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Saturday, November 01, 2008



Yet another sad day for Orange County Catholics. $100 million down the drain in molestation lawsuits and now this?

Good God in Heaven, send us a courageous Pope who will cast these monsters out of the Church.

Mona Alona

I've never met Fr. Holquin but I have met Fr. Bailey. I wonder if Fr. Fred still has his license plate frame on his car which says I'd rather be shopping at Nordstrom's?


I'm Christian, which means I'm pro-life, and I voted for Obama, who sadly is not pro-life but yes that brings up issues of church and state but also Catholic's see poverty as a social sin if I'm not mistaken and hopefully in that area things will improve. Also, ya don't deny where you come from. And that thought brings up interesting ideas as far as women not being able to be a part of the church's representation as far as Deacons and Priests go. It doesn't matter what affiliation people are, we can all be glad that we're Christian, or even Jewish, or any other religion that teaches love and nonviolence, because we consider ourselves God's children.

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