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Thursday, November 20, 2008


James Rich

This is so obvious that it doesn't need any comment. An economy based on greed, exploitation, adversial management-labor relations, and the like can't foster a good economy, just like art based on pornification, passion, and the like leads to good art.


Too bad bishops in the U.S.A. have been the all too willing tools of America's corrupt business community. Looking the other way, fretting over Mass texts and communion in the hand, while giving assent by their silence to the immoral Iraq war and attacks by the neo-fascist Republicans against gays.
Also they have remained silent while bankers and industrialists received subsidies from the Bush administration, ruined our markets and economy, and ended up cutting deals with state attorneys general to also look the other way to their episcopal malfeasance and corruption in handling cases against priestly perverts.
The pope and his bishops have lost almost all moral authority, and when there are attempts to exercise it, they are being met with derision and peals of laughter throughout the world.
Has not the Church deteriorated into a continuing Feast of Fools??

Mary W

Derision and peals of laughter, Athelstan? You must have been locked away in a SF bathhouse last April when Pope Benedict visited the U.S. Yes, there are undoubtedly some clergy who harm the Church by defying the Magesterium but the majority are good and faithful servants. You can continue to spew your hate, but the fact remains that the Church teaches homosexual BEHAVIOR is intrinsically evil. You can throw all the tantrums you want, but this will not change.

Vocations increased following Pope Benedict's visit.

God bless Pope Benedict and all the clergy.


Firstly, let's get something straight; homosexuals are not "gay", gay means happy. They are sad, promiscuous and perverted sodomists, corrupted extroverts constantly seeking attention and recognition. Those who do not repent will suffer, along with the unrepentent and greedy individuals and societies (secret and otherwise) who have squandered the world's wealth, stripped third world nations of their natural resources, and driven honest, hardworking families to the point of despair. If you want to talk about episcopal malfeasance, ATHELSTAN, then look no further than the so-called episcopalian church, the church of England, born on the whim of a mentally insane British king; a church which condones sodomist "bishops" living in sin, and appoints women priests and bishops in direct contravention of all Christ's teachings. Stop pretending Judgement Day will never come, and read all of the Bible (especially the section about sodom and gomorrah), not just the parts you like. To all you greedy destroyers of hope, remember the quote: "It is easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven". Oh, and in my view, there is a vast difference between "rich" and "prosperous". I am but a man, and by definition a sinner, so I pray for forgiveness and redemption every day of my life, just as I will pray for you ATHELSTAN.


ATHELSTAN just writes to get attention. Liberals just want a religion like burger king - Have it there way - The truth is the Catholic Church is the One, True Faith. Homosexual behavior is a sin (Obamanation) Abortion is murder. Voting for a Baby murder like Obama is a sin. Athelstan can not understand or will not except the TRUTH. This was a person who called me a racist because I was against obama. I hope Athelstan can have coffee with my black wife who did not obama as a leader,

Atlanta Catholic

Athelstan, I think it would be helpful for you to stop watching so many Hollywood movies. Your dramatic imitations of Linda Blair during her possession scenes are taking a toll on your tension meter. Since you seem to be swallowing a great amount of garbage into your large intestines, we highly recommend a colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Holy water might help too. This will surely assist and help you to get you back on track. A healthy body aids a spiritually healthy mind.

Joseph D'Hippolito

Let's remember a couple of things here:

First, Cdl. Ratzinger was speaking from general principles in 1985, not toward any specific situation. There was no way for anybody 23 years ago to predict the kind of meltdown that occurred!

Second, the Vatican is none too keen on capitalism because capitalism frees people from excessive reliance on authorities and gives them a sense of confidence. Just look at all the immigrants who have come to the U.S. over the past 150-plus years. OTOH, institutionalized Catholicism forces people to bow down to self-benighted authorities who misuse God's name to rule as medieval potentates. If the clerical sex-abuse crisis did not reveal this to y'all, then nothing will.

Not for nothing did St. John Chrysostom proclaim, "The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops!"


