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Thursday, November 06, 2008



I thought you were referring to Cardinal Arinze when I saw the headline. I've always liked him.

Atlanta Catholic

A black Pope, a brown Pope or a white Pope? As long as they are holy and courageous, I am color blind. I don't care for the name Wilton, it's too close to the word wilted which seems very fitting. Have you ever watched what wilted spinach does in a frying pan? When confronted with a little heat it does not maintain it's original form and shrinks in the pan!

'the election of Mr Obama was "a great step forward for humanity..."

Really, Archbishop Gregory? The greatest pro-abort presidential candidate and who has vowed to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, is a great step forward for humanity? Towards where, Archbishop? Is is the same "where", that President Obama referred to in his victory speech when he stated "I promise you, we as a people will get there."?

If a white presidential candidate with an equally horrific abortion record was elected last night, would you Archbishop Gregory, think that it was a great step forward for humanity as well?

Let us recognize prejudice when it rears its ugly head. Let us not sacrifice the moral absolute truths of our Christian Faith for the supposed advancement of one's own race. What answer at the Last Judgment will one give to the many more Black infants aborted in their mother's womb under Obama's Presidency? It advanced our humanity?

Where was the Catholic vote for the only pro-life Catholic nominee who happens to be Black, Allen Keyes?

Priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange

Irene Sanders

Having come here doing research on Sylvia Browne, I came to this discussion. I could not help but notice that even the Roman Catholic Church is changing consciousness. My bf asked for an excercism a while back as he and I are continuously plagued by poltergeists who delight in our fear and confusion.
Why are priests and representatives of The Roman Catholic Church divided? Do you not have one Bible? Do you not have the one same catechism? Do you not have the same baptism into Christ? And, yet you do not all agree on the teachings of the Bible? Are you loyal to your teachings? No? Then, why do you stay? Do you not feel that if you belong to a faith that you should owe it your total loyalty? Does love dictate that in order to feel sure of a differing opinion that one should represent publicly that one disagrees and cause others to "backslide" and leave your faith?
Please. If you have nothing good to say about something do not say anything at all.


Having come here doing research on Sylvia Browne, I came to this discussion. I could not help but notice that even the Roman Catholic Church is changing consciousness

How do you figure?


Is Archbishop Gregory joking? Praise for Obama? No wonder so many Catholics are confused and dismayed by much of the Church's leadership. We need and deserve men and women who will speak the Truth about evil men like Obama, not PC-riddled clergy like Gregory.

Atlanta Catholic

That right Mel! Wilting Gregory!


I think as a matter of historical record that some of the early Popes were dark-skinned.

James Rich

Hmm, there are two forms of racism/bigotry: the hard kind - which discriminates and intimidates and excludes (KKK, Jim Crow Laws, etc.) - and the passive or "soft" kind - the kind that humors others with low expectations, makes excuses, and ignores problems (Affirmative Action, loan guarrantees, multiculturalism, etc.).

I suspect Barak's candidacy has clearly revealed that while hard racism has been virtually eliminated, soft racism exists significantly. Imagine that one job applicant had his resume raked over the coals, received 60% negative criticism on his interview and work history, while the other had virtally no job history, had very questionable affiliations, had praise heaped on his work history, and was an extremist in virtually every area that was evaluated. If this second person gets the job, it's a fair question to ask about why one candidate was treated one way and the other differently. I suggest this is "soft" racism that excuses and refuses to hold different races to different standards.

Obama's election is a moral catastrophe no matter what his race happens to be.


How about an Indian Pope? I like Archbishop Ranjiith (spelled incorrectly I'm sure). Why is "black" the only group that matters?


This is a great site. I was looking for other Catholic blogs and I found this one.

Black Pope. Why not?
Indian Pope. Why not?

To me, a Catholic from the Far East, what's most important is we have a Catholic Pope, no pun intended.

I like Pope Benedict XVI especially on his attacks against the "dictatorship of relativism." Relativism appears to be what many non-Catholics (and even by some Catholics, good grief!) espouse.

The Catholic Church shall have none of it.

This is my simple understanding of what "dictatorship of relativism" means..."If it's good for you then there you go, if it's good for me then let me be."

Talk about pro-life matter. Can relativism be the rule in sorting this issue? No way! Absolutely no way!

I sighed with disbelief in front of a born again "elder" who complained about the strong lobbying done by the Catholic Church here in the Philippines against the passage of the Reproductive Health bill. He was in favor of contraceptives to control the population growth here. I said, "but contraception is against God's will."

He told me, "well that's the Catholic position."

Oh really? It's the "Catholic position" and not a "Christian position"?

