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Friday, September 26, 2008


James Rich

I have to say I am impressed with the tone, truth, and courage of this bishop's words. It just goes to show that the truth can be proclaimed without being needlessly provacative or reactionary.

I wonder that if five people walked out of this speech -- which is an almost perfect representation of Church teaching -- what the heck is their ministry teaching and working toward? They may have tipped their hands a bit. I wonder what the five Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence found so offensive?


There are probably more gays in the church than out. Including priests and bishops.

Alberi Bitencourt

The church does not condemn the gay, but the "the sex between gays."
A Gay can live in chastity and serve the church? Yes, the very catechism confirms!

The Gay chaste can be holy? Yes.


god is love


It was so good to see how he handled this as well. This is not the finger pointing and stoning that so many liberals would accuse the Church of doing. It is charitable, truthful, and shows a loving concern for sinners.
Good work, Bishop!


Something like this coming out of Bishop Soto's mouth is very nice to hear. Now, if he could help convince the catholic high school teachers in Orange County to think the same way!


Something like this coming out of Bishop Soto's mouth is very nice to hear. Now, if he could help convince the catholic high school teachers in Orange County to think the same way!


Praise God for this faithful bishop.

Dear friends, we have to stop trying to conform Holy Mother Church to our (worldly) ways. Catholics-in-name-only might do well to take this opportunity to reflect on their "orientation", i.e., their obedience to Christ and His Church.

Of course we should embrace and provide authentic counsel for people struggling with same-sex attractions, but certainly we should not condone nor accommodate same sex acts or same-gender "marriage". To lend approval to the gay lifestyle is to condemn someone to spiritual suicide. The testimonies of men and women who have, by the grace of God, left the gay life should help confirm that the there is hope, that God loves us and wants us to be truly free.

If we choose to imprison ourselves in a disordered lifestyle and then obstinately choose to reject the counsel of entirely rational and loving bishops, there should then be no surprise when we join the heap of lost and despairing souls piled high by our ignorance and rejection of the path of life offered by God.

The bishop has reminded us that there is hope, that it is possible to live a holy and chaste life. That life of hope is founded on the truth about who and what we are as God made us. As a single man trying to live a life configured to God's design taught by the Church, I draw strength and peace from Bishop Soto's truthful and loving guidance.


And to think, Mass Abuse didn't want him to speak at the convention. Oh ye of little faith!


I think the real danger is those homosexuals that hide behind the church and it's values while secretly living a life of shame.


E Regan

Jaime Soto wants to be LA's next Cardinal. That would be a disaster.

Simple soul

This is a sad business.People of same sex attraction need our prayers We are all sinners To deny sin does not help them at all The world's message to these souls is the same message old lie sold by the devil from the beginning If you don't eat the forbidden fruit you will face a diminished life Why deny yourself? Do you want to be less happy than it is your right to be-you must satisfy yourself.It is the same lie whispered in the ear of the soul tempted to masturbate, have sex prior to marriage or to commit adultery.The message of the Church is totally inclusive We are all sinners We are called to strive fo purity Outside marriage we are called to be celibate and even within marriage there may be times when for health or family planning purposes we are called to be celibate. This call to purity of heart and mind is a high calling but we are all capable of responding to it because man is one of God's most loved creations It is a joyful inspiring call.Anyone of same sex attraction who responds to Christ's call and lives chastely is a saint because the world we live in makes it so difficult for them to do so.Father Harvey's support group "Courage" is a wonderful pastoral outreach to help them in this battle.


With a doctorate in psychology, it is proven that to be gay is developed in your brain before birth, just the same as heterosexuality is. The only true difference between the two is how society has tried to create second class citizenship upon not only gays, but all minoritites. Wake up people. You are not any better than anyone else. god loves everyone and when we all die, we will see that loving was always more important than making people feel different, uncomfortable, or better yet, down right hating. Hate is wrong, and hate is what will place you in hell. Whereas the homosexuals who have loved people with all they have against all odds, will reign in the kingdom of heaven for eternity.


Hello psycho religious people. I am catholic and always will be. But i mean you people are a bit over the top. You say marriage is between a man and a woman to procreate. What about everytime a couple decides to not have a child or if the woman has complications that prevent childbirth. Marriage is about love... not just about babys. You may choose to oppose gays becaus eof religion... but did you oppose sex before marriage, or masturbation, or to oppose any type of hatred.....I mean the bible endorses slavery. isnt that a bit behind in the times??? We all know right from wrong here. What would you do if your daughter came out as a lesbian...yes your precious only child. You should love her and support her because she is all you will have in this life when it comes down to it. And love and SUPPORT is what god would have wanted. Not a cookie cutter who hates people who do not fit a certain form.


Hey all! I am gay. Love my wife and children. Been together 31 years. More love than many couples could ever imagine. You are no better than I. Why cant anyone see that we are all the same?! One day, I could be the ER doctor that will save your life. Will you oppose my service simply because I am a lesbian? I love too you know... just as hard as you do.

Simple soul

Josephine, Amanda and Robertanna you are right God is all Love and a most merciful and compassionate Judge.
The all wise Creator would have shaped our bodies differently if He had wanted same sex attraction to be expressed sexually.Man and woman are complementary physically. Sometimes certain factors in nurturing may lead to gender confusion and if you approach "Courage" you will find support and information in this area.I am not interested in judging anyone. My old grandmother used to say you should be so busy trying to battle your own tendency to sin that you would have no time to even notice what your neighbour was up to -we all have our own battle to win.


Respectively and not to be graphic, but I have sex with my wife quite frequently, and our bodies fit together quite nicely. The human male and female bodies may fit together for reproduction, but you cannot limit how we all fit in recognition of love. We, homosexual, heterosexual, or whatever else, are not limited to a penis or a vagina... but to a person. And you can verywell make a person feel loved without an opposite genitalia.

Simple soul

Spot on - the physical expression of love is a small though very beautiful aspect of the deeper richer dimension of the human person and their capacity to love and be loved Some of the greatest lovers I have known have been celibate men and women who have lived lives filled with compassion, humour and unselfish service of their fellow man replete with lots of hugs and laughter.The whole sex issue gets blown out of proprtion I return to the premise "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God and I leave it to God to sort it out since God alone can read our individual hearts.You may well be in Heaven while I languish in Purgatory for many a year. God Bless

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