Everyone needs to check out there are articles there that are talking about the Supreme Court holding a conference on Barack Obama's Birth Certificate or should I say lack of on December 5th. There are cases all across the country asking the electors in states to hold off from vioting on December 15th. A major one that got publicity is the Alan Keyes case in California. Maybe we still have some hope that our country won't have a marxist as president! There is a movement to sign the petition to force Barack Obama to release his legal original birth certificate! Check out worldnet daily website.

James Rich

As for the neo-conservatives who helped pass the marriage ban for same-sex marriage, dream on. You can thank those millions of hispanics and blacks -- life-long, reliable republican stooges, to be sure -- for passing the Amendment. It must pain you, I think, to have to blame that segment of the population you often seem so intent to defend: blacks and minorities.

Yeah, the Catholic vote was so powerful in CA that it was unable to pass a parental notification requirement for abortion; but we could pass a marriage amendment. Go figure: we're both powerful and not powerful. Would you guys get together and get your story straight.


Before the socialists among us get too excited about this article it might be good to look at the original address from Cardinal Ratzinger in 1985.

" is a fundamental error to suppose that a centralized economic system is a moral system in contrast to the mechanistic system of the market economy."

He is not enamored of socialism either, or its moral and religious consequences. He sees both a pure market economy and the polar opposite, Marxism, as deterministic, placing economic laws above ethics.

Nor is he an advocate of the radical separation of Church and State that so many both left and right hold with religious fervor.

"These realms have come to appear mutually exclusive in the modern context of the separation of the subjective and objective realms. But the whole point is precisely that they should meet, preserving their own integrity and yet inseparable. It is becoming an increasingly obvious fact of economic history that the development of economic systems which concentrate on the common good depends on a determinate ethical system, which in turn can be born and sustained only by strong religious convictions."

He gives no definitive description of, nor does he name a particular economic theory or system as the ultimate, but it seems to me, all things considered, Ratzinger's statements, Church documents, in particular from Vatican II, a pre-requisite of a moral nation is freedom. Socialism is based upon and can only survive on coercion, like it's more vicious brother communism, so in our economic hardship that is precisely the wrong place to look for answers. We know, however, that freedom and capitalism can co-exist, in fact free markets are exactly that, free. It is also arguable that the recent collapse was due to government interference in those markets, not to ensure ethics, but rather to direct the markets themselves. It was that coercion in one sector that distorted the market on a large scale and caused the failure. It has been argued that this market interference and distortion really began before the '29 market collapse, caused it and the long depression that followed it.

Free markets are what happen when two people trade with one another, independent of government. That is not a theory or a system, it is just a fact that has been true throughout human history. Our separation should not be between Church and State but between State and economic manipulation. The State's goal should be the same as the Church's goal, to see that people deal ethically with each other, and that economic opportunity is there for all, not equality of results, but equality of opportunity.

Fernando Cavuto

I'm not sure how homosexuality got into the topic. I thought we were talking about the bad economy and the greed of many on Wall Street. I, for one, work hard for my money, but I don't forget the unfortunate or downtrodden. It's the love of money that is a sin. As for homosexuality, I can truly say that I've never met any individual who is at peace with that lifestyle, much less "gay." There's nothing gay about beint "gay."


Even in that time, you didn't needed to be a prophet to see that the economy would collapse! That was always the plan for the fulfillment of the New World Order.


What will the pope predict next? He has over 1.1 billion stamped as catholics, yet few follow his teachings or rules. Its obvious the western culture catholic church has run its course. Few people today listen to or follow orders of the vatican or pope. 60 years ago 85% of catholics attended mass weekly, today its around 20% and declining. Good priests/nuns have run to the exits during the past 35 years, leaving only predators, liars, and thieves. Very telling indictors of the attitude of this ancient and false belief system.

After all catholicism is only a family tradition and a superstitious attitude trained into children at a very young age that makes them believe that salvation awaits only them. Hogwash most catholics today would say.

Ya the pope will write several more predictions and when one comes true he will bring THAT one out and say....."see I told you so" You can't fool the people anymore.


Well said TOMMY.....I couldn't have said it better.

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