I pray for that elder, and to the rest--Catholics and non-Catholics alike--who take into their own hands the moral question about life at its most vulnerable stage...conception.

As to the attack by one "Mom" here about the positions of priests regarding exorcism, I think you need to research more about the position of the Catholic Church on that matter. Not all priests are given permission to do exorcism.

And as to the Catholic Church not being one, think again. The magisterium, which is the repository of faith, is what's keeping the Church intact for the last 2,000 years. All those who went their own way couldn't stop dividing a horrendous rate.

Henry K. Zephir

Oh, a black Pope! I don't know! This is such an important issue! I think I'll pray to my Christian Mezuzah!!!! We should all pray to our Christian Mezuzahs!!!!! Oh, Christian Mezuzah save us from the fires of Hell!!!!!!!!


Well I see where Bishop Gregory stands. As for an African pope-- who? Milingo? As for a black American pope-- who? Gregory is not even respected by his own priests. Didn't they demand that he account for the way he was spending money last year?


I'll give His Grace allowance for his "tip of the zucchetto" to the historical aspect of Obama's election to the US presidency. As an aside, maybe now all those race baiters and poverty hustlers will actually use their power to empower the people they've self-appointed themselves to represent!

However, His Grace is not exempt from his duty to renounce the culture of death of which abortion on demand is a large part. It would have been a darned sight better if His Grace would have commented on the president elect's disregard for defenseless human life and the shame of it all. And a call to his to his flock to pray for the new president and his conversion.

My brothers and sisters in Christ it's time to stop ruminating and complaining. It's time to follow St. Paul's exhortation to be strong for what is comming:

"Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

"Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand [Ephesians 6:10-13].


Barack is a bit too late to serve as a role model for the first black pope. We've already had three black popes, possibly more.
I'm amazed that Bishop Gregory would be ignorant of this fact.

Shing Ki Gei

Come on, Your Grace!

An archbishop without a thorough knowledge of the early church's history! Oh well! what have become of the Church! I am sure he will get a heated scolding from the Vatican.

It depends on the guidance of the Holy Spirit who is elected Pope!

The Church is not a politically correct Institution, your Grace!

A nervous asian faithful!


Check out
Intresting story on Barack Obama being a born Kenyan. I thought a person had to be a natural born citizen of the United States of America to be President of The U.S.A.?


Intresting story on Barack Obama being a born Kenyan. I thought a person had to be a natural born citizen of the United States of America to be President of The U.S.A.?

I typically check the facts before I believe everything I read.

McCain wasn't even born on U.S. soil. He was born in the country of Panama in 1936. But just like Obama, his mother is an American citizen. So by law he is an natural-born citizen eligible
for the presidency.

Obama was born in Hawaii. There is a birth certificate in Hawaii to prove it. Since his mother is an American citizen from Kansas, he could have been born on Mars and would still be a natural-born American citizen eligible for the presidency.

As for a Black pope. I hope I live to see it. I'm tired of it being news worthy to point out someone's skin color every time they achieve something. Let's judge people by their character just as God would.


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I am not sure if you have heard about the singing sensation, The Priests, but they are so amazing I had to share with you. They are 3 Irish Priests that somehow all have voices like Pavarotti. Check out their videos: and don't forget to register to win a free trip to NYC during Christmas time!



It is a sad irony that during Obama's presidency, someone intended as a future black pope could be the victim of one of the 30% of abortions committed per year. Abortion kills more black people, proportionately, than Caucasians. To suggest that Obama will be responsible for the advancement of minorities, particularly black people, is absurd, given his disregard for life.

Simple soul

It is up to the Holy Spirit to choose whoever the Holy Spirit wants to take the helm of Holy Mother Church His colour or nationality is of no relevance .


Yes, we've had three black popes. All three are saints.

-Pope St Victor (186-197AD)
-Pope St Miliades (311-314AD)
-Pope St Gelasius I (492-496AD)

And today (21 Nov) is the feast of St Gelasius. Saint Miliades feast day is coming up (10 Dec).



Yes, we've had three black popes. All three are saints.

-Pope St Victor (186-197AD)
-Pope St Miliades (311-314AD)
-Pope St Gelasius I (492-496AD)

And today (21 Nov) is the feast of St Gelasius. Saint Miliades feast day is coming up (10 Dec).



Oh!!!!! how I wish I could see it in my life time. It could have profound moral changes in people minds and lifes. We have had many Popes now its time to have a Black Pope as this would truly bring Christainity together as it was before, a long time ago. I pray to God,Our Mother Mary and Jesus to let this happen. I would spend my fortune to go to vatican that day. Bless

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