected Human bodies including our brains will have a life of grace that is distinct from the Life of Grace of our Glorified Souls.
Now if our Resurrected Bodies will be so glorified, imagine how much more glory the more sublime aspect of our makeup of our souls will have. Our souls will, also, I believe have a huge jump, in glory and grace at the Final Resurrection, even the souls of the Canonized Saints currently in Heaven.

I believe that even the Canonized Saints in Heaven are in for a tremendously enjoyable surprise as their souls and Resurrected bodies are glorified beyond the current glory of their souls in Heaven. We are all in for one big Eternal Party and Eternal Vacation and Vocation to love God, love each other, and explore the wonders of all creation, and above all those of God. Let us start this eternal journey, in how ever currently limited way, by saying Hi ! to a stranger or holding the door for a stranger and spreading a little peace and above all joy along the way.

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